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Story is the best book shop in Kolkata. It also has online book store having huge collection of books ranging from Fiction, Non- Fiction, Sports and lots more.

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Confusion overruled

The days of shambling across the shelves are over.

A collection of book suggestions, especially hand-picked by Mr Sidharth Pansari, the Chief Storyteller, will be at our store.

To Sir with Love

The author's experiences as a teacher in the slums of London.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Tie-in edition to the major U.S. Columbia Pictures/Sony production starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, directed by David Fincher. The first volume in Stieg Larsson's phenomenal Millennium Trilogy, with combined sales of over 55 million worldwide. Forty years ... Read More 

Metro Reads Dreams In Prussian Blue

'Listen, Michael. This is serious. This is your best chance to help me If you waste this, it's all over.' 'What's all over?' 'Everything. Between us.' 'Naina?' 'Five minutes, that's all you have. I kid you not.' First-year student Naina is utterly smitten ... Read More 

Age of Shiva

Zachary Bramwell, better known as the comics artist Zak Zap, is pushing forty and wondering why his life isn't as exciting as the lives of the superheroes he draws. Then he's shanghaied by black-suited goons and flown to Mount Menu, a vast complex built atop an ... Read More 

The Palace of Illusions

Takes us back to a time that is half-history, half-myth, and wholly magical. Narrated by Panchaali, the wife of the five Pandava brothers, this book gives a woman's take on the timeless tale that is the Mahabharata.

Man Woman and Child

Ten years after a marital indiscretion during a business trip in France, Bob Beckwith discovers that he has a son, and he, his wife, Sheila, and his two daughters must deal with this new presence in their lives. Reprint.

Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest The B

Salander is plotting her revenge - against the man who tried to kill her, and against the government institutions that very nearly destroyed her life. But it is not going to be a straightforward campaign. After taking a bullet to the head, Salander is under close ... Read More 

I ve Got Your Number

When Poppy loses her engagement ring and her mobile all in the same disastrous evening, it seems the obvious solution to make use of a phone she finds, by chance, abandoned in a hotel bin. But inevitably her life becomes entangled with the real owner of the phone, ... Read More 

After The Darkness

Following the success of the "New York Times" bestseller "Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game" comes a classic tale of love and betrayal, of a struggle for survival in the new world order.

Skipping Christmas Exp

Imagine a year without Christmas. No crowded shops, no corny office parties, no fruitcakes, no unwanted presents. That's just what Luther and Nora Krank have in mind when they decide that, just this once, they'll skip the holiday altogether. Theirs will be the ... Read More 

The Bourne Retribution

Bourne's friend Eli Yadin, head of Mossad, learns that Ouyang Jidan, a senior member of China's Politburo, and a major Mexican drug lord may have been trafficking in something far more deadly than drugs. Yadin convinces Bourne to investigate. Bourne agrees, but ... Read More 

The Notebook

How far can love endure? Noah Calhoun has just returned from World War Two. Attempting to escape the ghosts of battle, he tries to concentrate on restoring an old plantation home to its former glory. And yet he is haunted by images of the beautiful girl he met ... Read More 

The Deceiver

Sam McCready is The Deceiver, one of the Secret Intelligence Service's most unorthodox and most valued operatives, a legend in his own time. The end of the cold war has, however, strengthened the hand of the Whitehall mandarins, to whom he seems about as controllable ... Read More 

King and Maxwell

Former Secret Service Agents turned private investigators, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, return in their most surprising, personal and dangerous case to date.King and Maxwell encounter teenager Tyler Wingo when he has just received the tragic news that his soldier ... Read More 

The Longest Ride

Ninety-one year old Ira Levinson is in trouble. Struggling to stay conscious after a car crash, with his mind fading, an image of his beloved, and long-dead, wife Ruth appears. Urging him to hang on, she lovingly recounts the joys and sorrows of their life together ... Read More 

Sycamore Row

The most suspenseful novel yet from John Grisham, the undisputed master of the legal thriller.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

This magical realist novel tells the history of the Buendias family, the founders of Macondo, a remote South American settlement. In the world of the novel there is a Spanish galleon beached in the jungle, a flying carpet, and an iguana in a woman's womb.

The Final Reckoning

Tom Byrne has come a long way since his days as an idealistic young lawyer. Now he'll work for anyone as long as the money's right. So when the UN ask him to take on a dubious job he doesn't hesitate. A suspected suicide bomber shot by UN security staff has turned ... Read More 

Robert Ludlum s The Janus Reprisal

Jon Smith is attending a conference in The Hague on infectious diseases and wakes in his hotel room to find a man aiming a gun at him. Smith neutralizes the shooter, and finds three pictures in the assassin's pocket: one of an unknown woman, one of Peter Howell, ... Read More 

The Family

'We are a family,' Alexander told his children. 'And the loyalty of the family must come before everything and everyone else. We must learn from each other, protect each other, and be bound first and foremost to each other. For if we honour that commitment, we ... Read More 

Eleven Minutes

Paulo Coelho's astonishingly beautiful writing in Eleven Minutes virtually guarantees it the cult status that The Alchemist already enjoys. But what is the Paulo Coelho phenomenon? How can an author who (only a short time ago) was virtually unknown to most readers ... Read More 

The Empire of the Mogul

The new Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan reigns over a colossally wealthy empire of 100 million souls. Yet to gain his throne he has followed the savage 'throne or coffin' traditions of his ancestors - descendants of Genghis Khan and Tamburlaine. Ever since the Moghuls ... Read More 


A novel about an American Vietnam War veteran sent to hunt down a Serbian warlord.

The Alchemist

Every few decades a book is published that changes the lives of its readers forever. This is such a book – a magical fable about learning to listen to your heart, read the omens strewn along life’s path and, above, all follow your dreams.

A House for Mr Biswas

A House for Mr Biswas is V.S. Naipaul's unforgettable third novel. Born the "wrong way" and thrust into a world that greeted him with little more than a bad omen, Mohun Biswas has spent his 46 years of life striving for independence. But his determined efforts ... Read More 

The Afghan

When British and American intelligence catch wind of a major Al Qaeda operation in the works, they are primed for action - but what can they do? They know nothing about the attack: the what, where or when. They have no sources in Al Qaeda, and it's impossible to ... Read More 

The Summons

Ray Atlee, a Professor of Law at the University of Virginia, is forty-three and newly single. His father, a very sick old man who lives the life of a recluse in the ancestral home in Clanton, Mississippi, was once a beloved and powerful official who towered over ... Read More 

Best Stories from the Indian Classics

A selection of stories from the classics of Sanskrit fiction, through which Prof. Naravane offers us fascinating glimpses of life in ancient India.

Brothers at War

The second enthralling installment in Alex Rutherford's Empire of the Moghul series. 1530, Agra, Northern India. Humayun, the newly-crowned second Moghul Emperor, is a fortunate man. His father, Babur, has bequeathed him wealth, glory and an empire which stretches ... Read More 

Force 10 From Navarone

The Thrilling Sequel To Alistair Maclean S Masterpiece Of World War Ii Adventure, The Guns Of Navarone. Now Reissued In A New Cover Style. The Guns Of Navarone Have Been Silenced, But The Heroic Survivors Have No Time To Rest On Their Laurels. Almost Before The ... Read More 

The Signature of All Things

Spanning much of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the novel follows the fortunes of the extraordinary Whittaker family as led by the enterprising Henry Whittaker--a poor-born Englishman who makes a great fortune in the South American quinine trade, eventually ... Read More 

The Collected Works of A J Fikry

A.J. Fikry owns a failing bookshop. His wife has just died, in tragic circumstances. His rare and valuable first edition has been stolen. His life is a wreck. Amelia is a book rep, with a big heart, and a lonely life. Maya is the baby left on A.J.'s bookshop floor ... Read More 

Elizabeth Costello

Elizabeth Costello is a humane, moral, and uncompromising creation. The subject of J.M. Coetzee’s latest work of fiction is an Australian writer of international renown -- fêted, studied and honoured. Famous principally for an early novel that established ... Read More 

Acts of Faith

While Timothy rises through the ranks of the Catholic church, Daniel follows in his rabbi father's footsteps and Deborah, Daniel's sister, rebels against her strict upbringing. Reprint.

An Epic Unwritten

A Collection Of Some Of The Most Memorable Urdu Stories About The Partition And Its Aftermath In This Valuable Addition To The Growing Body Of Literature On The Partition, Muhammad Umar Memon Brings Together Works By The Finest Urdu Writers Of This Century . Manto'S ... Read More 

Like The Flowing River

Like The Flowing River Is Intimate Collection Of Poulo Coelho S Reflections And Short Stories. These Are Powerful Tales Of Living And Dying, Of Destiny And Choice, Of Love Lost And Found. Sometimes Humorous, Sometimes Serious, But Always Profound, This Book, Like ... Read More 

The Activist

John Grisham delivers high intensity legal drama for a new generation of readers in the fourth novel in his bestselling Theodore Boone series.

The Silkworm

When novelist Owen Quine goes missing, his wife calls in private detective Cormoran Strike. At first, she just thinks he has gone off by himself for a few days - as he has done before - and she wants Strike to find him and bring him home. But as Strike investigates, ... Read More 

Only Time Will Tell

The Clifton Chronicles - a multi-generational family saga, from the epic master storyteller

Love in the Time of Cholera

Florentino Ariza has never forgotten his first love. He has waited nearly a lifetime in silence, since his beloved Fermina married another man. No woman can replace her in his heart. But now her husband is dead. Finally - after fifty-one years, nine months and ... Read More 


High school All-American Neely Crenshaw was probably the best quarterback ever to play for the legendary Messina Spartans. Fifteen years have gone by since those glory days, and Neely has come home to Messina to bury Coach Eddie Rake, the man who molded the Spartans ... Read More 

The Fist of God

In yet another espionage thriller, the good guys are out to prevent Saddam Hussein from using a most powerful weapon.

I Never Knew it was You

Sita, detective Lalli's niece-and occasional Watson-runs into former classmate Anais at Mumbai airport.

Can Love Happen Twice

Failing to show up after being invited with his friends to talk about his famous love story on a romance-themed radio chat show, Ravin becomes the topic of an emotionally turbulent discussion drawn on his incomplete second book, which reveals astonishing new developments. ... Read More 

A Walk to Remember

The last person Landon thought he would fall for was Jamie Sullivan, daughter of the town's Baptist minister. A quiet girl, Jamie seemed content living in a world apart from the other teens. She took care of her widowed father, rescued hurt animals and volunteered ... Read More 

The Sins of the Father

New York, 1939. Tom Bradshaw is arrested for first degree murder. He stands accused of killing his brother. When Sefton Jelks, a top Manhattan lawyer, offers his services for nothing, penniless Tom has little choice but to accept his assurance of a lighter sentence. ... Read More 


In this brilliant novel, Rushdie masterfully combines history, art, language, politics, and religion. Set in a country "not quite Pakistan," the story centers around the families of two men--one a celebrated warrior, the other, a debauched playboy engaged in a ... Read More 

Shopaholic Ties the Knot

For once in Becky Bloomwood’s life, things are going smoothly. She’s got the dream job as a personal shopper (spending other people’s money – and getting paid for it). She’s got a fabulous Manhattan apartment with her boyfriend ... Read More 

Eaters of the Dead

In A. D. 922 Ibn Fadlan, the representative of the ruler of Bagdad, City of Peace, crosses the Caspian sea and journeys up the valley of the Volga on a mission to the king of Saqaliba. Before he arrives, he meets with Buliwyf, a powerful Viking chieftain who is ... Read More 


About the Book : - In 1993 leon courtney, an ex-soldier turned professional hunter in British Est Africa, guides rich and powerful men from America and Europe on big game safaris in the territories of the Masai Tribe. Leon has developed a special relationship with ... Read More 

Gone with the Wind

Tomorrow is another day... Set against the dramatic backdrop of the American Civil War, Margaret Mitchell's magnificent historical epic is an unforgettable tale of love and loss, of a nation mortally divided and a people forever changed. Above all, it is the story ... Read More 

Goddess of the Rose

It's not green fingers that have kept the Empousai family's roses blooming for centuries - it's the drops of blood that their women secretly sacrifice for their gardens. But Mikki would rather forget this family quirk and lead a normal life. Until the day she unwittingly ... Read More 

Love Story India Only

The Phenomenal National Bestseller and Enduring Classic He is Oliver Barett IV, a rich jock from a stuffy WASP family on his way to a Harvard degree and a career in law. She is Jenny Cavilleri, a wisecracking working-class beauty studying music at Radcliffe. Opposites ... Read More 

The Last Song

Seventeen-year-old Veronica 'Ronnie' Miller's life was turned upside-down when her parents divorced and her father moved from New York City to Wilmington, North Carolina. Three years later, she remains angry and alienated from her parents, especially her father ... Read More 

The Broker

Action packed fiction and a page-turner from start to finish. From the no.1 bestselling master thriller writer. In his final hours in the Oval Office the outgoing President grants a full pardon to Joel Backman, a notorious Washington power broker who has spent ... Read More 

The Fourth Protocol

The chilling thriller from an international bestselling phenomenon. Plan Aurora, hatched in a remote dacha in the forest outside Moscow and initiated with relentless brilliance and skill, is a plan within a plan that, in its spine-chilling ingenuity, breaches the ... Read More 

The Cobra

The Cocaine industry is worth billions of dollars a year to the drug cartels who spread their evil seed across Western society. Its usage causes incalculable misery, poverty and death. Slowly, gradually, inexorably it is is a blight which must be ... Read More 

The Appeal

A powerful and shocking story of political and legal intrigue, from the master of the legal thriller, John Grisham. In a crowded courtroom in Mississippi, a jury returns a shocking verdict against a chemical company. They have been accused of dumping toxic waste ... Read More 

The Negotiator

The kidnapping of a young man on a country road in Oxfordshire is but the first brutal step in a ruthless plan to force the President of the United States out of office. If it succeeds, he will be psychologically and emotionally destroyed. Only one man can stop ... Read More 

Shopaholic Sister

Becky thought being married to Luke Brandon would be one big Tiffany box of happiness. But to be honest, it's not quite as dreamy as she'd hoped. The trouble started on honeymoon, when she told Luke the tiniest little fib, about the teeniest little purchase. Now ... Read More 

The Last Juror

Evoking the past Mississippi in the early 1970s, a courtroom drama that's pulsating from start to finish. In 1970, The Ford County Times, one of Mississipi's more colourful weekly newspapers, went bankrupt. To the surprise and dismay of many, ownership was assumed ... Read More 

The Class

Five members of a fictional Harvard class are traced through 25 tumultuous years, culminating in a dramatic reunion at which they confront their classmates and their own lives.

City of Joy

Living in the seeming hell of one of the poorest and most crowded quarters of Calcutta are the saints of today: saints such as Mother Teresa, saints such as Stephen Kovalski, an unkown Polish Catholic priest who made his home there to care for the poorest of the ... Read More 

Manual Of The Warrior Of Light

A Collection Of Insightful Philosophical Thoughts And Stories, In Which Paulo Coehlo Offers Inspiring Answers To Profound Questions To Delight Spiritual Seekers Everywhere. It Has Proved To Be A Perfect Gift-Book In The Few Countries In Which It Has Been Published ... Read More 

The Devil and Miss Prym

A Stranger Arrives In The Small Mountain Village. He Carries With Him A Backpack Containing A Notebook And Eleven Gold Bars. Burying These In The Vicinity, The Stranger Strikes Up A Curious Friendship With A Young Woman From The Village Miss Prym. His Mission Is ... Read More 

Cat O nine Tales and Other Stories

A collection of short stories.

Manuscript Found In Accra In Only

The latest novel from #1 internationally bestselling author Coelho is a classic of inspiration and reflection. A novel of philosophical reflection set in Jerusalem during the time of the Crusades. Here a community of Christians, Arabs, and Jews who have long lived ... Read More 

The Testament

Troy Phelen is a self-made billionaire, one of the richest men in the United States. He is also eccentric, reclusive, confined to a wheelchair, and looking for a way to die. Nate O'Riley is a high-octane Washington litigator who's lived too hard, too fast, for ... Read More 


From the "New York Times" bestselling author of "Scarecrow" comes an action-packed novel about a doctor and his daughter trapped in New York's Public Library by a contest with a fatal outcome. Martin's Press.

The New Life

A parable about love, literature and fanaticism. A young university student becomes obsessed with a magical book that delves into the dangerous natures of love and self. Abandoning his studies and his family, he goes with the beautiful Janan on a search for the ... Read More 

The Last Don

Rejacketed reissue celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Godfather Don Domenico has a surprise in store for his family. He wants them to create a life free from criminal activities for his grandchildren. Nothing unusual about that - except that the Clericuzio ... Read More 

The Veteran and Other Stories

The multi-million copy bestselling Frederick Forsyth is back on familiar ground. And for Forsyth that means murder, mystery, intrigue, deception and revenge. The five stories in this collection move from London to Siena, from the Second World War to the Battle ... Read More 

In the Heart of the Country

Stifled by the torpor of colonial South Africa and trapped in a web of reciprocal oppression, a lonely sheep farmer seeks comfort in the arms of a black concubine. But when his embittered spinster daughter Magda feels shamed, this lurch across the racial divide ... Read More 


Haunted By A Devastating Curse, Paulo Is Instructed By His Mysterious Spiritual Master To Embark Upon A Journey To Find And Speak To His Guardian Angel In An Attempt To Confront And Overcome His Dark Past. The Valkyries Is A Compelling Account Of This Forty Day ... Read More 

Veronika Decides To Die

Veronika is young and pretty and has everything she could wish for – yet one morning she takes an overdose of sleeping pills, only to wake up in the local hospital.

City of Revelation

In the genteel environs of Corduroy Mansions, Pimlico, strange doings are afoot, mostly in the name of love. Lonely William French and his faithful canine Freddie are recruited to the service of MI6 by a beguiling lady operative, William's neighbour Caroline finds ... Read More 

On Wings of Eagles

On Wings of Eagles is the account of an incredible rescue by a Green Beret colonel and a group of corporate executives hastily trained into a fighting team. When Ross Perot, millionaire head of the Dallas-based company EDS, discovered that two of his key men in ... Read More 


Their aim: absolute control of the medical profession. Their method: destruction of the mind . . . Hard-up student Jason Schonberg abandoned his scruples to join Arolen, undisputed giant of the pharmaceuticals industry. Yet the more he discovered about Arolen, ... Read More 

The First Phone Call from Heaven

The gift of heaven on earth. It will become the biggest story in the world . . . When the residents of a small town on Lake Michigan start receiving phone calls from the afterlife, they all become the subject of widespread attention. Is it the greatest miracle ... Read More 

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the most celebrated inspirational fable of our time, tells the story of a bird determined to be more than ordinary. This bestselling modern classic, reissued with a beautiful new cover design, is a story for people who want to follow ... Read More 

1940s Omnibus

Agatha Christie's imaginative crime novels and thrillers made her a household name from the 1920s right through to her final books in the early 1970s. She was the creator of Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple. This work brings together N or M?, Towards Zero, Sparkling ... Read More 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Forty years ago, Harriet Vanger disappeared off the secluded island owned and inhabited by the powerful Vanger family. There was no corpse, no witnesses, no evidence. But her uncle, Henrik, is convinced that she was murdered by someone in her own family the deeply ... Read More 

Entwined with You

The worldwide phenomenon continues as Eva and Gideon face the demons of their pasts and accept the consequences of their obsessive desires . . . From the moment I first met Gideon Cross, I recognized something in him that I needed. Something I couldn't resist. ... Read More 


The celebrated novelist Orhan Pamuk explores his idea of Istanbul, mingling personal memoir with cultural history to evoke his home of fifty years. After the Ottoman Empire collapsed, the world almost forgot that Istanbul existed. The city into which I was born ... Read More 

Windmills Of The Gods

She'S On The Glinting Edge Of East-West Confrontation, A Beautiful And Accomplished Scholar Who Has Suddenly Become The New Us Ambassador To An Iron Curtain Country, A Woman Who Is About To Dramatically Change The Course Of World Events If She Lives. For Mary Ashley ... Read More 

Ford County

Worldwide No.1 bestseller John Grisham takes you into the heart of America's Deep South with a collection of stories connected by the life and crimes of Ford County: a place of harsh beauty where broken dreams and final wishes converge. From a hard-drinking, downtrodden ... Read More 

No Comebacks

Ten Stories from Frederick Forsyth with the Master's touch. Deception, blackmail, murder, revenge - these are the themes of stories that move from London to the coast of Spain, from Mauritius to Dublin to Dordogne. Whether his subject is assassination by stealth, ... Read More 

Slumdog Millionaire

Former tiffinboy Ram Mohammad Thomas has just got twelve questions correct on a TV quiz-show to win a cool one billion rupees. But he is brutally slung in prison on suspicion of cheating. Because how can a kid from the slums know who Shakespeare was, unless he ... Read More 


'Seek and ye shall find.' With these words echoing in his head, eminent Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon awakes in a hospital bed with no recollection of where he is or how he got there. Nor can he explain the origin of the macabre object that is found hidden ... Read More 

The Firm

Mitch qualified at Harvard, third in his class, and is sought by law firms all over America. The one that gets him is small, but well-respected, and pays him beyond his wildest dreams. But then the nightmares begin - secret files, bugs in the bedroom, colleagues' ... Read More 

Mulliner Nights

A Mulliner collection A private detective who can make the guilty confess simply by smiling at them. An artist so intimidated by his morally impeccable cat that he feels compelled to wear formal attire at dinner. A devotee of Proust whose life is turned upside ... Read More 

Legacy of Blood

London, 1732. William Hogarth is called to a murder scene. A woman lies dead, her unborn child ripped from her body. It is a warning. Hogarth painted the future King leaving her bed. He must destroy the painting to survive. But her killers made one mistake. They ... Read More 

The Lost Symbol

Contains a sneak preview of Inferno, Dan Brown's astonishing new Robert Langdon thriller. The Capitol Building, Washington DC: Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon believes he is here to give a lecture. He is wrong. Within minutes of his arrival, a shocking object ... Read More 

The Sicilian

Michael Corleone's exile in Sicily is ending, but on the instructions of his father, The Godfather, he must bring back to him the young man known as Salvatore Giuliano - if he can find him. At sea amid the trea cheries of a brutal and unfamiliar land, Michael must ... Read More 

Love Story

Oliver Barrett IV went to Harvard and Jenny Cavilleri to Radcliffe. He was rich, she was poor. He was sporty, she played music. But they fell in love. This is their story.

The Winner Stands Alone

A Profound Meditation On Personal Power And Innocent Dreams That Are Manipulated Or Undone By Success, The Winner Stands Alone Is Set In The Exciting Worlds Of Fashion And Cinema. Taking Place Over The Course Of Twenty-Four Hours During The Cannes Film Festival, ... Read More 

Morning Noon And Night

The Stanford Family Is One Of The Most Respected In America But Behind The Facade Of Fame And Glamour Lies A Hidden Web Of Blackmail, Drugs And Murder& When Harry Stanford, One Of The Wealthiest Men In The World, Mysteriously Drowns While Cruising On His Yacht ... Read More 

Witch Of Portobello The

Paulo Coelho, One Of The World'S Best Loved Storytellers, Is Back With A Riveting New Novel Set In London. This Is The Story Of Athena, Or Sherine, To Give Her The Name She Was Baptised With. Her Life Is Pieced Together Through A Series Of Recorded Interviews With ... Read More 

The Other Side of Me

A Brilliant, Highly Spirited Memoir Of Sidney Sheldon S Early Life That Provides As Compulsively Readable And Racy Narrative As Any Of His Bestselling Novels. The Sheldon Family Were Immigrants To The Usa; A Fairly Dysfunctional Family, Constantly On The Move, ... Read More 

The New Collected Short Stories

Omnibus met drie bundels korte verhalen.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Meet Rebecca Bloomwood. She's a journalist. She spends her working life telling others how to manage their money. She spends her leisure time ... shopping. Retail therapy is the answer to all her problems. She knows she should stop, but she can't. She tries Cutting ... Read More 

The Runaway Jury

The perfect combination of drama and insight into the legal process. An American classic from the No.1 bestselling master thriller writer. When justice is for sale, every jury has a price In Biloxi, Mississippi, a landmark trial begins. There are hundreds of millions ... Read More 

The Street Lawyer

The best-selling author in America today presents a new legal thriller in the tradition of his previous blockbusters, which include The Partner, The Client, The Pelican Brief, The Firm, and A Time to Kill. Large first printing. Major ad/promo.

A Dance with Dragons

In the aftermath of a colossal battle, new threats are emerging from every direction. Tyrion Lannister, having killed his father, and wrongfully accused of killing his nephew, King Joffrey, has escaped from King's Landing with a price on his head.

Hornet Flight

Set in Denmark, this World War II novel is a suspenseful tale of espionage, resistance and intrigue.

The Hammer of Eden

This is the question that troubles hotshot young FBI agent Judy Maddox in Ken Follet's hold-your-breath new thriller. Judy's boss has a grudge against her, so he gives her a dumb assignment: to investigate an anonymous threat from a group that claims that it can ... Read More 

For One More Day

In his highly anticipated new novel, Albom tenderly explores the themes of family, divorce and regrets, and the wish that we could have just one more day with a lost loved one.

Charm School

easily have an effect on the sort of woman you will be in ten or fifteen years from now?? Throughout the 1950s, Girl picture-strips 'Charm School? and 'Concerning You? offered firm guidance to young girls on how to make the best of themselves. Strict footcare regimes, ... Read More 

Winter of the World

Berlin in 1933 is in upheaval. Eleven-year-old Carla von Ulrich struggles to understand the tensions disrupting her family as Hitler strengthens his grip on Germany. Into this turmoil steps her mother's formidable friend and former British MP, Ethel Leckwith, and ... Read More 


The young Dragon Rider Eragon must finally confront the evil king Galbatorix to free Alagaesia from his rule once and for all.

The Carlyles

Welcome to the high life... Owen, Avery and Baby Carlyle have just moved into a notorious Upper East Side penthouse (if only the walls could talk...!) and they're about to take the city by storm with their decadent behaviour. Manhattan's resident pretty young things ... Read More 

The Six Sacred Stones

After their thrilling exploits in Matthew Reilly's bestseller " Seven Ancient Wonders," super-soldier Jack West and his loyal team of adventurers are back, and now they face an all-but impossible challenge. For a mysterious ceremony in an unknown location has triggered ... Read More 


On 9th August 2001, twenty-two days after Jeffrey Archer was sentenced to four years in prison for perjury, he was transferred from HMP Belmarsh, a double-A Category high-security prison in south London, to HMP Wayland, a Category C establishment in Norfolk. He ... Read More 

Robert Ludlum s the Bourne Sanction

For university professor David Webb - forever caught between two identities - life can never be ordinary. Lately he seems to have found some well-earned normality. But David is still haunted by the splintered nightmares his former life - as Jason Bourne.Soon he ... Read More 

1950s Omnibus

Brings together the four stand-alone novels Agatha Christie wrote in the 1950s - They Came to Baghdad, Destination Unknown, Ordeal by Innocence, and The Pale Horse.

Ghana Must Go

This is the story of a family - of the simple, devastating ways in which families tear themselves apart, and of the incredible lengths to which a family will go to put itself back together. It is the story of one family, the Sais, whose good life crumbles in an ... Read More 

Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon

An original novel based on the multi-million bestselling game from Ubisoft, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Choke Point. Special Forces operators are renowned for their highly specialized training and courage behind enemy lines. But there's a group that's even more stealthy ... Read More 

The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye is J . D. Salinger's world-famous novel of disaffected youth. Holden Caulfield is a seventeen- year-old dropout who has just been kicked out of his fourth school. Navigating his way through the challenges of growing up, Holden dissects the ... Read More 

Memoirs of a Geisha

A seductive and evocative epic on an intimate scale, that tells the extraordinary story of a geisha girl. Summoning up more than twenty years of Japan's most dramatic history, it uncovers a hidden world of eroticism and enchantment, exploitation and degradation. ... Read More 


Flapping Eagle is a young Indian given the gift of immortality after drinking a magic fluid. Tiring of the burden of immortal life he sets off to find the mystical Calf Island, where he can rejoin the human race. His journey is peopled with strange assortments ... Read More 


Sula and Nel are two young black girls: clever and poor. They grow up together sharing their secrets, dreams and happiness. Then Sula breaks free from their small-town community in the uplands of Ohio to roam the cities of America. When she returns ten years later ... Read More 

George and the Big Bang

Eric is involved with a big experiment in Switzerland, looking to explore the earliest moment of the universe. But, there is a group of people who don't think this experiment should go ahead and are planning to sabotage the Grand Switch-on. Will they suceed? Whose ... Read More 

The King of Torts

A public defender takes an unwanted murder case and stumbles across a horrible pharmaceutical conspiracy.

The Mother I Never Knew

Sudha Murty’s new book comprises two novellas that explore two quests by two different men—both for mothers they never knew they had.
Venkatesh, a bank manager, stumbles upon his lookalike one fine day. When he probes further, he discovers his ... Read More 


Sid is successful and charming. He has everything a man could ever want. It is about sex, loud music and living the good life. Enter: Cara (she had to at some point and she does, right in the first chapter) and Sid is head over heels in lust with her. This is ... Read More 

Makers of Modern Asia

Dr. Guha brings out his scholarly insights yet again in Makers of Modern Asia. He reworks our perception of the contemporary Asia and its role in world's political affairs, based on its political leaders who served to launch what is now augured ... Read More 

Death and Dying

Death is an omnipresent force in our lives. Where there is life, there will be more death. Men have fought to kill, others have fought to keep death away. Despite the copious attention devoted to its study, no one knows what happens after death. What becomes ... Read More 


In this book, Ankit Fadia provides a deep insight and an incisive look on how to improve your professional life. The author gives away some invaluable and important advice for the readers to be able to create their personal brands. This book also includes applications ... Read More 

Battles Half Won : India's Improbable Democracy

In this lively collection of essays, Ashutosh Varshney analyses the deepening of Indian democracy since 1947 and the challenges this has created. The overview traces the forging and consolidation of India's improbable democracy. Other essays examine themes ranging ... Read More 

The Past as Present

In this collection of essays, Romila Thapar draws on her vast experience as a writer and historian by delving into the past for signs of the present. She reveals that much of what is going on has been foreshadowed in the pages of history. The current state of ... Read More 

Back Home

It's 1945. World War II has just ended and twelve-year-old Rusty comes back home to Britain after being evacuated to the US. The greyness and bleakness of life in England is a shock, but even worse is adapting to the strict discipline of her family, including a ... Read More 

The Trumpet of the Swan

An uplifting story, which blends wildlife and nature with fantasy to make a tender, humorous and unforgettable animal tale. Unlike other cygnets, Louis, the trumpeter swan, cannot utter a sound. But with the encouragement of his father, Louis sets out to overcome ... Read More 

Stuart Little

The enchanting tale of the mouse who is small in size but enormous in spirit. Stuart Little is no ordinary mouse. Born to a family of humans he lives in New York City with his parents, his older brother George and Snowball the cat. Though he's shy and thoughtful, ... Read More 

Watership Down

Fiver could sense danger. Something terrible is about to happen to the warren - he feels sure of it. And Fiver's sixth sense is never wrong, according to his brother Hazel. They had to leave immediately, and they had to persuade the other rabbits to join them. ... Read More 

A Dog So Small

Ben Blewitt is desperate for a dog. He's picked out the biggest and best dogs from the books in the library - and he just knows he's going to get one for his birthday. Ben is excited when the big day arrives, but he receives a picture of a dog instead of a real ... Read More 

The Borrowers

The Borrowers live in the secret places of quiet old houses; behind the mantelpiece, inside the harpsichord, under the kitchen clock. They own nothing, borrow everything, and think that human beings were invented just to do the dirty work. Arrietty's father, Pod, ... Read More 

Stig of the Dump

Barney is a solitary little boy, given to wandering off by himself. One day he is lying on the edge of a disused chalk-pit when it gives way and he lands in a sort of cave. Here he meets 'somebody with a lot of shaggy hair and two bright black eyes' wearing a rabbit ... Read More 

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

'We have no choice of what colour we're born or who our parents are or whether we're rich or poor. What we do have is some choice over what we make of our lives once we're here.' The Mississippi of the 1930s was a hard place for a black child to grow up in, but ... Read More 

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

'If you like horror shows, bloodbaths, lying, stealing, backstabbing and cannibalism, then read on . . .' Who could tell the true stories of the gods and goddesses of Olympus better than modern-day demigod Percy Jackson? In this action-packed tour of Greek mythology, ... Read More 

The Goldfinch

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2014 Aged thirteen, Theo Decker, son of a devoted mother and a reckless, largely absent father, survives an accident that otherwise tears his life apart. Alone and rudderless in New York, he is taken in by the family ... Read More 

Private India

When Santosh Wagh isn't struggling out of a bottle of whisky he's head of Private India, the Mumbai branch of the world's finest PI agency. In a city of over thirteen million he has his work cut out at the best of times. But now someone is killing women - seemingly ... Read More 

Shalimar the Clown

Maximilian Ophuls is knifed to death on the doorstep of his illegitimate daughter India, slaughtered by his Kashmiri driver, a mysterious figure who calls himself Shalimar, the Clown. This book presents the story of Max, his killer, and his daughter - and of a ... Read More 

The Fortunate Pilgrim

"A classic . . . the novel is lifted into literature by its highly charged language, its penetrating insights, and its mixture of tenderness and rage."--"The New York Times Book Review."

Northanger Abbey

New chronology and further reading. Edited with an introduction by Marilyn Butler.

He Sees You when You re Sleeping

It is a few days before Christmas. For forty-six years Sterling has been awaiting his summons into Heaven. Will he be deemed fit for entrance into heaven this year? At last the day comes and the Heavenly Council settles on a test for Sterling - he will be sent ... Read More 

Secrets and Lies

You can't run away from your past...Anita, Zeba, Bubbles and Sam have a friendship that spans 20 years - a friendship born out of their years at a private girls' school in Delhi in the early Nineties. Beautiful, intelligent and secretive, they were the top clique; ... Read More 

Last Night at Chateau Marmont


Shopaholic and Baby

Becky's life is blooming! She's working at London's newest fashion store The Look, house-hunting with husband Luke (her secret wish is a Shoe Room)... and she's pregnant! She couldn t be more overjoyed especially since discovering that shopping cures morning sickness. ... Read More 

Can You Keep a Secret

Emma is like every girl in the world. She has a few little secrets. I lost my virginity in the spare bedroom to Danny Nussbaum while Mum and Dad were downstairs watching Ben Hur. I'm a size twelve. Not a size eight, like Connor thinks. I've always thought Connor ... Read More 

The Whole Truth

In his very first international thriller, #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author Baldacci delivers all the twists, turns, drama, and quick pacing that his fans expect. Available in a tall Premium Edition. When Baldacci is on fire, nobody can touch him.--"Booklist," ... Read More 

A Place Called Freedom

A story of adventure and passion, A Place Called Freedom mirrors the intimate desires of the individual heart with the dramatic events of a world in ferment. London trembles on the edge of chaos; the American colonies prepare to defy the British monarchy; a young ... Read More 

Message in a Bottle

In a moment of desolation on a windswept beach, Garrett bottles his words of undying love for a lost woman, and throws them to the sea. My dearest Catherine, I miss you my darling, as I always do, but today is particularly hard because the ocean has been singing ... Read More 


First published 1927

The Rose Petal Beach

Tamia Challey is horrified when her husband, Scott, is accused of something terrible - but when she discovers who his accuser is, everything goes into freefall. Backed into a corner and unsure what to think, Tamia is forced to choose who she instinctively believes. ... Read More 

The Sands of Time

Four nuns are forced to flee the security of their convent and are soon pawns in a struggle between the Basque underground and the Spanish army.

The Bridges of Madison County

Bittersweet saga of the ultimately unfulfilled love affair between Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson, a farmer's wife. To be made into a movie, and Robert Redford is tipped to star as Kincaid.


May, Christine, Heed, Junior, Vida - even L - all are women obsessed by Bill Cosey. He shapes their yearnings for a father, husband, lover, guardian, and friend. This audacious vision from a master storyteller of the nature of love - its appetite, its sublime possession, ... Read More 


'Its unflinching sense of loss, its claustrophobic acknowledgement of the unwilling interdependence of master and slave, and its subtle prose-style, make it an extraordinary achievement' Guardian

A Painted House

The hill people and the Mexicans arrived on the same day. It was a Wednesday, early in September 1952. The Cardinals were five games behind the Dodgers with two weeks to go, and the season looked hopeless. The cotton, however, was waist high to my father, almost ... Read More 

Loves Music Loves to Dance

Erin and Darcy, answering personal ads as research for a TV show, discover a whole new New York sub-culture - adulterers, con men, the shy and frankly weird, all looking for love. And one man looking for something darker . . . A serial killer who has just got away ... Read More 

To Sir with Love

When a woman refuses to sit next to him on the bus, Rick Braithewaite is saddened and angered by her prejudice. In post-war cosmopolitan London he had hoped for a more enlightened attitude. When he begins his first teaching job in a tough East End school


Follows six Harvard Medical School students from the crucible of Harvard Med's training, through demanding internships and residencies, to the loves, triumphs, testings--and for some, tragedies--that confront them as doctors

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

'Lots of things are mysteries. But that doesn't mean there isn't an answer to them' This is Christopher's murder mystery story. There are also no lies in this story because Christopher can't tell lies. Christopher does not like strangers or the colours yellow or ... Read More 

Shopaholic Abroad

For Rebecca Bloomwood, life is peachy. She has a job on morning TV, her bank manager is actually being nice to her, and when it comes to spending money, her new motto is Buy Only What You Need - and she's really (sort of) sticking to it. The icing on the brioche ... Read More 

Twenties Girl

Lara has always had an overactive imagination. Now she wonders if she is losing her mind. Normal twenty-something girls just don't get visited by ghosts! But inexplicably, the spirit of Lara's great aunt Sadie - in the form of a bold, demanding Charleston-dancing ... Read More 

The Partner

They found him in a small town in Brazil, near the border with Paraguay. He had a new name, Danilo Silva, and his appearance had been changed by plastic surgery. The search had taken four years. They'd chased him around the world, always just missing him. It had ... Read More 

The Jeeves Omnibus

Bertie may be in danger of having his spine severed in five places by that jealous gorilla G. D'Arcy (Stilton) Cheesewright, but, as Jeeves insists, the priorities still have to be observed. And so, thanks to Jeeves, they are throughout this bumper volume, whatever ... Read More 

Golden Gate The

A Tense And Nerve-Shattering Classic From The Highly Acclaimed Masster Of Action And Suspense. A Rolling For Knox Is How The Journalists Describe The Presidential Motorcade As It Enters San Francisco Across The Golden Gate. Even The Ever-Watchful Fbi Believes It ... Read More 


Roger Brown has it all: Norway's most successful headhunter, he is married to a beautiful gallery owner and owns a magnificent house. But he's also a highly accomplished art thief. At a gallery opening, his wife introduces him to Clas Greve. Not only is Greve the ... Read More 

The Kite Runner

Afghanistan, 1975: Twelve-year-old Amir is desperate to win the local kite-fighting tournament and his loyal friend Hassan promises to help him. But neither of the boys can foresee what will happen to Hassan that afternoon, an event that is to shatter their lives. ... Read More 

Where Are the Children

Nancy Harmon has fled the heartbreak of her first marriage, the macabre deaths of her two little children, the hostile front-page newspaper stories and the shocking charges against her. She has changed her name, dyed her hair and moved house. Now, enjoying a new ... Read More 

Remember Me

In this title, a young couple retreat to tranquil Cape Cod to escape from the horrors of their past - only to become trapped in a nightmare beyond their understanding, and out of their control.

The Rescue

How do you learn to trust again? Denise Hilton, a young single mother, is driving through Edenton, North Carolina, when her car skids off the road during a storm. With her is her four-year-old son, Kyle, a boy with severe learning disabilities for whom she has ... Read More 

Wild Cards

30 years after the world changed, the victims of the gene-altering 'Wild Cards' virus face a new nightmare. The place is New York City, home of Aces High - the glamourous lounge for superheroes, high atop the Empire State Building - and Jokertown, the squalid residence ... Read More 

Theodore Boone

Bestselling author John Grisham delivers high intensity legal drama for a new generation of readers.

Master Of The Game

One Of Sidney Sheldon S Most Popular And Bestselling Titles, Repackaged And Reissued For A New Generation Of Fans. Kate Blackwell Is One Of The Richest And Most Powerful Women In The World. She Is An Enigma, A Woman Surrounded By A Thousand Unanswered Questions. ... Read More 

The Zahir

Something Or Somebody That Begins With Just A Passing Thought And Ends Up Being The Only Thing We Can Think About. This Can Be Unerstood As Saintliness Or Insanity. The Zahir, Paulo Coelho S New Novel, Is A Perfect Follow-On To The Alchemist. Paulo Picks Up The ... Read More 

A Matter of Honour

He should never have opened the envelope . . . Adam Scott listens to the reading of his father's will, aware that the results can only be pitiful. The Colonel, after all, had nothing to leave - except a letter he had never opened himself, a letter Adam fears can ... Read More 

The Essential Hemingway

The Essential Hemingway is the perfect introduction to the astonishing, wide-ranging body of work by the Nobel Prize-winning author. This impressive collection includes: the full text of Fiesta, Hemingway's first major novel; long extracts from three of his greatest ... Read More 

Mortal Fear

The man who invented medical techno-horror takes you on a startling and chilling odyssey into the origins of lifeâ€???and death. When an eminent biomolecular geneticist dies violently before his eyes, a doctor must use more than his medical knowledge to explain ... Read More 

The Man from St Petersburg

Feliks came to London to commit a murder that would change history. He had many weapons at his command, but his most dangerous were the love of a innocent woman, and the passion of a lady demanding satisfaction. Against him were ranged the English police, a lord, ... Read More 

The Radleys

Includes a "Reading group guide" ([12] p.).

Memories Of Midnight

The Internationally Best-Selling 'The Other Side Of Midnight' Was Dominated By The Man Who Is Sheldon'S Most Magnificent Creation& 'Constantin Demiris' Billionaire, Art Lover, Womaniser&And Killer. To Noelle, The Woman Who Betrayed Him, And Larry, The Man Who Stole ... Read More 


Beneath the ice at the bottom of the Earth is a magnificent subterranean labyrinth, a place of breathtaking wonders--and terrors beyond imagining. A team of specialists led by archaeologist Ashley Carter has been hand-picked to explore this secret place and to ... Read More 

The Hit

Robie had killed evil before. People were happy, thrilled that another monster had met his end. But the world went on, as screwed up as ever, and another monster -- maybe even worse -- would replace the fallen one. On that clear, crisp morning in the normally serene ... Read More 

The Importance of Being Seven

Despite inhabiting a great city renowned for its impeccable restraint, the extended family of 44 Scotland Street is trembling on the brink of reckless self-indulgence. Matthew and Elspeth receive startling - and expensive - news on a visit to the Infirmary, Angus ... Read More 

Cry Wolf

Jake Barton is an American engineer, Gareth Swales a stylish Englishman with a nose for a quick deal. Both have always moved from one escapade to another. Now, as Mussolini prepares to annihilate the people of Ethiopia, the two adventurers come up against Vicky ... Read More 

Twelve Red Herrings

An imprisoned man is certain that his supposed murder victim is very much alive . . . A female driver is pursued relentlessly by a menacing figure in another vehicle . . . A young artist gets the biggest break of her career . . . A restless beauty manages the perfect ... Read More 

The Key to Rebecca

‘Our spy in Cairo is the greatest hero of them all...’ Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, September 1942 He is known to the Germans as ‘Sphinx’, to others as Alex Wolff, a European businessman. He arrives suddenly in Cairo from out of the desert, ... Read More 

A Falcon Flies

A single ball came through at deck level, It struck a burst of sparks from the steel hull, like Brocks Fireworks at Crystal palace, brilliant orange even in the strong sunlight, and the hole it tore through Black Jokes plating was fringed with bare jagged tongues ... Read More 


As the snow begins to fall, a journalist arrives in the remote city of Kars on the Turkish border. The city he finds is a troubled place. Soon the growing blizzard cuts off the outside world and the stage is set for a terrible and desperate act.

Wolf Hall

England, the 1520s. Henry VIII is on the throne, but has no heir. Cardinal Wolsey is his chief advisor, charged with securing the divorce the pope refuses to grant. Into this atmosphere of distrust and need comes Thomas Cromwell, first as Wolsey's clerk, and later ... Read More 

The Best of Me

They were teenage sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks - with a passion that would change their lives for ever. But life would force them apart. Years later, the lines they had drawn between past and present are about to slip . . . Called back to their ... Read More 

A Hunger So Wild

From the No. 1 international bestselling author of BARED TO YOU and REFLECTED IN YOU (Crossfire trilogy), A HUNGER SO WILD is the second red-hot paranormal romance following the sizzling A TOUCH OF CRIMSON. If you fell for Gideon Cross, wait until you meet the ... Read More 

Espresso Tales

In Espresso Tales, Alexander McCall Smith returns home to Edinburgh and the glorious cast of his own tales of the city, the residents of 44 Scotland Street, with a new set of challenges for each one of them. Bruce, the intolerably vain and perpetually deluded ex-surveyor, ... Read More 

The Full Cupboard of Life

Mma Ramotswe, who became engaged to Mr J.L.B. Matekoni at the end of the first book, is still engaged. She wonders when a day for the wedding will be named, but she is anxious to avoid putting too much pressure on her fiance. For indeed he has other things on his ... Read More 

The Master of Petersburg

In 1869, Dostoevsky was summoned from Germany to St. Petersburg by the sudden death of his stepson. Coetzee dares to imagine the life of Dostoevsky, whom we watch as he obsessively follows his stepson’s ghost, trying to ascertain whether he was a suicide ... Read More 

Take a Chance on Me

The social hierarchy of the Upper East Side has seen some dramatic changes since the Carlyle triplets hit town.

Hell s Corner

"The mysterious attackers in a seeming terrorist plot in Washington, D.C., might have another target in their sights, and if the Camel Club is unable to stop them, the results would be nothing less than catastrophic"--Provided by publisher

Deliver Us from Evil

Evan Waller is a monster. He has built a fortune from his willingness to buy and sell anything - and anyone. In search of new opportunities, Waller has just begun a new business venture - one that could lead to millions of deaths all over the globe. On Waller’s ... Read More 


These "nerve-wracking hospital horrors" (Chicago Sun-Times) will definite ly heat up sales. Two doctors suspect something is very wrong at the enormous medical center where they work. And soon they will put their careers--and their lives--in deadly jeopardy, as ... Read More 

Saris and the City

Love, lingerie and family loyalties collide in this sexy, sassy tale of chasing success - but at what cost? When ambitious City analyst Yasmin Yusuf's hope for a traditional 'happy ever after' in the romance stakes is shattered she decides there's only one course ... Read More 

The Gates

Funny, scary adventure with a dachshund, demons, science - and footnotes.

The Miracle at Speedy Motors

It has never occurred to Precious Ramotswe that there might be disadvantages to being the best-known lady detective in Botswana. But when she receives a threatening anonymous letter, she is compelled to reconsider her unconquerable belief in a kind world and good ... Read More 

The Color Purple

'One of the most haunting books you could ever wish to read¿it is stunning - moving, exciting, and wonderful' Lenny Henry Set in the deep American south between the wars, this is the classic tale of Celie, a young poor black girl. Raped repeatedly by her father, ... Read More 

The Blue Notebook

THE BLUE NOTEBOOK, James A. Levine's first novel, tells the haunting story of Batuk, a 15-year old girl whose family, living in the Indian countryside, is in such poverty and debt that she is sold into sexual slavery and lives in a cage on the streets of Mumbai. ... Read More 

Split Second

'He was the only one in the room who could see it. His attention stayed there for one beat, two beats, three beats, far too long. Yet who could blame him for not being able to pull his gaze away from that?' When something distracts Secret Agent Sean King for a ... Read More 


"If 'Treasure Island' is the pirate story par excellence, then 'Kidnapped' is the romantic Scots adventure story of all time. Written in 1886, it is set in the turmoil and aftermath of the 1746 Jacobite Scots rebellion against the English at Culloden - events that ... Read More 

The Striker

It is 1902, and a bright, inexperienced young man named Isaac Bell, only two years out of his apprenticeship at the Van Dorn Detective Agency, has an urgent message for his boss. Hired to hunt for radical unionist saboteurs in the coal mines, he is witness to a ... Read More 

Lost City of the Templars

Retired Army Ranger turned historian John Holliday has thwarted the plots of Rex Deus, the twenty-first-century incarnation of the Templars, all over the world. Now, the lost journal of explorer Percy Fawcett leads Holliday deep into the South American jungles ... Read More 

Animal Farm

When the downtrodden animals of Manor Farm overthrow their master Mr Jones and take over the farm themselves, they imagine it is the beginning of a life of freedom and equality. But gradually a cunning, ruthless elite among them, masterminded by the pigs Napoleon ... Read More 

Picture Imperfect and Other Byomkesh Bakshi Mysteries

Classic tales of crime detection featuring Byomkesh Bakshi, the master inquisitor. Written long before Satyaji Rays Feluda series, Saradindu Bandyopadhyays Byomkesh Bakshi mysteries heralded a new era in Bengali popular fiction. Set in the old-world Calcutta of ... Read More 

A Little Princess

Sara Crewe, a pupil at Miss Minchin's London school, is left in poverty when her father dies but is later rescued by a mysterious benefactor.

The Conservationist

A prize-winning story of the forces and relationships seething in the South Africa of the day.

The Cuckoo s Calling

When a troubled model falls to her death from a snow-covered Mayfair balcony, it is assumed that she has committed suicide. However, her brother has his doubts, and calls in private investigator Cormoran Strike to look into the case. Strike is a war veteran - wounded ... Read More 


Omertà, the Sicilian code of silence, has been the cornerstone of the Mafia's sense of honour for centuries. Born in the Sicilian hills, omertà carried the Mafia through a hundred years of change, but now at the century's end it is becoming a relic from a ... Read More 

A Case of Need

Was it murder? Was it horribly botched surgery - accidental malpractice? Was someone in the great Boston medical centre -violating the Hippocratic oath? No one knows exactly. . . Only one doctor is willing to push his way through the mysterious maze of hidden medical ... Read More 

The Undomestic Goddess

Samantha is a high-powered lawyer in London. She works all hours, has no home life, and cares only about getting a partnership.She thrives on the pressure and adrenalin. Until one day& she makes a mistake. A mistake so huge, it ll wreck her career.She w


The thriller that opened a new chapter in the sex wars ... Thomas Sanders' world collapses in just 24 hours - he is passed over for promotion, his new woman boss comes on to him during a drink after work, then, the next morning, he learns that she has accused him ... Read More 


A twentieth-century adventure that will plunge you into the heart of Africa with three intrepid adventurers, in a desperate bid to find the fabulous diamonds of the Lost City of Zinj. In it you will encounter the Kigani cannibals, flaming volcanoes, ferocious gorillas, ... Read More 

Five Patients

A construction worker in his fifties is seriously injured in the collapse of a scaffold....A middle-aged railroad dispatcher develops a high fever that makes him wildly delirious....A young worker nearly severs his hand from his arm in an accident....A woman traveling ... Read More 

Rising Sun

On the forty-fifth floor of the Nakamoto Tower in downtown L. A. a grand opening celebration is in full swing at the new American headquarters of the immense Japanese conglomerate. On the forty-sixth floor, in an empty conference room, the dead body of a beautiful ... Read More 

Across the River and Into the Trees

The War is just over. In Venice, a city elaborately and affectionately described, the American Colonel, Richard Cantrell, falls passionately in love with Renata, a young Italian countess who has 'a profile that could break your or anyone else's heart'. Cantrell ... Read More 

Inner Workings

J.M. Coetzee’s work includesWaiting for the Barbarians;Life and Times of Michael K;Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life;Youth;Disgrace; and most recently,Slow Man. He has won the Booker Prize twice and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003.A ... Read More 

The Associate

It's a deadly game of blackmail. And they're making him play. Full of twists and turns and reminiscent of The Firm, The Associate is vintage John Grisham. Kyle McAvoy is one of the outstanding legal students of his generation: he's good looking, has a brilliant ... Read More 

Mini Shopaholic

In the first Shopaholic in three years, Becky Brandon (ne Bloomwood) is back, this time hilariously challenged by the mini-terror who is her two-year-old daughter, Minnie.


'Seek and ye shall find.' With these words echoing in his head, eminent Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon awakes in a hospital bed with no recollection of where he is or how he got there. Nor can he explain the origin of the macabre object that is found hidden ... Read More 

The Eye of the Tiger

Set amid the exotic world of deep-sea diving in the tropics, The Eye of the Tiger is a tale of adventure and romance told with rare humour and excitement. `I was looking down, watching the shark come. It seemed to swell up in size as it rushed towards me. Every ... Read More 

Hot Water

A P.G. Wodehouse novel Ch teau Blissac, on its hill above St Roque, is in a setting where every prospect pleases. But it doesn't please its current occupier, J. Wellington Gedge. Mr Gedge wants none of it - and particularly none of the domineering Mrs Gedge's imperious ... Read More 

Heavenly Date and Other Flirtations

From the creator of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency comes a medley of perverse couplings, casual dates and romantic encounters: hilarious tales that will also sadden, inspire and surprise. McCall Smith, a master of the unexpected and a seamless storyteller, revels ... Read More 

Divine Justice

Oliver Stone and the Camel Club return in Baldacci's most astonishing thriller yet, as the assassinations Stone carries out prompt the highest levels of the government to unleash a massive manhunt. Available in a tall Premium Edition.

Quantum of Solace

To celebrate the release of the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, all Ian Fleming's short stories are being published in one volume for the first time.From a View to a Kill For Your Eyes Only Quantum of Solace Risico The Hildebrand Rarity Octopussy The Living ... Read More 

A Twist in the Tale

The expected never happens . . . A man calls unexpectedly on his mistress and sees another man leaving her flat. Accusing her of being unfaithful, he quarrels with her, strikes her. She dies. Leaving unseen, he tips off the police so that the other man is arrested ... Read More 

The Affair

Featuring Jack Reacher, hero of the new blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise, in his coolest, sexiest, punch-packing thriller yet March 1997. A woman has her throat cut behind a bar in Mississippi. Just down the road is a big army base. Is the murderer a local ... Read More 

Area 7

Lt. Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield from "Ice Station" returns as he accompanies the president of the United States to the Utah desert where the Air Force installation known only as Area 7 is hidden. The president arrives for a routine inspection, but he gets more ... Read More 

Winner Take Nothing

Written when Hemingway was at the height of his creative powers, the stories in Winner Take Nothing glow with the mark of his unique talent. Hunters, wives, old men of wisdom, waiters, fighters, women loved, women lost: they are all here, living on the raw edge, ... Read More 

Measuring the World

At the end of the eighteenth century, two brilliant and eccentric young scientists set out to measure the world. Alexander von Humboldt swashbuckled his way across the globe: navigating ocean and jungle, eating with cannibals, swimming with electric eels, lowering ... Read More 

Into Thin Air

Journalist Krakauer, standing on the summit of Mt. Everest, saw nothing that "suggested that a murderous storm was bearing down." He was wrong. The storm, which claimed five lives and left countless more in guilt-ridden disarray, would also provide the impetus ... Read More 

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

As the countdown to Mma Makutsi's wedding begins, all is not as it should be at the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency. While investigating unpleasant occurrences on a southern cattle-post, Mma Ramotswe, always on the side of the weak against the strong, has reason ... Read More 

The Armageddon Rag

Onetime underground journalist Sandy Blair has traveled far from his radical roots in the ?60s-until the bizarre and brutal murder of a millionaire rock promoter draws him back. As Sandy sets out to investigate the crime, he finds himself on a magical mystery tour ... Read More 

Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves

At an abandoned Soviet base in the Arctic, a battle to save all life on Earth is about to begin... THE SECRET BASE It is a top-secret base known only as Dragon Island. A long-forgotten relic of the Cold War, it houses a weapon of terrible destructive force, a weapon ... Read More 

The Hunters India Only

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER MOVES TO HEADLINE: Chris Kuzneski, bestselling author of the Payne and Jones series, including SIGN OF THE CROSS and THE DEATH RELIC, moves to Headline for his brand new series THE HUNTERS

The Wedding

After more than 20 years of marriage, Wilson Lewis, son-in-law of Allie and Noah Calhoun (of THE NOTEBOOK) is forced to admit that the romance has gone out of his marriage. Desperate to win back his wife Jane's heart, he must figure out how to make her fall in ... Read More 

Towers of Midnight

The Last Battle has started. The seals on the Dark One's prison are crumbling. The Pattern itself is unravelling, and the armies of the Shadow have begun to spill out of the Blight. Perrin Aybara is haunted by spectres from his past. To prevail, he must find a ... Read More 

Doomsday Conspiracy

Commander Robert Bellamy Of Us Naval Intelligence Is Dispatched On A Top Secret Mission. A Weather Balloon Carrying Sensitive Military Information Has Crashed In Switzerland. Bellamy Must Locate The Ten Witnesses To The Incident So That They Can Be Sworn To Secrecy. ... Read More 

Satan Bug The

Gripping And Tense Story Of Secret Agents, Even More Secret Government Facilities, And A Deadly Virus, From The Acclaimed Master Of Action And Suspense. Hell Is About To Be Unleashed&Five Strands Of High-Voltage Wire, 200 Yards Of Bare Ground And Double Barbed ... Read More 

The Golden Notebook

In 1950s London, novelist Anna Wulf struggles with writer's block. Divorced with a young child, and fearful of going mad, Anna records her experiences in four coloured notebooks: black for her writing life, red for political views, yellow for emotions, blue for ... Read More 

Hms Ulysses

The Novel That Launched The Astonishing Career Of One Of The 20Th Century S Greatest Writers Of Action And Suspense An Acclaimed Classic Of Heroism And The Sea In World War Ii. Now Reissued In A New Cover Style. The Story Of Men Who Rose To Heroism, And Then To ... Read More 

The Serpent s Tooth

The Moghul emperors are still bloodthirsty and entirely ruthless; they control a quarter of the world's population and have wealth beyond imagining. But this is the final flowering of a doomed empire and, while Shah Jahan mourns his dead wife and obssesses over ... Read More 

While My Pretty One Sleeps

Gossip columnist Ethel Lambston knew everything about everybody who was somebody, and her forthcoming book is about to expose the leading figures in the fashion world. So there are more than enough suspects when she is found murdered, her throat slashed. For Neeve ... Read More 

Sunshine on Scotland Street

Scotland Street witnesses the wedding of the century of Angus Lordie to Domenica Macdonald, but as the newlyweds depart on honeymoon Edinburgh is in disarray. Recovering from the trauma of being best man, Matthew is taken up by a Dane called Bo, while Cyril eludes ... Read More 

The Lucky One

Do you believe in lucky charms? While in Iraq, U.S. Marine Logan Thibault finds a photo, half-buried in the dirt, of a woman. He carries it in his pocket, and from then on his luck begins to change. Back home, Logan is haunted by thoughts of war. Over time, he ... Read More 

By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept

Pilar Is An Independent And Practical Young Woman Who Is Feeling Bored And Frustrated By The Daily Grind Of Her University Life. Looking For A Deeper Meaning To Her Existence, She Happens To Meet An Old Childhood Friend, Now A Handsome, Mesmerizing Spiritual Teacher ... Read More 

Gift Indian Edition

If You Could Wish For One Gift This Christmas, What Would It Be? Everyday Lou Suffern Battled With The Clock. He Always Had Two Places To Be At The Same Time. He Always Had Two Things To Do At Once. When Asleep He Dreamed. In Between Dreams, He Ran Through The ... Read More 

Island Beneath the Sea

Spanning four decades, "Island Beneath the Sea" is the moving story of the intertwined lives of Zarit and Valmorain, and of one woman's determination to find love amid loss, to offer humanity though her own has been battered, and to forge her own identity in the ... Read More 

A Feast for Crows

Bloodthirsty, treacherous and cunning, the Lannisters are in power on the Iron Throne in the name of the boy-king Tommen. But fear and deceit are in the air: their enemies are poised to strike. This work brings to life dark magic, complex political intrigue and ... Read More 

Second Foundation

So far the Foundation was safe. But there was a hidden Second Foundation to protect the first. The Mule has yet to find it, but he was getting closer all the time. The men of the Foundation sought it, too, to escape from Mule's mind control. Only Arkady, a 14 year-old ... Read More 

Foundations Edge

The foundations is at the peak of its glory, when the brilliant dissenter Golan Trevise threatens the security. He is arrested and given the choice of 'brain stop' or a mysterious mission to seek out a hidden planet.


A collection of stories and essays which remained uncollected at the time of his death.

The Rest of the Robots

The author's classic, terrifying picture of robotic developments in the future.

Rage Of Angels

At The Heart Of Rage Of Angels Stands The Woman Who Is Sheldon S Most Unforgettable Creation& Jennifer Parket Is Brilliant, Beautiful And Indomitable The Most Glamorous Lawyer In America And One Of The Most Successful. Her Life Is Shadowed By Two Men. Both Of Them ... Read More 

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Thirty years of celebrating the comic genius of Douglas Adams… If you’ve done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliways, the Restaurant at the end of the Universe? Which is exactly what the crew of the Heart ... Read More 

Goddess of Light

Interior designer Pamela Gray unwittingly invokes the goddess Artemis when she wishes that a man would treat her like a goddess. The goddess will make her wish come true by offering her twin brother Apollo.

The Unbearable Lightness of Scones

To the casual observer, the great enlightened city of Edinburgh, home of no-nonsense philosophers and cream teas, might appear immune to the rollercoaster of strong emotions. But at 44 Scotland Street, as Matthew and Elspeth embark on the risky enterprise of married ... Read More 

The Simple Truth

Harms is jailed for the murder of a schoolgirl but, after 25 years of incarceration, a stray letter reveals new facts about the killing and the secret shared by Washington's most powerful men. Harms seizes his chance to escape but soon the only people who knew ... Read More 


Triple is the riveting story of the most successful espionage coup - and best-kept secret - of this century. It is 1968. Israeli intelligence has learned that Egypt, with Soviet help, will develop atomic bombs within months - an untimely end for the young nation ... Read More 

The Modigliani Scandal

Modigliani. Unarguably one of the greatest artists who ever lived. Modigliani's women. Those elongated, haunting figures, as eternally provocative as the Mona Lisa. Adn Modigliani's missing masterpiece. A priceless lost treasure - or a chillingly dangerous game? ... Read More 

Paper Money

Three seemingly unrelated events occur on a single morning in London. An MP wakes up after spending the night with a beautiful young woman. A tycoon meets a leading Bank of England official for breakfast. And an underworld gang boss briefs his crew. Nothing so ... Read More 

Night Over Water

ADVENTURE / THRILLER. On a bright September morning in 1939, two days after Britain has declared war, a group of privileged but desperate people gather in Southampton to board the largest, most luxurious airliner ever built - the Pan American Clipper, bound for ... Read More 

Ps I Love You

The bestselling novel that launched Cecelia Ahern to international superstardom is now a major motion picture starring Hilary Swank and Harry Connick Jr. With the help of letters her husband left her before he died, and a little nudging from an eccentric assortment ... Read More 

Nothing Last Forever

In The Frenetic World Of A Big San Francisco Hospital, Events Catapult Three Women Doctors Into A White-Hot Spotlight.Dr Paige TaylorShe Swore It Was Euthanasia, But When Paige Inherited A Million Dollars From A Patient, The District Attorney Called It Murder.Dr ... Read More 

One Hundred Names

The uplifting and thoughtful novel from the uniquely talented author. Everyone has a story to tell...

Ruler of the World

First published in Great Britain in 2011.

Empire of the Moghul

The first book in the Empire of the Moghul series: chronicling the rise and fall of the Moghul rulers of India, beginning with Babur who swept in from Central Asia to found one of the most powerful dynasties in history. 1494, and the new ruler of Ferghana, twelve-year-old ... Read More 

Dear John

Is duty enough reason to live a lie? When John meets Savannah, he realises he is ready to make some changes. Always the angry rebel at school, he has enlisted in the Army, not knowing what else to do with his life. Now he's ready to turn over a new leaf for the ... Read More 

Safe Haven

Love hurts. There is nothing as painful as heartbreak. But in order to learn to love again you must learn to trust again. When a mysterious young woman named Katie appears in the small town of Southport, her sudden arrival raises questions about her past. Beautiful ... Read More 


Four young women are brutally attacked in a convent near an all-black town in America in the mid-1970s. The inevitability of this attack, and the attempts to avert it, lie at the heart of PARADISE. Spanning the birth of the Civil Rights movement, Vietnam, the counter ... Read More 


Joe Trace - in his fifties, door-to-door salesman of beauty products, erstwhile devoted husband - shoots to death his lover of three months, impetuous, eighteen-year-old Dorcas. At the funeral, his determined, hard-working wife, Violet - who is given to stumbling ... Read More 

Playing for Pizza

Rick Dockery was the third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the deciding game at the climax of the season, to the surprise and dismay of virtually everyone, Rick actually got into the game. With a 17-point lead and just minutes to go, Rick provided ... Read More 

The Lost World

It is now six years since the secret disaster at Jurassic Park, six years since the extraordinary dream of science and imagination came to a crashing end - the dinosaurs destroyed, the park dismantled, the island indefinitely closed to the public. But there are ... Read More 


Never forgive, never forget. That's Jack Reacher's standard operating procedure. And Francis Xavier Quinn was the worst guy he had ever met. He had done truly unforgivable things. So Reacher was glad to know he was dead. Until the day he saw him, alive and well, ... Read More 

Men Without Women

A second collection of short stories that once again establish Hemingway as a novelist of exceptional power. Hemingway's men are bullfighters and boxers, hired hands and hard drinkers, gangsters and gunmen. Each of their stories deals with masculine toughness, ... Read More 

Memoirs of a Geisha

This is a seductive and evocative epic on an intimate scale, which tells the extraordinary story of a geisha girl. Summoning up more than twenty years of Japan's most dramatic history, it uncovers a hidden world of eroticism and enchantment, exploitation and degradation. ... Read More 

A Prison Diary

On Thursday 19 July 2002, after a perjury trial lasting seven weeks, Jeffrey Archer was sentenced to four years in jail. This is the final instalment of his diaries in which he recounts his transfer from Wayland Prison to his eventual release on parole in July ... Read More 

Jane Eyre Laid Bare

An erotic journey into the mind of a much-loved heroine. When an eager and curious Jane Eyre arrives at Thornfield house her sexual desires are instantly awakened. Who is the enigmatic Rochester whom she instantly feels attracted to, what are the strange and yet ... Read More 

The Sixth Man

When alleged serial killer Edgar Roy is locked away in Cutter's Rock psychiatric unit, private investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are called in by Roy's lawyer, Ted Bergin, to examine the case further. But the investigation is derailed before it begins ... Read More 


The sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the wind.__

As the Crow Flies

If your dream is big enough, not even your enemies can stop you . . . Charlie Trumper's earliest memory is of hearing his grandfather's sales patter from behind his costermonger's barrow. When Grandpa Charlie dies, young Charlie wants nothing more than to follow ... Read More 

Ice Station

At Wilkes Station on the edge of Antarctica, a team of U.S. divers makes a valuable discovery 3,000 feet below the ice shelf. When the team vanishes, a team of Marines is deployed to the site and ends up fighting elite military assassins who are after the buried ... Read More 

Honour Among Thieves

Who would pay a billion dollars to humiliate America? The time, 1993. The place, Washington DC. Of the adversaries in the Gulf War, the sole survivor is Saddam Hussein. And Saddam is planning a revenge so diabolical that the United States will be left with no choice ... Read More 

Only Time Will Tell The Clifton Chronicles 1

The epic tale of Harry Clifton's life begins in 1919, in the backstreets of Bristol. His father was a war hero, but it will be twenty-one tumultuous years before Harry discovers the truth about how his father really died and if, in fact, he even was his father. ... Read More 

Seven Ancient Wonders

It is the biggest treasure hunt in history with contesting nations involved in a headlong race to locate the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 4500 years ago, a magnificent golden capstone sat at the peak of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It was a source of immense ... Read More 

The Sound of Thunder

The second Courtneys of Africa novel from the worldwide bestselling storyteller. Sean Courtney, impulsive adventurer, returns from the wildnerness a rich man but a grim homecoming finds his country in the cruel grip of war. In the bloody days ahead, conflicts within ... Read More 

Best Laid Plans

The Magnificent New Novel By The Internationally Bestselling Author Of The Other Side Of Midnight And Morning, Noon And Night. He Wanted Power, She Wanted Revenge& Dear Diary: This Morning I Met The Man I Am Going To Marry. It Was A Simple Enough Entry In A Young ... Read More 

Morrigan s Cross

As a storm rages, the tale of a powerful vampire's lust for destruction--and of the circle of six charged by the goddess Morrigan to stop her--begins in this brand-new trilogy by #1 "New York Times" bestselling author Nora Roberts. Original.

The Five Greatest Warriors

With the end of the world fast approaching, Jack West Jnr must rebuild the final pieces of the fabled, ancient 'Machine' - the only thing that can prevent global catastrophe. But he is out of clues, out of leads ... until he is presented with an ancient text about ... Read More 

Saving Faith

Danny Buchanan is a top Washington lobbyist who once earned a vast fortune serving the interests of giant corporations. Appalled by the desperate poverty he witnessed on his global travels, he decided to use his political genius to help the world's poor. With the ... Read More 

The Confession

When Travis Boyette, a convicted felon, walks into a church in small-town Missouri, he carries with him a terrible secret. Nearly a decade earlier Nicole Yarber, a high school senior with her whole life ahead of her, vanished. For two weeks, her home town stood ... Read More 

Hell s Corner

"The mysterious attackers in a seeming terrorist plot in Washington, D.C., might have another target in their sights, and if the Camel Club is unable to stop them, the results would be nothing less than catastrophic"--Provided by publisher.

Haroun and the Sea of Stories

In A Sad City, The Saddest Of Cities, A City So Ruinously Sad That It Had Forgotten Its Name, Lived A Professional Storyteller Named Rashid And His Son Haroun.' Thus Begins Rushdie&Rsquo;S Magical And Delightful Book, Which Is Comprised Of Hundreds Of Stories, ... Read More 

The Company of Women

In This His First Novel In Ten Years, Khushwant Singh Has Produced An Uninhibited, Erotic And Endlessly Entertaining. Celebration Of Love, Sex And Passion.

The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen

Discovering a letter written by Jane Austen inside of an old book, Samantha investigates the letter's suggestions about a possible undiscovered manuscript and searches the historical home of handsome Anthony Whitaker.

The Black Book

Tells the story of Galip, an Istanbul lawyer whose wife has vanished. Playing the part of private investigator, he soon finds himself descending deeper and deeper into an extraordinary mystery.

The Joke

The authoritative version of the brilliant first novel by the author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being. A great novel of thwarted love and revenge miscarried, in a completely revised translation that is nothing less than the restoration of a classic.

The Luminaries

It is 1866, and Walter Moody has come to make his fortune upon the New Zealand goldfields. On the night of his arrival, he stumbles across a tense gathering of twelve local men, who have met in secret to discuss a series of unsolved crimes. A wealthy man has vanished, ... Read More 

No One Writes to the Colonel

Friday's are different. Every other day of the week, the Colonel and his ailing wife fight a constant battle against poverty and monotony, scraping together the dregs of their savings for the food and medicine that keeps them alive. But on Fridays the postman comes ... Read More 

Innocent Er ndira and Other Stories

Erendira accidentally burns down her grandmother's house and is forced to pay her back with the money she earns from prostitution. However, it seems Erendira has a more appropriate way of repaying her. The book's main themes are death, power, love and duty.

The Autumn of the Patriarch

Set in an unspecified Caribbean country, this is the story of a nation dominated by a dictator who has just died after a very long reign. Its main themes are deception and illusion.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The classic adventure story of boyhood escapades on the shores of the Mississippi chronicles the exploits of the mischievous Tom Sawyer and his friends. Reissue.

Stars Shine Down

Lara Cameron Seems To Possess Everything That Life Has To Offer& Young, Beautiful, A Self-Made Tycoon, She Has Outshone Her Competitors To Reach The Pinnacle Of International Fortune And Renown. But The Real Lara Is A Lonely Figure, Driven By A Childhood Obsession, ... Read More 

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic

Meet Rebecca Bloomwood.She s a journalist. She spends her working life telling others how to manage their money.She spends her leisure time & shopping.Retail therapy is the answer to all her problems. She knows she should stop, but she can t. She tri

Hannibal Rising

Hannibal Lecter emerges from the nightmare of the Eastern Front, a boy in the snow, mute, with a chain around his neck. He seems utterly alone, but he has brought his demons with him. Hannibal's uncle, a noted painter, finds him in a Soviet orphanage and brings ... Read More 

The Brethren

Trumble is a minimum security federal prison, home to the usual assortment of relatively harmless criminals - drug dealers, bank robbers, swindlers, embezzlers, tax evaders, and three former judges who call themselves The Brethren. They meet each day in t

On Chesil Beach

It is July 1962. Edward and Florence, young innocents married that morning, arrive at a hotel on the Dorset coast. At dinner in their rooms they struggle to suppress their private fears of the wedding night to come...


A city is hit by an epidemic of sudden blindness. The authorities segregate the newly-blind and all who have come into contact with them. It is not long before the criminal element take over, the compound is set on fire and the blind escape - only to find a deserted, ... Read More 

Remember Me

Lexi wakes up in a hospital bed after a car accident, thinking it's 2004 and she's a twenty-five-year old with crooked teeth and a disastrous love life.But, to her disbelief, she learns it's actually 2007 - she's twenty-eight, her teeth are straight, she's the ... Read More 

The Innocent Man

John Grisham's first work of non-fiction, an exploration of small town justice gone terribly awry, is his most extraordinary legal thriller yet. In the major league draft of 1971, the first player chosen from the State of Oklahoma was Ron Williamson. When he signed ... Read More 


In this autobiographical novel, a young English biographer is researching a book about the late South African writer John Coetzee, focusing on Coetzee in his thirties, at a time when he was living in a rundown cottage in the Cape Town suburbs with his widowed father--a ... Read More 

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

At the beginning of this stunning novel, Vina Apsara, a famous and much-loved singer, is caught up in a devastating earthquake and never seen again by human eyes. This is her story, and that of Ormus Cama, the lover who finds, loses, seeks and again finds

Diary of a Bad Year

"J.M. Coetzee's Diary of a bad year is about loneliness, friendship and the possibility of love. It takes the reader from Australian democracy to Guantanamo Bay, from the meaning of dishonour to the creative truth of dreams. Written in a wholly innovative form ... Read More 

Waiting for the Barbarians

For decades the Magistrate has run the affairs of a tiny frontier settlement, ignoring the impending war between the barbarians and the Empire, whose servant he is. But when the interrogation experts arrive, he is jolted into sympathy with the victims and into ... Read More 

The Terminal Man

Harry Benson is a man troubled by violent seizures and blackouts, with grave doubts about what occurs during those lost hours. When two surgeons approach him with a drastic new treatment for his extreme fits he leaps at the chance, even though it means having electrodes ... Read More 

The Godfather s Revenge

It is 1963 in New York, and things have never been better for the Corleones. They've taken out their Mafia rivals, and legitimised the Family. Michael Corleone and Tom Hagen - Vito Corleone's adopted son, and the glue that holds the family together - are closer ... Read More 

In the Kitchen

'Who ends up in the kitchen, Gabe?''Misfits,' he said, 'psychos, exiles, culinary artists, and people who just need a job.'In The Kitchen is Monica Ali's stunning follow up to Brick Lane. It opens with a mysterious d

Q and A

Former tiffinboy Ram Mohammad Thomas has just got twelve questions correct on a TV quiz-show to win a cool one billion rupees. But he is brutally slung in prison on suspicion of cheating. Because how can a kid from the slums know who Shakespeare was, unle

Tar Baby

Into a white millionaire's Caribbean mansion comes: Jadine, a graduate of the Sorbonne, art historian - an American black now living in Paris and Rome and Son, a criminal on the run, uneducated, violent, contemptuous - an American black from small-town Florida. ... Read More 


NOW A MAJOR BBC DRAMA STARRING TIMOTHY SPALL, DAVID WALLIAMS AND JENNIFER SAUNDERS Published to coincide with the star-filled BBC production of Blandings, this superb new anthology sees these celebrated stories together for the first time. Set in the delightfully ... Read More 

All You Can Eat

Sex, lies and murder… Frankie Smith is having a bad day: her boyfriend has just dumped her and she’s just found a dead body behind her café. Still, things look up when sexy local detective, Jack West, turns up to investigate. And when a stranger ... Read More 

One Shot

Six shots. Five dead.A heartland city thrown into terror. But within hours the cops have it solved. A slam-dunk case. Apart from one thing. The accused gunman refuses to talk except for a single phrase:Get Jack Reacher for me.Reacher lives off the grid. He's not ... Read More 

Never Go Back

'It's said that a Jack Reacher novel is bought every four seconds somewhere in the worlda Lee Child's genius has been to create a tough guy hero that men will envy and women will adore' Daily Express After an epic and interrupted journey all the way from the snows ... Read More 

To Kill a Mockingbird

A new traditional Chinese edition of "To Kill a Mockingbird," Harper Lee's classic - a tender story told through the eyes of the 8-year old Scout Finch. In depression era south a white lawyer faced enormous challenges defending a black man accused of raping a white ... Read More 

The Target

The mission is to enter one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The target is one of the toughest to reach. The result could be momentous - or it could be Armageddon. There is no margin for error. US government operatives Will Robie and Jessica Reel have ... Read More 


There are heroes and there are monsters. But most of us are ordinary mortals caught up in events too turbulent for any of us. Perhaps when the battle is over, all we will inherit are the ashes of a once beautiful land. It is 1952. Guided by the ruthless hands of ... Read More 

Tuesdays with Morrie

Upon learning of his former college professor and mentor's impending death, Mitch Albom--award-winning sportswriter, "New York Times" bestselling author, and TV commentator--visited Morrie Schwartz every week. "Tuesdays with Morrie" is Albom's extraordinary chronicle ... Read More 

The Governor s Wife

Bode Bonner is the Republican governor of Texas. He has everything he ever wanted: money, power, influence. But something isn't right in his life - everything feels too settled and easy. He longs for one more moment of excitement, one more challenge. Lindsay Bonner ... Read More 

The Wrecker

Private detective Isaac Bell returns in Clive Cussler's The Wrecker.1907: train wrecks, fires, and explosions sabotage the Southern Pacific Railroad's new express line . . .The desperate railroad hires the fabled Van Dorn Detective Agency, who send their best man, ... Read More 

Wolf Totem

Beijing intellectual Chen Zhen volunteers to live in a remote settlement on the border of Inner and Outer Mongolia, where he discovers life of apparent idyllic simplicity amongst the nomads and the wild wolves who roam the plains. But when members of the People's ... Read More 

Conspiracy in Death

It was always a shock, not the hard one Bowers had hoped for. Eve had seen too much for that. But what one human could do to another was never routine for her. With the precision of a surgeon, a serial killer preys on the most vulnerable of souls of the world's ... Read More 

High Tide

Fiona is the creator of fashion doll sensation Kimberley and is quite satisifed with her career-focused life. Yet when her boss informs her that she must win over a new account by going camping with the man she is extremely reluctant. Nevertheless, she goes to ... Read More 


A best-selling authoress of Regency romances suffers a paralyzing stroke and plots revenge on her unfaithful husband; a soccer thug and his love go in search of the man who marketed the drug that crippled her – in order to cripple him; Lloyd and Heather ... Read More 

The Jeeves Omnibus

This volume, containing The Mating Season, Ring for Jeeves and Very Good, Jeeves, gives bumper opportunities for both thingummies and what-d'you-call-its in plots as devious and situations as funny as any in Wodehouse.

Wild Mountain Thyme

Two years after playwright Oliver Dobbs abandons her in pursuit of fame and success, Victoria agrees to flee with him, almost against her will, to the Highlands of Scotland and to a future filled with uncertainty

Tropic of Capricorn

The controversial, erotic and hilarious companion to the legendary 'Tropic of Cancer', in a new Perennial Modern Classics edition.


Tallie Jones has it all. She's professionally at her peak as a famous film director, and with a loving live-in boyfriend and a well-adjusted teen daughter, she couldn't be happier with her personal life. Helping her through it all is her assistant Brigitte, who ... Read More 

To Have and Have Not

'I don't know who made the laws, but I know there ain't no law that you got to go hungry'. Harry Morgan was hard, classic Hemingway hero. He had to be hard, rum-running, gun-running and man-running from Cuba to the Florida Keys in the Depression. He ran risks, ... Read More 

Bad Luck and Trouble

You DO NOT MESS with the Special Investigators! The events of 9/11 changed Jack Reacher's drifter life in a practical way. In addition to his folding toothbrush, he now needs to carry photo ID to get around. Yet he is still as close to untraceable as a human being ... Read More 

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Everyone has a dark side. Dr Jekyll has discovered the ultimate drug. A chemical that can turn him into something else. Suddenly, he can unleash his deepest cruelties in the guise of the sinister Hyde. Transforming himself at will, he roams the streets of fog-bound ... Read More 

Treasure Island

While going through the possessions of a deceased guest who owed them money, the mistress of the inn and her son find a map that leads them to a pirate's treasure


After being kidnapped by his villainous and miserly uncle, sixteen-year-old David Balfour escapes with the help of Jacobite fugitive Alan Breck and becomes involved in the struggle of Scottish Highlanders against English rule.

The Bitch

She's a woman who's never short of a man. And they call her. . . The Bitch Fontaine Khaled has an Arab millionaire among her yesterdays and hard-gambling Nico for all her tomorrows. Which only leaves the problem of choosing a man for today . . . From London to ... Read More 

Sons of Fortune

In the 1940s a set of twins is separated at birth by a desperate nurse and the brothers grow up unaware of each other's existence. As their lives unfold, both men are confronted with tragedy and betrayal, loss and hardship, but overcome life's obstacles to become ... Read More 

The Prot g

The head of the world's most powerful private equity firm, Christian Gillette reluctantly cooperates with a shadowy government agent in exchange for new information about the death of his father, while, at the same time, two of his firm's up-and-comers compete ... Read More 

Weep No More My Lady

Elizabeth Lange is still reeling from the death of international film starlet Leila De Salle, her beloved sister. In the frame for the killing is Leila's handsome, famous fiancee Ted Winters. Before the trial in which she is the chief witness, Elizabeth decides ... Read More 

True Blue

Mason Mace Perry was a maverick cop on the DC police force until she was kidnapped and framed for a crime. She lost everything - her career, her liberty - and spent two years in prison. Now back on the outside, Mace is trying to rebuild her life and track down ... Read More 

One Secret Summer Waterstones

In the perfect family, there's a thin line between love and hate, especially when there's so much to hide... The Keelers are one of those families that seem to have everything. Glamorous, wealthy and privileged, life has always been easy for them, on the outside ... Read More 


In 1978 Gregory David Roberts committed a series of robberies while adducted to heroin, and was sentenced to nineteen years in prison. After two years, he escaped from a maximum-security prison in broad daylight, and became Australia s most wanted man. Hiding in ... Read More 

The Gods of Gotham

August 1845 in New York; enter the dark, unforgiving city underworld of the legendary Five Points... After a fire decimates a swathe of lower Manhattan, and following years of passionate political dispute, New York City at long last forms an official Police Department. ... Read More 

The Bourne Ultimatum

It all starts with a cat-and-mouse chase to the death in a Baltimore funfair: the Jackal, Bourne's age-old antagonist, is back and Bourne is forced from his idyllic retirement with his wife and children to confront his enemy. In Europe and America there are men ... Read More 

Robert Ludlum s the Janson Command

Reformed from his days of assassination and conspiracy, Paul Janson has a new mission and a new partner. Working with kickass sharpshooter Jessica Kincaid, he helps other disenchanted covert operatives to create new lives. He also accepts independent jobs, but ... Read More 

Robert Ludlum s The Bourne Imperative

Jason Bourne pulls a drowning man from a lake - a man not only freezing, but bleeding profusely from a gun-shot wound. He wakes as an amnesiac, with no memory of who he is or why he was shot . . . an eerie reminder of Bourne's own past. Meanwhile, Mossad agent ... Read More 

The Charming Quirks of Others

As well as its advantages, there are drawbacks to the enlightened village that is twenty-first-century Edinburgh, where every Saturday night ears burn at dinner parties across the city, and anyone requiring the investigative abilities of a philosophical soul knows ... Read More 

Breakheart Pass

A Magnificent Tale Of Heart-Stopping Suspense From The Highly Acclaimed Master Of The Genre. The Rocky Mountains, Winter 1873& One Of The Most Desolate Stretches Of Railroad In The West. Travelling Along It Is A Crowded Troop Train, Bound For The Cholera-Stricken ... Read More 

Ice Station Zebra

A Classic Thriller From The Bestselling Master Of Action And Suspense. The Atomic Submarine Dolphin Has Impossible Orders: To Sail Beneath The Ice-Floes Of The Arctic Ocean To Locate And Rescue The Men Of Weather-Station Zebra, Gutted By Fire And Drifting With ... Read More 

The Bro Code

From the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother comes Barney Stinson’s words of wit, wisdom, and awesomeness, The Bro Codeâ€???the New York Times bestseller (really!) with more than a million copies in print all around the world. Everyone’s life is ... Read More 


The Spellbinding New Novel From One Of The World'S Best-Loved Authors, Paulo Coelho, Recounting The Story Of Brida, And Her Pursuit Of Wisdom. This Is The Story Of Brida, A Young Irish Girl, And Her Quest For Knowledge. She Has Long Been Interested In Various Aspects ... Read More 


When Frank Poole, whose body has been frozen in deep space for 1000 years, is resurrected, his second life brings him enlightening culture shocks a-plenty, but his Odyssey eventually leads him to defy the limitless power of an alien technology. The final sequel ... Read More 

Murder in the Making

In this follow-up volume to the acclaimed AGATHA CHRISTIE'S SECRET NOTEBOOKS, Christie archivist and expert John Curran leads the reader through the six decades of Agatha Christie's writing career, unearthing some remarkable clues to her success and a number of ... Read More 

When Eight Bells Toll

From The Acclaimed Master Of Action And Suspense. The All Time Classic Millions Of Pounds In Gold Bullion Are Being Pirated In The Irish Sea. Investigations By The British Secret Service, And A Sixth Sense, Have Bought Philip Calvert To A Bleak, Lonely Bay In The ... Read More 

The Elephanta Suite

The Elephanta Suite brilliantly explores the shifting stories of those who come to India in search of that elusive something - and of how they react when the country and people they encounter are altogether foreign to their expectations. Through the eyes of a middle-aged ... Read More 

The Anastasia Syndrome

Trapped in her seventeeth-century past, a brilliant writer exacts an ancient revenge in the twentieth... A child wanders, lost and alone, in the maze of New York... A lottery ticket turns up a winning combination of love and death...

The Lost Years

A fantastically page-turning new thriller from the world's favourite thriller writer, featuring all the twists, turns and chillingly close-to-the-bone storylines that her millions of fans know and love.

A Hundred Flowers

A tale set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution follows the struggles of Kai Ying to safeguard her family when her teacher husband is arrested and sent to a "reeducation" labor camp for criticizing the Communist Party.


Heartwrenching and timely, GOLD is a novel about love, family frailty and strength.


George Wilson, M D, a radiology resident in Los Angeles, is about to enter a profession on the brink of an enormous paradigm shift, foreshadowing a vastly different role for doctors everywhere. The smartphone is poised to take on a new role in medicine. It is called ... Read More 

Fear The Worst

The worst day of Tim Blake's life started out with him making breakfast for his seventeen-year-old daughter Sydney. Syd was staying with him while she worked a summer job - even if he wasn't entirely sure what her job at the Just Inn Time motel actually was - and ... Read More 

Ten Things I Love about You

Sebastian Grey is in limbo. He is the heir presumptive to the Earl of Newbury, unless the current earl, a widower, can find a bride who will bear him a son. Newbury is in his sixties and somewhat portly, but as an earl he's considered quite a catch. Sebastian, ... Read More 

Golden Fox

She felt Ramn come awake and spring from the bed, naked and lithe as a jungle cat. She heard the metallic snicker of a firearm as he snatched the pistol from the holster. In the darkness a yellow flower of gun-flamed bloomed, and a single bullet whiplashed across ... Read More 

Book Of Tomorrow

The magical new novel from number one bestseller Cecelia Ahern. Tamara Goodwin has always got everything she's ever wanted. Born into a family of wealth, she grew up in a mansion with its own private beach, a wardrobe full of designer clothes and all that a girl ... Read More 

Thanks For The Memories Indian Edition

Lose Yourself In The Magical New Novel From The No.1 Bestselling Author Of Ps I Love You. Joyce Conway Remembers Things She Shouldn'T. She Knows About Tiny Cobbled Streets In Paris, Which She Has Never Visited. And Every Night She Dreams About An Unknown Little ... Read More 

Half Of A Yellow Sun

In 1960S Nigeria, A Country Blighted By Civil War, Three Lives Intersect. Ugwu, A Boy From A Poor Village, Works As A Houseboy For A University Lecturer. Olanna, A Young Woman, Has Abandoned Her Life Of Privilege In Lagos To Live With Her Charismatic New Lover, ... Read More 

The Field of Swords

The third volume in the acclaimed Emperor series, in which Conn Iggulden brilliantly interweaves history and adventure to recreate the astonishing life of Julius Caesar - an epic tale of ambition and rivalry, bravery and betrayal, from an outstanding new voice ... Read More 

The Death of Kings

This is the second volume in Conn Iggulden's 'Emperor' series. Returning to Rome as a hero after months of captivity, Caesar is reunited with his boyhood companion Brutus. But soon the friends are called upon to fight as they have never fought before, when a new ... Read More 

The Robots Of Dawn

Plainclothesman Elijah Baley must travel to the planet Aurora to investigate the murder of Robot Jander. He would rather not. His last trip off-Earth on police business resulted in a TV drama being made of the case - as a result of which even his son Bentley suspects ... Read More 


For use in schools and libraries only. The first of a series of tales set so far in the future that Earth is all but forgotten by humans who live throughout the galaxy.

Map Of The Invisible World

From the author of the internationally acclaimed, Costa Award-winning The Harmony Silk Factory comes an enthralling new novel that evokes an exotic yet turbulent and often frightening world. 16-year-old Adam is an orphan three times over. He and his older brother, ... Read More 

Odd Apocalypse

The woman astride the ghostly stallion reaches out desperately, the latest spirit to enlist the aid of Odd Thomas, the unassuming young fry cook whose gift--or curse--it is to see the shades of the restless dead, and to help them when he can.

Innocent Blood Blood Gospel II

A vicious attack at a ranch in California thrusts archaeologist Erin Granger back into the fold of the Sanguines, an immortal order founded on the blood of Christ and tasked with protecting the world from the beasts haunting its shadows. Following the prophetic ... Read More 

A Clash of Kings

This second novel of Martin's "New York Times" bestselling fantasy series, the sequel to "A Game of Thrones", transports readers to a world of revelry and revenge, wizardry and warfare--where six factions struggle for control of a divided land and the Iron Throne ... Read More 

A Storm of Swords

Robb Stark wears his new-forged crown in the Kingdom of the North, but his defences are ranged against attack from the South, the land of House Stark's enemies the Lannisters. His sisters are trapped there at the whim of the Lannister boy-king Joffrey and his depraved ... Read More 

A Dance with Dragons

HBO's hit series A GAME OF THRONES is based on George R R Martin's internationally bestselling series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, the greatest fantasy epic of the modern age. A DANCE WITH DRAGONS: AFTER THE FEAST is the SECOND part of the fifth volume in the series. ... Read More 

The Bridge Across Forever

'Did you ever feel that you were missing someone you had never met?'. Haunted by the ghost of the wise, mystical, lovely lady who lives just around the corner in time, Richard Bach begins his quest to find her, to learn of love and immortality not in the here-after, ... Read More 

Twelve Red Herrings

An imprisoned man is certain that his supposed murder victim is very much alive . . . A female driver is pursued relentlessly by a menacing figure in another vehicle . . . A young artist gets the biggest break of her career . . . A restless beauty manages the perfect ... Read More 

Robinson Crusoe


The Comfort of Saturdays

Isabel Dalhousie is a new mother and a connoisseur of philosophy; she'd rather not be a sleuth. But when a chance conversation at a dinner party draws her into the case of a doctor whose career has been ruined, she cannot ignore what may be a miscarriage of justice. ... Read More 

The Double Comfort Safari Club

Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi are called to a safari lodge in Botswana's Okavango Delta to carry out a delicate mission on behalf of a former guest. The Okavango makes Precious appreciate once again the beauty of her homeland: it is a paradise of teeming wildlife, ... Read More 

The Right Attitude to Rain

The key to contentment in the Scottish climate is the right attitude to rain - just as in life the key to happiness lies in making the best of what you have. Bruised in love by her faithless Irish husband, Isabel Dalhousie is a connoisseur of intimate moral issues: ... Read More 

The Burning Shore

`Centaine screamed and drove the point of her stave down into the jaws with all her strength. She felt the sharpened end bite into the soft pink mucous membrane in the back of its throat, saw the spurt of scarlet blood, and then the lion locked its jaws on the ... Read More 

The Angels Weep

‘They came at a run, side by side, seeming to wade through the thick swamp of mortar smoke and dust, and they appeared monstrous and inhuman in the stark light of the star shells. One of them was a huge Matabele. He had lost his helmet and his head was round ... Read More 

Eagle in the Sky

‘With a dull but awful roar, the Mirage bloomed with dark crimson flame and sooty black smoke, the wind ripped flames outwards in great streamers and pennants that engulfed all around them, and David staggered onwards in the midst of the roaring furnace that ... Read More 

The Dark of the Sun

Bruce Curry is the leader of a mercenary band with the dubious support of three white officers. His mission is to relieve a mining town cut off by the fighting and to retrieve a priceless consignment of diamonds. Ranged against his ill-disciplined unit are bandits, ... Read More 


Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again . . .Working as a lady's companion, the heroine of Rebecca learns her place. Life begins to look very bleak until, on a trip to the South of France, she meets Maxim de Winter, a handsome widower whose sudden proposal ... Read More 

The Time Keeper

Banished for centuries, as punishment for trying to measure time, the inventor of the world's first clock is finally granted his freedom, along with a mission: a chance to redeem himself by teaching two people the true meaning of time. He returns to our world and ... Read More 

All the Names

Among the file-cards for the living and the dead, one - of an apparently ordinary woman - will transform his life. By day Senhor José labours in the labyrinthine stacks of the city's central registry. By night he ferrets for facts about the famous, compiling ... Read More 

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Irving Stone's powerful and passionate biographical novel of Michelangelo. His time: the turbulent Renaissance, the years of poisoning princes, warring popes, the all-powerful Medici family, the fanatic monk Savonarola. His loves: the frail and lovely daughter ... Read More 

Jurassic Park

On a remote jungle island, genetic engineers have created a dinosaur game park. Drawing on all his bestselling talent and scientific brilliance Michael Crichton has, in JURASSIC PARK, written the most electrifying techno-thriller of our time.

The Silent Girl

'Gripping . . . Both women deal with personal and family issues that reveal their humanity and lend credibility to this deft thriller' Publishers Weekly EVIL IS ON THE PROWL A severed hand is found in an alleyway in Boston's Chinatown. Detective Jane Rizzoli discovers ... Read More 


A bizarre collection of short stories, each featuring a character with an unusual superpower. Meet The Photocopier, a woman who can reproduce herself at will and who attempts to teach her daughter to do the same. Or the zombie hairdresser who is able to reanimate ... Read More 

The Clicking of Cuthbert

A Golf collection The Oldest Member knows everything that has ever happened on the golf course - and a great deal more besides. Take the story of Cuthbert, for instance. He's helplessly in love with Adeline, but what use are his holes in one when she's in thrall ... Read More 

The Eleventh Commandment

Connor Fitzgerald is the professional's professional. Holder of the Medal of Honour. Devoted family man. The CIA's most deadly weapon. But for twenty-eight years, he has been leading a double life. And only days from his retirement, he comes across an enemy even ... Read More 

To Cut a Long Story Short

These fourteen stories show Jeffrey Archer's great skills with a wide variety of character, of subject and of setting, but all with that trademark twist in the tail. Every reader will have their own favourites: the choices run from love at first sight across the ... Read More 

A Prisoner of Birth

If Danny Cartwright had proposed to Beth Wilson the day before, or the day after, he would not have been arrested and charged with the murder of his best friend. And when the four prosecution witnesses are a barrister, a popular actor, an aristocrat and the youngest ... Read More 

The Collectors

Annabelle is a beautiful stranger with a mysterious past, planning the heist of the century - two short cons to fund a long con, then a life of unashamed luxury, incognito in a foreign land.Jonathan DeHaven, the shy head of the Rare Books Division at the Library ... Read More 

Simple Genius

As former Secret Service agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell investigate a murder at an exclusive scientific retreat, they find themselves in a race against time to stop a conspiracy of traitors operating in the shadow of the White House itself. Now in a tall ... Read More 

Dead Man s Grip

Carly Chase is still traumatised after being in a fatal traffic accident which kills a teenage student from Brighton University. Then she receives news that turns her entire world into a living nightmare. The drivers of the other two vehicles involved have been ... Read More 


The tale of a brilliant doctor who seeks to create the son of his dreams in a dangerous experiment, and invents a living nightmare.


When Dr. Craig Bowman is served with a summons for medical malpractice, he's shocked, enraged, and more than a little humiliated. A devoted physician who works continuously in the service of others, he endured grueling years of training and is now a partner in ... Read More 


With her young son's potentially fatal neuroblastoma in complete remission, New York City medical examiner Laurie Montgomery returns to work at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Worried that she still has what it takes, Laurie finds her first case back to be ... Read More 


A shock packed chiller.. a crime beyond imagining...`fastfaced, gripping, scarifying' -NOW CONVERTED TO A TERRIFYING FILM by the same name `COMA' by MGM

Harmful Intent

An anaesthetist gives a woman a normal injection during childbirth and she dies. The doctor is sued and criminally charged, but he skips bail and returns to the hospital to try and find out exactly what went wrong. On the run from the police, he uncovers a pattern ... Read More 


New York City medical examiners Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton return in this tale of an innovative doctor's dangerous downward spiral. Available in a tall Premium Edition.


This tale of deadly epidemic spread features Dr John Stapleton, a forensic pathologist hardened by his experiences of personal and professional loss. When a series of lethal illnesses strike seemingly at random in New York City, Stapleton suspects he has stumbled ... Read More 

Fatal Cure

Doctors Angela and David Wilson believe that they have found personal and professional bliss when they leave the stresses of urban life for a state-of-the-art medical centre in Vermont. Swiftly, their happiness disintegrates as mysterious and unexplained deaths ... Read More 


TEST - a group of aliens builds a colony deep under the ocean, for the purpose of watching humans and human society from afar. But, what happens when this watching is no longer enough? This work gives us a blend of technology blended with the possibilities of alien ... Read More 

Eye of the Needle

His weapon is the stiletto, his codename: "The Needle". He is Henry Faber, Germany's most feared agent in Britain. His task is to discover the Allies' plans for D-Day, and get them to Germany at all costs. A task that he ruthlessly carries through, until Storm ... Read More 

Robert Ludlum s The Bourne Deception

Jason Bourne's nemesis Arkadin is still hot on his trail and the two continue their struggle, reversing roles of hunter and hunted. When Bourne is ambushed and badly wounded, he fakes his death and goes into hiding. In safety, he takes on a new identity, and begins ... Read More 

Wish You Well

Wish You Well describes the childhood of two siblings, Lou and Oz, whose lives are changed overnight when their father dies in a car accident. This event will force them to leave New York and be sent to their great-grandmother's farm in Virginia. Still having to ... Read More 

Honour Among Thieves

St. Martin's Paperbacks continues the systematic reissuing of the phenomenal backlist by the international bestselling author with these three "New York Times" bestselling thrillers.


It is the dawn of the eighteenth century. At the farthest edges of the known world, the mighty East India Trading Company suffers catastrophic losses from pirates of the high seas. After four years away from service, master mariner Sir Hal Courtney prepares for ... Read More 

The Sunset Club

Meet the members of the Sunset Club: Pandit Preetam Sharma, Nawab Barkatullah Baig and Sardar Boota Singh. Friends for over forty years, they are now in their eighties. And every evening, at the sunset hour, they sit together on a bench in Lodhi Gardens to exchange ... Read More 

The Jeeves Omnibus

Poor Bertie is in the soup again, and throughout this latest omnibus it is only Jeeves who keeps him from being the fish and the main course as well. In these delightful pages you will encounter all the stalwarts who have made the Jeeves novels and short stories ... Read More 

Stern Men

On two remote islands off the coast of Maine, the local lobstermen have fought savagely for generations over the fishing rights to the ocean waters between them. Young Ruth Thomas is born into this feud, the daughter of one of the greediest lobstermen in Maine. ... Read More 

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Mariam is only fifteen when she is sent to Kabul to marry Rasheed. Nearly two decades later, a friendship grows between Mariam and a local teenager, Laila, as strong as the ties between mother and daughter. When the Taliban take over, life becomes a desperate struggle ... Read More 

The Museum of Innocence

The Museum of Innocence - set in Istanbul between 1975 and today - tells the story of Kemal, the son of one of Istanbul's richest families, and of his obsessive love for a poor and distant relation, the beautiful Fusun, who is a shop-girl in a small boutique.The ... Read More 

The Romantic Manifesto

In this beautifully written and brilliantly reasoned book, Ayn Rand throws a new light on the nature of art and its purpose in human life. Once again Miss Rand eloquently demonstrates her bold originality and her refusal to let popular catchwords and conventional ... Read More 

The Ingredients of Love

The day begins like any other Saturday for beautiful Parisian restaurateur Aurélie Bredin, until she wakes up to find her apartment empty - her boyfriend gone off with another woman. Heartbroken, Aurélie walks the streets of Paris in the rain, finally seeking ... Read More 

Notre Dame de Paris

Tells the story of the hunchback Quasimodeo, bell-ringer of Nortre-Dame, the archdeacon Claude Frollo, and the gypsy dancer Esmeralda who wins Quasimodo's selfless devotion.


'My mother died twice. I promised myself I would not let her story be forgotten . . .' Pembe and Adem Toprak leave Turkey for London. There they make new lives for their family. Yet the traditions and beliefs of their home come with them - carried in the blood ... Read More 

Assassin s Creed

'I will journey to the black heart of a corrupt Empire to root out my foes. But Rome wasn't built in a day and it won't be restored by a lone assassin. I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze. This is my brotherhood.' Rome, once mighty, lies in ruins. The city swarms with ... Read More 

The Bastard of Istanbul

One rainy afternoon in Istanbul, a woman walks into a doctor's surgery. 'I need to have an abortion,' she announces. She is nineteen years old and unmarried. What happens that afternoon will change her life. Twenty years later, Asya Kazanci lives with her extended ... Read More 

Suite Scarlett

If living in a famous art deco hotel minutes away from Central Park sounds like your idea of a pretty sweet deal - you should talk to Scarlett Martin. Having a hotel for a home really isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when you have no guests, no money ... Read More 

Les Miserables

After nineteen years in prison, Jean Valjean has difficulty adjusting to the outside world, which scorns and shuns him

The Outsider

Meursault leads an unremarkable, bachelor life in Algiers, but his sudden involvement in a violent confrontation throws him into turmoil as he is forced to question the fundamental values of society. Camus creates a world without a God but a society that is still ... Read More 

Death Comes to Pemberley

The year is 1803, and Darcy and Elizabeth have been married for six years. There are now two handsome and healthy sons in the nursery, Elizabeth's beloved sister Jane and her husband Bingley live nearby and the orderly world of Pemberley seems unassailable. But ... Read More 

The Dream of the Celt

As The Dream of the Celt opens, it is the summer of 1916 and Roger Casement awaits the hangman in London's Pentonville Prison. Dublin lies in ruins after the disastrous Easter Rising led by his comrades of the Irish Volunteers. He has been caught after landing ... Read More 

The Help

Enter a vanished world : Jackson, Mississippi, 1962. Where black maids raise white children, but aren't trusted not to steal the silver...There's Aibileen, raising her seventeenth white child and nursing the hurt caused by her own son's tragic death; Minny, whose ... Read More 

Collected Stories

Full of premonitions and echoes of the larger fiction. Marquez has always been a romantic, and these stories abound with love affairs, ruined beauty, and magical women. It is essence of Marquez

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Dramatizes the life of the artistic genius Michelangelo, recalls his love affairs, his disputes with cardinals and popes, and his years of working on the Sistine Chapel

The Bell Jar

Esther Greenwood is brilliant, beautiful, enormously talented, and successful, but slowly going underâ€???maybe for the last time. In her acclaimed and enduring masterwork, Sylvia Plath brilliantly draws the reader into Esther's breakdown with such intensity ... Read More 

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

A story of irrenconcilable love and infidelities -- Cover.

The Swiss Family Robinson

When a Swiss couple and their four sons are shipwrecked on an isolated island, they adapt to their "New Switzerland" using many imaginative methods of farming and animal taming.

Frankenstein Or The Modern Prometheus

Edited by Maurice Hindle.

Elphame s Choice

From the bestselling author of the "House of Night" series comes the award-winning world of Partholon, rich in goddesses, intrigue and magic. Part-human, part-centaur, Elphame has always been different. OK, make that very different. The hundreds of shimmering butterflies ... Read More 


A mediterranean mystery featuring James Bond at the age of 13. Feisty, blond and superfit Amy Goodenough, sister of James' best friend, Mark, has been kidnapped. This novel also features Zoltan Magyr, a villainous pirate, mysterious Latin-speaking men lurking near ... Read More 

Are You Afraid of the Dark

The new novel that Sidney Sheldon's millions of fans all over the world have been waiting for. And, like his seventeen previous books, it is destined for a top place on bestseller lists everywhere.

Fools Die

Within the interconnecting worlds of big time gambling, publishing and the film industry, the power of corruption and the corruption of power are nowhere better explored. From New York to Las Vegas, Merlyn and his brother Artie obey their own code of honour in ... Read More 

The Dark Arena

DescriptionWalter Mosca, hardened by the brutality and desecration of three long years of war, returns to the USA a changed man. But he has no sooner arrived than he knows that he must run back to the land of the enemy, to find the woman who accepts the rage and ... Read More 

The Pelican Brief

Two Supreme Court Justices Justices are dead. Their murders are connected only in one mind, and in one legal brief conceived by that mind.Brilliant, beautiful and ambitious, New Orleans legal student Darby Shaw little realises that her speculative brief

The Client

An eleven-year-old has discovered a secret that not even an adult should know. A US State Senator is dead, and Mark Sway is the only one who knows where the body is hidden. The FBI want him to tell them where it is at whatever cost to Mark and his family. The killer ... Read More 

Amsterdam Condensed

A contemporary morality tale that is as profound as it is witty. Clive Linley and Vernon Halliday are former lovers of the recently-deceased Molly Lane. They make a pact following her funeral, which both tests their friendship to the limits and has consequences ... Read More 


A searing portrait of a young colonial in early 1960s London -- from the two-time winner of the Booker Prize. Youth’s narrator, a student in 1950s South Africa, has long been plotting an escape from his native country. Studying mathematics, reading poetry, ... Read More 

The Shepherd

On Christmas Eve 1957, alone in the cockpit of his Vampire, an RAF pilot is returning from Germany to Lakenheath on leave - 66 minutes of trouble-free, routine flying. Then, out over the North Sea, the fog begins to close in, radio contact ceases, and the compass ... Read More 


An old man wearing a brown robe is found wandering disoriented in the Arizona desert. He is miles from any human habitation and has no memory of how he got to be there, or who he is. The only clue to his identity is the plan of a medieval monastery in his pocket. ... Read More 


Perowne makes his way to his weekly squash game through London streets filled with hundreds of thousands of anti-war protestors. A minor car accident brings him into a confrontation with Baxter, a fidgety, aggressive, young man, on the edge of violence. To Perowne's ... Read More 

The Sense of an Ending

Winner of the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2011 Tony Webster and his clique first met Adrian Finn at school. Sex-hungry and book-hungry, they would navigate the girl-less sixth form together, trading in affectations, in-jokes, rumour and wit. Maybe Adrian was ... Read More 

Luka and the Fire of Life

On a beautiful starry night in the city of Kahani in the land of Alifbay a terrible thing happened: twelve-year-old Luka's storyteller father, Rashid, fell suddenly and inexplicably into a sleep so deep that nothing and no one could rouse him. To save him from ... Read More 

Life and Times of Michael K

In a South Africa torn by civil war, Michael K sets out to take his mother back to her rural home. On the way there she dies, leaving him alone in an anarchic world of brutal roving armies. Imprisoned, Michael is unable to bear confinement and escapes, determined ... Read More 

George s Cosmic Treasure Hunt

'We are going,' said Annie, 'on a great cosmic journey. So listen up, Savers of Planet Earth, and prepare to meet the Universe.' George's best friend Annie needs help. Her scientist father, Eric, is working on a space project - and it's all going wrong. A robot ... Read More 

The Moor s Last Sigh

Moares 'Moor' Zogoiby is a 'high-born crossbreed', the last surviving scion of a dynasty of Cochinise spice merchants and crime lords. He is also a compulsive storyteller and an exile. As he travels a route that takes him from India to Spain, he leaves behind a ... Read More 

Worth Dying for

The heartstopping new thriller starring today's most admired action hero, the gallant and enigmatic loner Jack Reacher, by No.1 bestselling author Lee Child.

The Devil s Alternative

'Whichever option I choose, men are going to die.' This is the Devil's Alternative, the appalling choice facing the president of the USA and other statesmen throughout the world. The climax is the most exciting that even this brilliant storyteller has contrived, ... Read More 

The Andromeda Strain

Five prominent biophysicists give the United States government an urgent warning: sterilisation procedures for returning space probes may be inadequate to guarantee uncontaminated re-entry to the atmosphere. Two years later, Project Scoop sends seventeen satellites ... Read More 

The Rainmaker

A gripping courtroom thriller from the No. 1 bestselling master thriller writer. Rudy Baylor is a newly qualified lawyer: he has one case, and one case alone, to save himself from his mounting debts. His case is against a giant insurance company which could have ... Read More 

Death on the Cape and Other Stories

An airline stewardess is entrusted with a list of names which could threaten the lives of her 700 passengers... A young woman is tortured by terrifying nightmares, until she finds a gramophone record that unlocks the door concealing a dark memory... Lottery-winner ... Read More 

Six Suspects

There's a caste system even in murder. Seven years ago, Vivek 'Vicky' Rai, the playboy son of the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh, murdered Ruby Gill at a trendy restaurant in New Delhi simply because she refused to serve him a drink. Now Vicky Rai is dead, killed ... Read More 


Seven years have passed since Dr Hannibal Lecter escaped from custody... Seven years since FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling interviewed him in a maximum security hospital for the criminally insane. The doctor is still at large, but Starling has never forgotten ... Read More 

In Between the Sheets

Call them transcripts of dreams or deadly accurate maps of the tremor zones of the psyche, the seven stories in this collection engage and implicate us in the most fearful ways imaginable. A two-timing pornographer becomes an unwilling object in the fantasies of ... Read More 


When three people are killed by a great white shark in three different incidents, the police chief of a Long Island resort town is forced to take action

A Moveable Feast

Published posthumously in 1964, A Moveable Feast remains one of Ernest Hemingway's most beloved works. Since Hemingway's personal papers were released in 1979, scholars have examined and debated the changes made to the text before publication. Now this new special ... Read More 


FANG WILL BE THE FIRST TO DIE For years, Max has been on the run from evil forces threatening her and the Flock - but nothing could have prepared her for this horrifying prophesy delivered to her by Angel. Fang is Max's best friend, her soulmate, her partner in ... Read More 

Life of Pi

One boy, one boat, one tiger . . .After the tragic sinking of a cargo ship, a solitary lifeboat remains bobbing on the wild, blue Pacific. The only survivors from the wreck are a sixteen year-old boy named Pi, a hyena, a zebra (with a broken leg), a female orang-utan ... Read More 

The Great Train Robbery

In teeming Victorian London, where lavish wealth and appalling poverty exist side by side, one mysterious man navigates both worlds with perfect ease. Rich, handsome and ingenious, Edward Pierce preys on the most prominent of the well-to-do as he cunningly orchestrates ... Read More 


From one of the world's truly great writers, Fury is a wickedly brilliant and pitch-black comedy about a middle-aged professor who finds himself in New York City in the summer of 2000. Not since the Bombay of Midnight's Children have a time and place been so intensely ... Read More 

Spooks I Am Grimalkin

'I am Grimalkin, and I have already chosen those I will kill . . .' Grimalkin has made it her lifetime ambition to destroy the Fiend, avenging the brutal murder of her son. Having grudgingly joined forces with the Spook and his apprentice, Tom, and assisted them ... Read More 

A Desirable Residence

Liz and Jonathan are in trouble.They can't sell their old house.Here they are, stuck with two mortgages, mounting debts and a miserable adolescent daughter who hadn't wanted to move anyway.Then it seems Marcus Witherstone will solve all their problems.He knows ... Read More 


An epic, unputdownable thriller from the world's bestselling thriller writer James Patterson. All over the world, brutal animal attacks are crippling entire cities. Jackson Oz, a young biologist, watches the escalating events with an increasing sense of dread. ... Read More 

Guilty Wives

When Abbie Elliot and her three best friends arrive in Monte Carlo, they surrender to the sun and pool, to the champagne and private parties. For four days away from their husbands and families they're free to live someone else's life.But in the morning's harsh ... Read More 

Haroun and Luka

Haroun: What's the use of stories that aren't even true? I asked that question and the Unthinkable Thing happened: my father can't tell stories anymore. That means no more laughter in the city of Alifbay and now the place stinks of sadness. So it's up to me to ... Read More 

The Curse

Art investigator Madison Dupre knows a fake when she sees it. When the mysterious Dr. Kaseem offers to pay her a handsome sum to “ransomâ€?? a scarab stolen from the tomb of King Tut, her gut tells her to walk away. Since she still needs to pay the rent, ... Read More 

Angels and Demons

CERN Institute, Switzerland: a world-renowned scientist is found brutally murdered with a mysterious symbol seared onto his chest. The Vatican, Rome: the College of Cardinals assembles to elect a new pope. Somewhere beneath them, an unstoppable bomb of terrifying ... Read More 


Wicked showcases some of the best erotic writing, bringing together a collection of unashamed, wildly entertaining tales of sensual holiday encounters. This is the perfect sexy summer-reading collection and includes 'Magic Fingers' by the international bestseller ... Read More 

Lockwood Co 01 The Screaming Staircase

When the dead come back to haunt the living, Lockwood & Co. step in . . . For more than fifty years, the country has been affected by a horrifying epidemic of ghosts. A number of Psychic Investigations Agencies have sprung up to destroy the dangerous apparitions. ... Read More 

Cross My Heart

The twenty-first novel in James Patterson's bestselling series featuring Detective Alex Cross... Alex Cross's whole world is crashing down around him. He has been hunted, stalked like prey, his predator priming himself for the kill. Cross has devoted his life to ... Read More 

The Gates of Rome

On a small estate just outside Rome in the first century BC, two boys become blood brothers, little imagining the extraordinary future that lies before them. As friends and rivals, Gaius and Marcus are destined to find lasting fame in one of the greatest empires ... Read More 

The Gods of War

Julius Caesar, fresh from triumph in Britain and Gaul, is marching on Rome with his legions of hardened veterans. His goal is to unseat Pompey, now dictator of the Empire. But, waging war on your own people is never easy.

Reluctant Fundamentalist PB

At A CafÉ Table In Lahore, A Bearded Pakistani Man Converses With An American Stranger. As Dusk Deepens To Dark, He Begins The Tale That Has Brought Him To This Fateful Meeting . . . Among The Brightest And Best Of His Graduating Class At Princeton,Changez ... Read More 


Set in contemporary and World War II France, this is the story of Sister Bernard: her forbidden love, her uncertain faith, and her guilt- ridden past. A once -bustling convent in the South of France is closing, leaving behind three elderly nuns. Forced, for the ... Read More 

The Hindi Bindi Club

For decades they have remained close, sharing recipes and customs, and shaped by ancient ways. They are the Hindi-Bindi Club, a nickname given by their daughters to the mothers who left India to start anew … daughters now facing struggles of their own. For ... Read More 

Two Virgins

About the Book : - She tossed and turned, her body an alien creature full of strange, strong impulses beyond her control. Saroja lives in a village with her parents, aunt and beautiful elder sister Lalitha. Saroja s life is uncomplicated, and simple things give ... Read More 

Lost Empire

Some treasures are best left buried . . . Scuba diving off the Tanzanian coast, husband and wife treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo discover a huge ship's bell, covered in cryptic carvings. But as they struggle to first recover the bell and then decode its ... Read More 

Arranged Marriage

For Indian-born women living new lives in America, independence is a mixed blessing. It means walking a tightrope between treasured old beliefs and newfound desires, starting anew and confronting change. This stunningly beautiful and poignant collection of short ... Read More 


Centuries after Connavar's triumphant battles gained the Rigante their freedom, the clan finds itself oppressed once again. Magic that once flourished has been all but snuffed out. The Varlish king and his barons have stolen Rigante lands and robbed the people ... Read More 

On Chesil Beach

The year is 1962. Florence, the daughter of a successful businessman and an aloof Oxford academic, is a talented musician. She dreams of a career on the concert stage and of the perfect life she will create with Edward, the earnest young history student she met ... Read More 

Big Money

A P.G. Wodehouse novel Most of the big money belongs to Torquil Paterson Frisby, the dyspeptic American millionaire - but that doesn't stop him wanting more out of it. His niece, the beautiful Ann Moon, is engaged to 'Biscuit', Lord Biskerton, who doesn't have ... Read More 


The "New York Times" bestselling author brilliantly reconstructs the mighty republic that once ruled the ancient world and celebrates the genius, passion, ruthlessness, and magnificence of the noblest Roman of all: Gaius Julius Caesar.

The Chamber

Adam Hill is 26 years old and in his first year at a top Chicago law firm. He volunteers for the toughest assignment any lawyer could ask for. His prospective client does'nt want Adam or his law firm. He is an unrepentent and outspoken racist with a violent past. ... Read More 

The Novice

A devoted student and diligent worker at the Dharma Cloud Temple monastery, Kinh Tam is not who he appears to be. And yet the novice's true identity cannot be revealed without Kinh paying a terrible price. To continue on the path to enlightenment, Kinh must suffer ... Read More 

The Grey Man

A STUNNING ACTION THRILLER FROM A REAL-LIFE HERO Kevin Dodds leads a dull, uneventful life. He has a steady job at the bank, a nice house and car. His wife goes to Bingo on a Saturday night, but he usually stays in to save money. But Kevin has spent enough quiet ... Read More 

The Power Broker

Christian Gillette, the hero of The Protégé, is confronted by a difficult choice when a powerful and mysterious organization sets out to gain a partnership in Gillette's company, Everest Capital; Jesse Wood, a charismatic liberal politician, asks him to be ... Read More 

For the Love of Philae

It's the 6th century A.D. and Christianity has been imposed throughout Egypt. On the holy island of Philae, off the southern coast, the last community faithful to the old ways struggles against the invader and continues in active worship in its temple. Isis, leader ... Read More 


When Kurt Austin, the leader of a courageous National Underwater & Marine Agency exploration team, rescues beautiful marine archaeologist Nina Kirov off the coast of Morocco, he becomes the next target of Texas industrialist Don Halcon. A madman bent on carving ... Read More 

The Scarlet Letter

Provides the full text of the novel with an accompanying translation into modern prose to better understand the characters, plot, and language of Hawthorne's classic novel.

The Survivors Club

The first rule is never blame the victim... The outstanding new novel from the author of The Next Accident


To the spaceship Discovery, floating in the silent depths of space since Dave Bowman passed through the alien 'Star Gate', comes Heywood Floyd on a mission of recovery. What he finds near Jupiter is beyond the imaginings of any mere human.

Strangers in Death

The death of a prominent businessman in 2060 New York prompts Lieutenant Eve Dallas to seek assistance from her billionaire husband, an investigation that proves complicated when clues suggest that the killer had been known by the victim's family.

The Deep Dark Sleep

Human remains are recovered from the bottom of the River Clyde. Not an unusual occurrence, but these have been sleeping the deep, dark sleep for eighteen years. Suddenly Glasgow's underworld is buzzing with the news that the dredged up bones belong to Gentleman ... Read More 


A darkly funny and surprisingly tender debut novel about two brothers, one ofwhom refuses to leave his bed on his 25th birthday.

Raise the Titanic

A tidal wave of pounding excitement from the first page to the last . . . Two and a half miles beneath the icy North Atlantic the mighty Titanic holds the key to the safety of the free world. The Americans want it. So do the Russians. Ace maritime troubleshooter ... Read More 

My Bollywood Wedding

Maya Malik wants a big, glamorous Bollywood weddingâ€???what could go wrong? Now that Maya has found Jhanghir Khan, her perfect man, it's time to start the mammoth task of planning her dream wedding. But 15 designer wedding boutiques, seven venues, two jet-set ... Read More 


The stunning new thriller from the bestselling author of Velocity and Relentless.

The Twelfth Insight

The Twelfth Insight is the fourth book in the hugely successful Celestine series. It is an adventure tale that is both suspenseful and contemplative, and builds on the insights introduced in Redfield's previous books. It describes a new wave of tolerance and integrity ... Read More 

Think Twice

A "New York Times"-bestseller. Unbeknownst to her identical twin Bennie Rosato, Alice Connelly is on the run from her drug-dealing confederates who are trying to kill her. Alice sees only one way out--to become Bennie. Now Bennie must prove who she really is, while ... Read More 

The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection

Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi have always relied on the advice of the classic guide to their trade, The Principles of Private Detection. But who is the eminent author, Mr Clovis Andersen, and what if he were to come to Botswana? That seems a very unlikely possibility, ... Read More 

11th Hour

Is one of Detective Lindsay Boxer's colleagues a vicious killer? She won't know until the 11th hour. A notorious drug dealer is gunned down using a weapon taken from the evidence locker in Lindsay's own department! Lindsay must investigate her closest colleagues. ... Read More 

Life of Pi

Winner Of The Booker Prize 2002. Piscine Molitor Patel, Otherwise Known As Pi, Lives In Pondicherry, Where His Father Runs And Owns The City's Zoo. When He Is Sixteen, His Parents Decide To Emigrate To Canada, Taking Their Large Family With Them, But Tragedy Strikes ... Read More 

The Godfather

The Godfather is the Mafia leader Vito Corleone, a benevolent despot who stops at nothing to gain and hold power. Set in Long Island, Hollywood and Sicily this is a story of a feudal society within society which does not hesitate to consolidate its power.


Tracing his ancestry through six generations - slaves and freedmen, farmers and blacksmiths, lawyers and architects - back to Africa, Alex Haley discovered a sixteen-year-old youth, Kunta Kinte. It was this young man, who had been torn from his homeland and in ... Read More 

Stranger Shores

A superb collection of essays by one of the world’s great novelists. This volume gathers together for the first time in book form twenty-nine pieces on books, writing, photography and the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa. The subjects range from the ... Read More 

After the Quake

The economy was booming. People had more money than they knew what to do with. And then the earthquake struck. For the characters in After the Quake, the Kobe earthquake is an echo from a past they buried long ago. Satsuki has spent thirty years hating one man: ... Read More 

Red Dragon

Sexual hunger; demonic violence; sinister logic - the lethal components of a deadly formula driving a psychopath in the grip of an unimagin-able delusion; a boastful killer who sends the police tormenting notes; a tortured, torturing monster who finds ultimate ... Read More 

The Torrents of Spring

Subtitled 'A Romantic Novel in Honour of the Passing of a Great Race', The Torrents of Spring - Hemingway's second published work - wonderfully parodies the themes and styles of the 'great race' of writers of his generation. Spring is coming to the small towns ... Read More 

For You

A powerful drama of passion, obsession and tragedy from one of Britain's greatest living writers.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories

Men and women of passion and action live, fight, love and die in scenes of dramatic intensity. From haunting tragedy on the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro to brutal sensationalism in the bullring; from rural America with its deceptive calm to the heart of war-ravaged ... Read More 

The Devil Colony

In the Rocky Mountains, a horrible massacre ensues. Bodies are found purposefully positioned to form two symbols. One man recognises the warning behind the gruesome murders: Painter Crowe, director of SIGMA, has seen these symbols before and knows the deaths were ... Read More 

An Unwilling Conquest

A Wanton Widow When Hal Waterman calls upon the newly-widowed Elizabeth Lowery, it is intended to be the chivalrous act of a gentleman. But Hal has secretly adored Elizabeth for years. Elizabeth's household is in turmoil and she has to support her young son. Hal's ... Read More 


Overseeing the excavation of an ancient skeleton at a small-town construction site, archaeologist Callie Dunbrook copes with accidents and rumors that the project is cursed, a situation that is complicated by a stranger's claims about her past.

Dust Blood

Jago could feel the teeth sink into his skin. It burnt like a fire of molten lead that trickled through his veins. Jago Harker is trying to adjust to his new life at Hawks Moor. But when news reaches the house of a madman on the loose killing Vampyres, he knows ... Read More 

Desperate Remedies

Described by Hardy as a tale of mystery, entanglement, surprise and moral obliquity , his first published novel violated the literary decorum of its day with blackmail, murder, and romance. It relates the story of Cytherea, a maid to the eccentric arch-intriguer ... Read More 

Jude the Obscure

The first truly critical edition of Hardy's most controversial novel, presenting a "clean" text in which Hardy's own light punctuation is restored.

Women in love

Women in Love is widely regarded as D. H. Lawrence's greatest novel. The novel continues where The Rainbow left off with the third generation of Brangwens: Ursula Brangwen, now a teacher at Beldover, a mining town in the Midlands, and her sister Gudrun, who has ... Read More 

The Race

ADVENTURE / THRILLER. Intrepid detective Isaac Bell engages in his most dangerous case yet. It is the early years of the 20th century, air travel is in its infancy, and newspaper publisher Preston Whiteway is offering $50,000 for the first flier to cross America ... Read More 


Mirabelle works as a shop assistant in the glove department at Niemans, L.A.'s finest store; she also draws darkly gothic pictures at night. Adrift in the world and lonely, her situation is not improved by the fact that hardly anyone buys the kind of gloves that ... Read More 

Luck Be a Lady Don t Die

When the Rat Pack returns to Las Vegas for the premier of "Ocean's 11," Eddie G. lends his assistance to Frank Sinatra when he is asked to locate a girl with whom Frank had been supposed to meet, a quest that traps Eddie between the cops and gangsters.

The Stone Raft

One day a rift opens along the border between Spain and France, and the Iberian peninsula floats off across the Atlantic, a great stone raft. But what of the floating population? While the tourists and investors flee, the Spanish and Portuguese escape the coast ... Read More 

The Heart of a Goof

A Golf collection From his favourite chair on the terrace above the ninth hole, The Oldest Member tells a series of hilarious golfing stories. From Evangeline, Bradbury Fisher's fifth wife and a notorious 'golfing giggler', to poor Rollo Podmarsh whose game was ... Read More 

Hannibal Rising

HE IS ONE OF THE MOST HAUNTING CHARACTERSIN ALL OF LITERATURE.AT LAST THE EVOLUTION OF HIS EVILIS REVEALED.Hannibal Lecter emerges from the nightmare of the Eastern Front, a boy in the snow, mute, with a chain around his neck.He seems utterly alon


A brand new thriller from the master storyteller set against the menacing backdrop of the Second World War and crackling with suspense and action. It is May, 1944 - a time of international tension where nothing is certain... Two weeks before D-Day, the French Resistance ... Read More 

Code to Zero

Three days that could change the world's political landscape . . . A man wakes up to find himself lying on the ground in a railway station, his mind stripped bare of all recollection. He has no idea how he got there. He does not even know his own name. Convinced ... Read More 

Size 14 is not fat either a Heather Wells mystery

Heather bliver indblandet i en grim sag på sin arbejdsplads, New York College - det afhuggede hovede af en studerende kaster mistanke på Heathers afdeling.

All Through the Night

A classic Christmas tale from the bestselling Queen of Suspense At the heart of the novel are two of Mary Higgins Clark's most loved characters: Alvirah, the lottery winner turned amateur sleuth, and her husband, Willy, who are caught up in a Christmas mystery ... Read More 

As the Crow Flies

Growing up in the slums of East End London, Charlie Trumper dreams of someday running his grandfather's fruit and vegetable barrow. That day comes suddenly when his grandfather dies leaving him the floundering business. With the help of Becky Salmon, an enterprising ... Read More 

Explosive Eighteen

With the arrival of "Explosive Eighteen," readers won't have to wait very long to find out what happens next in Evanovich's popular Stephanie Plum adventure series.

Asterix and the Great Crossing

Asterix and Obelix volunteer to get Getafix some fresh fish, bringing along Dogmatix, but a storm blows them off course and they wind up in a land where the birds go "gobble" and the Romans look different.

Grave Secrets in Goa

The second book in an edgy new India-set crime series starring English journalist Ruby Jonesâ€???Alexander McCall Smith meets Alex Garland Ruby Jones just wanted to relax and take a holiday. She made a bad decision when she headed for Goa. Famed for beaches ... Read More 

Robert Ludlum s the Bourne Legacy

Jason Bourne has gradually come to realise who and what he really is - a strange amalgam of a man named David Webb, and a deadly killer. Now David Webb is living a peaceful life as a university professor in the backwoods of America with his wife and children. But ... Read More 

The Best of Me

This is the story of two small-town former high school sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks. Now middle-aged, they have taken wildly divergent paths, but neither has lived the life they imagined, and neither can forget the passionate first love that forever ... Read More 

One Day

'I can imagine you at forty,' she said, a hint of malice in her voice. 'I can picture it right now.' He smiled without opening his eyes. 'Go on then.' 15th July 1988. Emma and Dexter meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go ... Read More 

True Believer

Jeremy Marsh, a science journalist and perofessional skeptic, finds himself in over his head when he arrives at the small town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, and falls head over heels for the granddaughter of the supposed town psychic.

The Casual Vacancy

When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock and the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen--Résumé de l'éditeur.

The Choice

Travis Parker has everything a man could want: a good job; loyal friends; his dream home in small-town North Carolina. In full pursuit of the good life, he believes that a serious relationship with a woman would only cramp his style. That is until Gabby Holland ... Read More 

Ice Hunt

Buried deep in the polar ice cap, Ice Station Grendel has been abandoned for more than seventy years. The twisted brainchild of the finest minds of the former Soviet Union, it was designed to be inaccessible and virtually invisible. But an American research vessel ... Read More 


Out of the inhospitable Amazon rainforest a man stumbles into a missionary village. Soon the CIA operative and former special forces soldier, his eyes wide with terror, is dead. The photograph of Agent Clark's corpse in the Brazilian morgue shows two intact upper ... Read More 

Fear Is The Key

A Classic Novel Of Ruthless Revenge Set In The Steel Jungle Of An Oil Rig In The Gulf Of Mexico And On The Sea Bed Below It. Now Reissued In A New Cover Style. A Sunken Dc-3 Lying On The Caribbean Floor. Its Cargo: Ten Million, Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars ... Read More 

The White House Connection

The master of intrigue and suspense reunites the unforgettable team of his bestseller "The President's Daughter" to stop an unidentified assassin--a woman who walks the streets of Manhattan, stalking the members of a secret political organization, and killing them, ... Read More 


The world of genetics is out of control -- now the new Sunday Times bestseller from Michael Crichton, one of today's most famous authors, shows you what happens NEXT.

The Piano Teacher

Sometimes the end of a love affair is only the beginning. In 1942, Will Truesdale, an Englishman newly arrived in Hong Kong, falls headlong into a passionate relationship with Trudy Liang, a beautiful Eurasian socialite. But their love affair is soon threatened ... Read More 

A Ripple from the Storm

The third book in the ‘Children of Violence’ series, a quintet of novels tracing the life of Martha Quest from her childhood in colonial Africa through to old age in a post-nuclear Britain. The other books are ‘Martha Quest’, ‘A ... Read More 

Wolf of the Plains

A remarkable story of heroism and adventure, of a boy who had to become a man too soon, of a family and a tribe who had to learn to win to survive.A man without a tribe was at great risk, so the young boy abandoned with his siblings on the harsh Mongolian plains ... Read More 

The HarperCollins book of new Indian fiction

In This Unparalleled Collection Of Short Stories, The Harpercollins Book Of New Indian Fiction Presents An Absorbing View Of One Of The Most Fertile Literary Landscapes In The World. Traversing Continents And Orbits, Styles And Themes, In Rich, Original And Frequently ... Read More 

Naked Face

Judd Stevens, noted New York psychoanalyst, had close contact with two people who are horribly murdered. Now he too is condemned to death by the same executioners.

Guns Of Navarone

The classic World War II thriller from the acclaimed master of action and suspense. Now reissued in a new cover style.

And Thereby Hangs a Tale

SHORT STORIES. Millions of readers around the world have relished Jeffrey Archer's short stories. Taking inspiration from his favourite short story writers - F. Scott Fitzgerald, Maupassant, H. H. Munro, W. Somerset Maugham and O. Henry - Jeffrey Archer has written ... Read More 

A Memory of Light

'And it came to pass in those days, as it had come before and would come again, that the Dark lay heavy on the land and weighed down the hearts of men, and the green things failed, and hope died.' - From Charal Drianaan te Calamon, The Cycle of the Dragon. In the ... Read More 


Deep in the jungles of Peru the contest of the century is underway. It's a race to locate a legendary Incan idol - one carved out of a strange kind of stone. But a stone which in the present century could be used for a terrifying new purpose. Now rival groups are ... Read More 

Kane and Abel

They had only one thing in common . . . William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, one the son of a Boston millionaire, the other a penniless Polish immigrant - two men born on the same day on opposite sides of the world, their paths destined to cross in the ruthless ... Read More 

The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon

As Botswana awaits the familiar blessing of the rains and the resumption of the eternal cycle, seismic upheaval is taking place at the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Not only is Mr J. L. B. Matekoni attempting to reform himself into a modern husband, but after ... Read More 

Tell Me Your Dreams

The Fast-Paced New Novel From The Internationally Bestselling Author Of The Best Laid Plans, Morning, Noon & Night And Bloodline. Someone Was Following Her. She Had Read About Stalkers, But They Belonged In A Different, Faraway World. She Had No Idea Who It Could ... Read More 

At First Sight

There are few things Jeremy Marsh was sure he'd never do: he'd never leave New York City; never give his heart away again after barely surviving one failed marriage; and most of all, never become a parent. Now, Jeremy is living in the tiny town of Boone Creek, ... Read More 

Conspiracy in Death

Eve Dallas must stray into the bowels of New York City when she is called to a street sleeper's homicide. All expectations go out the window when she discovers a laser-perfect hole where his heart used to be - the work of a highly skilled surgeon. Research reveals ... Read More 

Four Past Midnight

At midnight comes the point of balance. Of danger. The instant of utter stillness when between two beats of the heart, an alternative reality can slip through, like a blade between the ribs, and switch you into a new and terrifying world. FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT: four ... Read More 

Friends Lovers Chocolate

Isabel Dalhousie thinks often of friends, sometimes of lovers, and on occasion of chocolate. As an Edinburgh philosopher she is certain of where she stands. She can review a book called In Praise of Sin with panache and conviction, but real life is... well, perhaps ... Read More 

The Guardian

Since her husband's tragic death fours years before, 29-year-old Julie Barenson had been reluctant to date, but now feels ready to test the waters. Soon, she is being wined and dined by Richard Franklin, a handsome and sophisticated engineer who treats her like ... Read More 

Hearts in Atlantis

Simplified Chinese edition of Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King. In Simplified Chinese. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc.

Hell s Bells

Samuel Johnson - with a little help from his dachshund Boswell and a very unlucky demon named Nurd - has sent the demons back to Hell. But the diabolical Mrs Abernathy is not one to take defeat lying down. When she reopens the portal and sucks Samuel and Boswell ... Read More 

Hungry Hill

I tell you your mine will be in ruins and your home destroyed and your children forgotten . . . but this hill will be standing still to confound you.' So curses Morty Donovan when 'Copper John' Brodrick builds his mine at Hungry Hill. The Brodricks of Clonmere ... Read More 

I ll Never be Young Again

Finding themselves facing turning points in their lives, Richard and Jake set out on a whim to seek adventure.

Just After Sunset

Just after sunset, as darkness grips the imagination, is the time when you feel the unexpected creep into the every day. As familiar journeys take a different turn, ordinary objects assume extraordinary powers. A blind intruder visits a dying man - and saves his ... Read More 

Oliver s Story

Oliver Barrett IV found his true soulmate when he met and fell in love with Jenny Cavilleri. Their love was magical, exhilarating . . . though heartbreakingly brief, it was enough to last a lifetime. Or so Oliver told himself. Two years have passed since Jenny ... Read More 

Promises in Death

Inside the paralysed shell, she struggled, she strained. She looked up into the eyes of her killer. Into the eyes of a friend. Why? Every cop gets angry when a police officer is killed. And Lieutenant Eve Dallas is no exception. Throwing every resource into solving ... Read More 

Remember when

Laine Tavish is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life in the small town of Angel's Gap, Maryland, as the proprietor of Remember When, an antique treasures and gift shop. At least, that's what everyone in Angel's Gap thinks. They have no idea that she used to ... Read More 

Robert Ludlum s the Bourne Betrayal

Jason Bourne takes a mission to rescue his only friend in the CIA, Martin Lindros, who disappeared in Africa while tracking nuclear material. Bourne agrees to help track the money trail of the terrorists, but soon suffers from confusing flashbacks of unfamiliar ... Read More 

Seduction in Death

She was twenty-three and already in love. She was certain he'd be handsome. She would be dead before midnight. Bryna Bankhead carefully dressed for her date with the wonderful Dante, a man she's only ever spoken to online. By the end of the night, rose petals are ... Read More 

The Ambler Warning

On Parrish Island, off the coast of Virginia, there is a little known and never visited psychiatric facility where the government stores former intelligence employees whose psychiatric state makes them a danger to their own government. One of these employees is ... Read More 

The Bourne Supremacy

Washington, Hong Kong and Peking - terror sweeps the globe. The Vice-Premier of the People's Republic has been brutally murdered by a legendary assassin and everyone is asking the same fearful questions: Why has Bourne come back? Who is paying him? Who is next ... Read More 

The Bridgertons

Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series remains one of the most beloved among historical romance readers, and this collection of "second epilogues"-stories that take place after the original books end offer fans more from their favourite characters. These second epilogues ... Read More 

The Road to Gandolfo

General MacKenzie Hawkins is a living military legend, a hero and a rogue. When he gets kicked out of the army for conduct unbecoming to an officer, his options are limited - but not for long. He has a plan, a plan so ambitious it will shock the world and make ... Read More 

Trust Your Eyes

Map-obsessed Thomas spends his days and nights on a virtual tour of the world, believing he must store the details of every town and city in his head. Then one day, he sees something that shouldn't be there: a woman being murdered behind a window on a New York ... Read More 

Wilderness Tips

A leathery bog-man transforms an old love affair; a sweet, gruesome gift is sent by the wife of an ex-lover; landscape paintings are haunted by the ghost of a young girl. This dazzling collection of ten short stories takes us into familiar Atwood territory to reveal ... Read More 

A Game of Thrones

HBO's hit series A GAME OF THRONES is based on George R. R. Martin's internationally bestselling series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, the greatest fantasy epic of the modern age. A GAME OF THRONES is the first volume in the series.

The Pilgrimage

An extraordinary mixture of adventure story and guide to self-knowledge, this book recounts the spectacular trials of Paulo and his mentor, Petrus, as they journey across Spain in search of a miraculous sword.

Other Side Of Midnight

One Of Sidney Sheldon S Most Popular And Bestselling Titles, Repackaged And Reissued For A New Generation Of Fans. A Gripping, Glamorous Novel Of Scorching Sensuality And Heart-Stopping Evil. A Beautiful French Actress Whose Craving For Passion And Vengeance Takes ... Read More 

Songs of the Dying Earth

Return to the unique and evocative world of 'The Dying Earth' in this tribute anthology featuring the most distinguished fantasists of our day.


A scholar who conquered an empire larger than those of Alexander or Caesar.A warrior who would rule a fifth of the world with strength and wisdom.A man who betrayed a brother to protect a nation.From a young scholar to one of history's most powerful warriors, CONQUEROR ... Read More 

Secrets from the Past

At thirty, American photojournalist Serena Stone has already made a name for herself with her unique and dramatic coverage of wars in the Middle East, as she follows in her famous father's footsteps. But after his unexpected death in France, she has leaves her ... Read More 

Maya s Notebook

The narrator and protagonist of 'Maya's Notebook' is a 19-year-old-girl who grows up in Berkeley, California, and falls into a life of drug addiction and crime. To rescue Maya, and save her from the criminal types pursuing her, Maya's Chilean grandmother sends ... Read More 

The Hunt for Red October

The Runaway International No 1 Bestseller That Launched Tom Clancy S Spectacular Career And Introduced His Acclaimed Hero, Jack Ryan, In The Ultimate Submarine Adventure Now Reissued With A New Cover. Silently, Beneath The Chill Atlantic Waters, Russia S Ultra-Secret ... Read More 

Odd Thomas

Many people in Pico Mundo think Odd Thomas is some sort of psychic - perhaps a clairvoyant, a seer, something. None but a handful know that he sees the restless dead, those with unfinished business and, sometimes, plenty of postmortem rage.

Tropic of Cancer

Miller's groundbreaking first novel, banned in Britain for almost thirty years, now reinvigorated in a new Harper Perennial Modern Classics edition. A penniless and as yet unpublished writer, Henry Miller arrived in Paris in 1930. Leaving behind a disintegrating ... Read More 

Doctor Sleep

An epic war between good and evil, a gory, glorious story that will thrill the millions of hyper-devoted readers of The Shining and wildly satisfy anyone new to the territory of this icon in the King canon. King says he wanted to know what happened to Danny Torrance, ... Read More 


One Of Sidney Sheldon S Most Popular And Bestselling Titles, Repackaged And Reissued For A New Generation Of Fans. The Daughter Of A Rich And Powerful Father, Elizabeth Roffe Is Young, Beautiful And Sole Heir To A Billion Dollar Fortune. Then Tragedy Strikes. Her ... Read More 

Stranger In The Mirror

Toby Temple: Superstar, The World'S Funniest Man. He Gets Any Women He Wants. But Underneath The Callous Super-Stud Image Is A Lonely Man, Desperate For Attention, Greedy For Love. Jill Castle: Beautiful, Sensuous Starlet. She Has A Dark And Mysterious Past And ... Read More 

A Twist in the Tale

The expected never happens . . . A man calls unexpectedly on his mistress and sees another man leaving her flat. Accusing her of being unfaithful, he quarrels with her, strikes her. She dies. Leaving unseen, he tips off the police so that the other man is arrested ... Read More 

Death Benefit

Pia Grazdani is an exceptional yet aloof medical student working closely with Columbia University Medical Center's premier scientist. Their cutting edge research could revolutionize health care; creating replacement organs. Thorough her work with the brilliant ... Read More 


From the author of the bestselling "Ice Station" and "Area 7" comes his latest "New York Times" bestselling thriller that marks the return of enigmatic Marine Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield. "Lightning paced."--"Entertainment Weekly." Martin's Press.

Split Second

When something distracts Secret Agent Sean King for a split second, it costs him his career and presidential candidate Clyde Ritter, his life. But what stole his attention? And why was Ritter shot? Eight years later Michelle Maxwell is on the fast track through ... Read More 

Santa Cruise

Alvirah Meehan, the lottery winner turned amateur sleuth, and her husband Willy, private detective Regan Reilly, her new husband Jack, and Regan's parents are all guests on the Royal Mermaid's maiden voyage, the Santa Cruise. The ship's passengers include members ... Read More 

The Interpretation of Murder

A dazzling literary thriller - the story of Sigmund Freud assisting a Manhattan murder investigation. Think SHADOW OF THE WIND meets THE HISTORIAN. THE INTERPRETATION OF MURDER is an inventive tour de force inspired by Sigmund Freud's 1909 visit to America, accompanied ... Read More 

Winter s Heart

Rand is on the run with Min, but his destination is a mystery to Cadsuane. Mazim Taim, leader of the Black Tower, is revealed to be a liar, but his purpose remains shrouded in secrecy. Perrin is hunting desperately for Faile, now a prisoner of Savanna's sept. With ... Read More 

Goddess of Love

Pea Chamberlain needs help. Her shoes, hair, clothes, make-up are all disasters and she really needs a makeover - especially if she wants to attract sexy fireman Griffin DeAngelo at the firemen's masked ball. And who better to coax Pea out of her pod than the Goddess ... Read More 

Power of the Sword

Across the goldfields of South Africa to the 1930s Olympics in Berlin, this is an astonishing novel of adventure from one of the world’s most celebrated novelists They were half-brothers, raised in different worlds in the same country, and destined ... Read More 

News of a Kidnapping

"She looked over her shoulder before getting into the car to be sure no one was following her." Pablo Escobar: billionaire drugs baron; ruthless manipulator, brutal killer and jefe of the infamous Medellín cartel. A man whose importance in the international ... Read More 

Empire of the Moghul

The greatest story you never knew - how one of the most powerful empires in the history of the world rose to greatness, and destroyed itself

The Japanese Lover

A breathtaking and absorbing saga set in Malaya and propelled by the superb storytelling of the author of The Rice Mother Parvathi leaves her native Ceylon for Malaya and an arranged marriage to a wealthy businessman. But her father has cheated, supplying a different ... Read More 


WINNER OF THE BOLLINGER EVERYMAN WODEHOUSE PRIZE FOR COMIC FICTION Michael Beard is a Nobel prize-winning physicist whose best work is behind him. A compulsive womaniser, Beard finds his fifth marriage floundering. But this time it is different: she is having the ... Read More 

The Odessa File

The life-and-death hunt for a notorious Nazi criminal unfolds against a background of international arms deals. As the story leads to its final dramatic confrontation on a bleak winter's hill-top, the question every reader asked at the end of The Day of the Jackal ... Read More 

Catch 22

Set during World War II in 1943, the novel follows Captain John Yossarian, a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier, and a number of other characters.


When Tiro, the confidential secretary of a Roman senator, opens the door to a terrified stranger on a cold November morning, he sets in motion a chain of events which will eventually propel his master into one of the most famous courtroom dramas in history. The ... Read More 

Song of Solomon

Morrison narrates for three hours and lays out before us the complex lives and backgrounds of four generations of black family life in the south. Central is the character Milkman--an unfortunate nickname owed to his lengthy nursing period and delayed coming of ... Read More 

Imaginary Homelands

Drawing from two political and several literary homelands, this collection presents a remarkable series of trenchant essays, demonstrating the full range and force of Salman Rushdie's remarkable imaginative and observational powers. With candour, eloquence and ... Read More 

East West

From the Booker Prize-winning author of The Satanic Verses comes nine stories that reveal the oceanic distances and the unexpected intimacies between East and West. Daring, extravagant, comical and humane, this book renews Rushdie's stature as a storyteller who ... Read More 

Demons and Druids

The Alien Hunter is playing with fire a but who will get burned? Daniel X's hunt to eliminate each and every intergalactic criminal on Earth is always relentless, but this time it's getting personal. Number Three on the List of Alien Outlaws takes the form of raging, ... Read More 

Maximum Ride Manga

Narrowly surviving their encounter with erasers in New York City, the flock is following up a lead on their pasts in Washington, D.C. But what they find waiting for them is ... a home?! How will the flock adjust to a real school - one that doesn't involve mad scientists ... Read More 

Death of Kings

As the ninth century wanes, England appears about to be plunged into chaos once more. For the Viking-raised but Saxon-born warrior, Uhtred, whose life seems to shadow the making of England, this presents him with difficult choices. King Alfred is dying and his ... Read More 

Inventing the Enemy

A collection of timely essays by the internationally acclaimed and bestselling essayist, philosopher, literary critic and author of The Name of the Rose and The Prague Cemetery. Inventing the Enemy covers a wide range of topics on which Umberto Eco has written ... Read More 

I Michael Bennett

Detective Michael Bennett arrests infamous South American crime lord Manuel Perrine in a deadly chase that leaves Bennett’s lifelong friend Hughie McDonough dead. From jail, the prisoner vows to rain terror down upon New York City - and to get revenge on ... Read More 


[In this novel by the 2012 Nobel Laureate in Literature], "a benign old monk listens to a prospective novice's tale of depravity, violence, and carnivorous excess while a nice little family drama--in which nearly everyone dies--unfurls ... As his dual narratives ... Read More 

Red Sorghum

Spanning three generations, this novel of family and myth is told through a series of flashbacks that depict events of staggering horror set against a landscape of gemlike beauty as the Chinese battle both the Japanese invaders and each other in the turbulent 1930s. ... Read More 

Merry Christmas Alex Cross

It's Christmas Eve and Detective Alex Cross is called away from his family to resolve a horrific hostage situation that is spiraling out of control.


Tallie Jones has it all. She's professionally at her peak as a famous film director, and with a loving live-in boyfriend and a well-adjusted teen daughter, she couldn't be happier with her personal life. Helping her through it all is her assistant Brigitte, who ... Read More 

12th of Never

A baby on the way and two killers on the loose.Will Detective Lindsay Boxer be pushed to breaking point?An eccentric professor walks into Lindsay's homicide department to report a murder that hasn't yet happened.A convicted serial killer wakes from a two-year coma. ... Read More 


A stable fire in a remote English village leads to disputes between newcomers who are wrongly accused and long term residents who refuse to believe one of their own could be responsible. This book draws once more on his genius with landscape and myth, to create ... Read More 

A Prison Diary

'The sun is shining through the bars of my window on what must be a glorious summer day. I've been incarcerated in a cell five paces by three for twelve and a half hours, and will not be let out again until midday; eighteen and a half hours of solitary confinement. ... Read More 

One Summer

"New York Times-"bestselling author Baldacci delivers a moving family drama about learning to love again after terrible heartbreak and loss.

Paths of Glory

Now available in a tall Premium Edition--the romantic, dramatic, epic story of George Mallory, who had dreamt of being the first man to conquer Mt. Everest, and the mystery that still surrounds his climb. Martin's Press.

Saving Faith

A brilliant novel of genuine insight into the murky world of Washington powerbroking and covert espionage; A truly riveting thriller about a cash-for-questions scandal involving the highest ranking members of the US government. Washington lobbyist Danny Buchanan ... Read More 

Lie Down with Lions

Jane, a brave and sensual Englishwoman, is caught in a deadly romantic triangle between rival spies Ellis and Jean-Pierre. Love, hatred and deception sweep them from terrorist conspiracies in Paris to full-tilt guerilla warfare in Afghanistan. Jean-Pierre and Jane ... Read More 

The Third Twin

The third twin could be your lover, your friend . . . or your killer. In the course of her work, scientist Jeannie Ferrami stumbles across a baffling mystery: Steve and Dan appear to be identical twins, but were born on different days, to different mothers. A law ... Read More 


Who could have been born to conquer the world other than a god? Mesmeric beauty, consuming desires, an insatiable hunger. Then premature death. This is the story of a boy, born to a great king - Philip of Macedon - and his sensuous queen, Olympias. It tells of ... Read More 

My Days

My Days is the only memoir from R.K. Narayan, one of the 20th century's most important writers in the English Language. In the wryly funny style that has made him famous, R.K. Narayan shares his life story.

A Sparrow Falls

Th e third Courtneys of Africa novel. From the trenches of France, General Sean Courtney comes back to fame, fortune and a seat in the Government, but Mark Anders, the courageous young South African whom he has come to regard as his own son, returns to nothing, ... Read More 

The Pan Book of Horror Stories

Fifty years ago Pan launched a series of books that were to delight and disgust - sometimes even on the same page - readers for thirty years. From classics in the genre to scraping-the-barrel nastiness, the Pan Books of Horror had them all and they continue to ... Read More 

The Third Reich

War-games champion Udo Berger and his girlfriend Ingeborg are on holiday. There they meet another vacationing German couple, Charly and Hanna, and a band of shady locals. They have fun, see the sights, relax. Then, late one night, Charly disappears without a trace. ... Read More 

Foreign Body

In this chilling new novel from the master of the medical thriller ("The New York Times"), New York City medical examiners Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton rush to India to help a UCLA student investigating medical tourism and a sinister global conspiracy. ... Read More 

Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less

One million dollars - that's what Harvey Metcalfe, lifelong king of shady deals, has pulled off with empty promises of an oil bonanza and instant riches. Overnight, four men - the heir to an earldom, a Harley Street doctor, a Bond Street art dealer and an Oxford ... Read More 

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

What does somebody with a wealth of common sense do if retirement palls? Why, open a marriage bureau, of course. And soon Mr Ali, from beautiful Vizag in South India, sees his new business flourish as the indomitable Mrs Ali and able assistant Aruna look on with ... Read More 

The Reader

A meditation on the connections between Germany's past and its present, dramatised with extreme emotional intelligence as the story of a relationship between the narrator and an older woman.

The Leopard Hunts in Darkness

In the final novel of his Ballantyne series, "New York Times" bestselling author Wilbur Smith takes readers on an adventure into modern Zimbabwe, where man is the most dangerous beast of all.

A Sparrow Falls

A Courtneys of Africa novel from the worldwide bestselling master storyteller, and sequel to When the Lion Feeds and The Sound of Thunder. ‘Mark never heard the Mauser shot for the bullet came ahead of the sound. There was only the massive shock in the upper ... Read More 

First Family

When she turned the page and her gaze flickered over the date on top it was as though the lightning outside had somehow grounded right into her. A billion volts of pain, a shriek of anguish you could actually see, and feel, as it pierced her. Camp David, USA. A ... Read More 

First Among Equals

Playing for the highest stakes of all . . . In the 1960s, four ambitious new MPs take their seats at Westminster. Over three decades they share the turbulent passions of the race for power with their wives and families, men and women caught up in a dramatic game ... Read More 

False Impression

The theft of a priceless Van Gogh ignites a chase across the globe in Jeffrey Archer's latest international bestselling thriller " " "FALSE IMPRESSION" " " Why was an elegant lady BRUTALLY MURDERED the night before 9/11? Why was a successful New York banker not ... Read More 


"Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him: one can time travel, one can raise the dead, one can tell the future, and one can possess another human, and then he meets a girl who quiets the voices."--Dust jacket.

The Silent Sea

An exhilarating new adventure in the bestselling Oregon Files series. For six novels, Clive Cussler has brought readers into the world of the Oregon, a seemingly dilapidated ship on the outside, but on the inside packed with sophisticated equipment, and captained ... Read More 

What Maisie Knew

An innocent young girl who is caught between her divorced parents attempts to understand life and its injustices.

Black Wind

Clive Cussler's Black Wind is the eighteenth Dirk Pitt adventure, and a masterclass in adventure writing.In the dark, final days of World War Two, two submarines set out from Japan bearing a deadly virus destined for US cities. But neither boat was heard of again...Present ... Read More 

The memory keeper s daughter

'Crafted with language so lovely you have to reread the passages just to be captivated all over again . . . this is simply a beautiful book' Jodi Picoult 'I loved this riveting story with its intricate characters and beautiful language' Sue Monk Kidd, author of ... Read More 

My Name is Red

In the late 1590s, the Sultan secretly commissions a great book: a celebration of his life and his empire, to be illuminated by the best artists of the day - in the European manner. At a time of violent fundamentalism, however, this is a dangerous proposition. ... Read More 

Lost Empire

An ancient relic belonging to a long-lost Confederate ship named the Shenandoah find itself in the hands of treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo. But there is something strange about this artefact, and so the Fargos set off on a race to uncover the mysterious wreck ... Read More 

The Spy

1908, and American engineering geniuses are being killed off one by one . . . When a brilliant battleship gun designer commits suicide, his disbelieving family turn to the legendary Van Dorn Detective Agency. Quickly on the case, Isaac Bell establishes that the ... Read More 

Red Templar

Red Templar is Paul Christopher's sixth book in the historical thriller series following John Holliday on his quest to uncover the secrets of the ancient Templar Order. Army Ranger and historian John Holliday has spent his life crossing the globe uncovering the ... Read More 

Tuesday s Gone

When a decomposing body is found in the flat of Michelle Doyce, a woman who is plainly deranged, the police call in psychotherapist Frieda Klein. They need Frieda to help Michelle identify the corpse. But the name Frieda eventually uncovers is that of a master ... Read More 

Atlantis Found

Clive Cussler sends his great hero on an explosive mission in Atlantis Found, the fifteenth Dirk Pitt adventure. Around the world ancient artefacts are suddenly appearing, hinting at a catastrophe that will soon visit Earth ...Dirk Pitt is on hand at a Colorado ... Read More 

Now and Then

COULD YOU BETRAY ALL YOU'VE EVER KNOWN, FOR THE LIFE YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED? Donovan Creed was once an assassin for the CIA. Now he's a freelance killer who works for anyone who can pay - and double crosses anyone who can't. Creed's about to spend some ill-gotten ... Read More 

This Beautiful Life

When the Bergamots move from a comfortable upstate college town to New York City, they are not quite sure how they will adapt, or what to make of the strange new world of well-to-do Manhattan. Soon, though, Richard is consumed by his executive role at a large New ... Read More 

The Pleasures of Summer

The Pleasures of Summer is a steamy erotic story of romantic obsession and explosive sexual chemistry for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, The Pleasures of Winter and Sylvia Day's stories.Summer O'Sullivan is rich, beautiful and in mortal danger. Her father has made ... Read More 

The Garden Party and Other Stories

Innovative, startlingly perceptive and aglow with colour, these fifteen stories were written towards the end of Katherine Mansfield's tragically short life. Many are set in the author's native New Zealand, others in England and the French Riviera. All are revelations ... Read More 

The Comedy of Errors

The classic one-volume Shakespeare, including all the plays and poems, now completely revised and updated. The distinguished Pelican Shakespeare series has sold five million copies. Now Penguin is proud to offer this fully revised new hardcover edition of the Complete ... Read More 

The Guide

Raju's first stop after his release from prison is the barber's shop Then he decides to take refuge in an abandoned temple. Raju used to be India's most corrupt tourist guide - but now a peasant mistakes him for a holy man. Gradually, almost grudgingly, he begins ... Read More 


Equality 7-2521 dares to defy the ideals of collectivism in a futuristic state

The Art of Nonfiction

Offers a step-by-step study of the nonfiction writing process, discussing the psychological facets of writing, the roles of the subconcious and conscious minds, and developing a personal writing style.

Never Let Me Go

In one of the most acclaimed and strange novels of recent years, Kazuo Ishiguro imagines the lives of a group of students growing up in a darkly skewered version of contemporary England. Narrated by Kathy, now 31, Never Let Me Go hauntingly dramatises her attempts ... Read More 

Sweet Talk

When his carefully planned FBI sting is foiled by IRS attorney Olivia MacKenzie's efforts to untangle an elaborate Ponzi scheme, agent Grayson Kincaid becomes the woman's protector against dangerous and corrupt adversaries. By the best-selling author of The Ideal ... Read More 

Assassin s Creed Revelations

Older, Wiser and more deadly than ever, master Assassin Ezio Auditore embarks on an epic journey to find the lost library of Altaïr - A library that may hold the key to defeating the Templars for ever. However, a shocking discovery awaits him. The library hold ... Read More 

The Heretic Queen

When Nefertari's entire family is killed in a fire, she's left to grow up alone, a spare princess in the palace of the new Pharaoh. Her young life is overshadowed by the past - the name of her infamous aunt, Nefertiti, the Heretic Queen, still strikes terror into ... Read More 


The Artful Dodger is back! Returning to the page for the first time in 175 years, London's most skilled and charismatic thief is back to ply his trade on the capital's streets once more. From the rooftops to the sewers, Dodger leads us on a witty and thrilling ... Read More 

The Caravaggio Conspiracy

1608. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the greatest Italian painter of his day, is expelled from the Order of the Knights of Malta. Subject to a clandestine hearing, his crime remains a closely guarded secret. 2014. Two bodies are found in a London art gallery ... Read More 

Assassin s Creed

Assassin's Creed: Renaissance is the thrilling novelisation by Oliver Bowden based on the game series.'I will seek Vengeance upon those who betrayed my family. I am Ezio Auditore di Firenze. I am an Assassin...'The Year of Our Lord 1476 - the Renaissance: culture ... Read More 


Siddhartha, a handsome Brahmin's son, is clever and well loved, yet increasingly dissatisfied with the life that is expected of him. Setting out on a spiritual journey to discover a higher state of being, his quest leads him through the temptations of luxury and ... Read More 

Assassin s Creed

Niccolò Polo, father of Marco, will finally reveal the story he has kept secret all his life - the story of Altaïr, one of the brotherhood's most extraordinary Assassins. Altaïr embarks on a formidable mission - one that takes him throughout the Holy Land ... Read More 

Me Before You

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick. What Lou doesn't know is she's about to lose her ... Read More 

Moscow Rules

The violent death of a journalist leads secret agent Gabriel Allon to Russia. But this is not the grim Moscow of Soviet times, but a new Moscow, awash in oil wealth and in thrall to a new generation of rich Stalinists plotting to challenge an old enemy: the United ... Read More 

Difficult Daughters

Set around the time of Partition and written with absorbing intelligence and sympathy, Difficult Daughters is the story of a young woman torn between the desire for education and the lure of illicit love. Virmati, a young woman born into a high-minded household, ... Read More 


AN ENEMY EMERGING FROM THE EAST. The US Secretary of State is abducted while conducting secret negotiations aboard a tanker in the South China Sea. 'Seven days' is her captors' warning. Seven days before she is beheaded, live on the internet. Seven days for Robin ... Read More 

Anna Karenina

The Award-Winning New Translation Of The Great Russian Novel.

White Teeth

In the author's words, this novel is an attempt at a comic family epic of little England into which an explosion of ethnic colour is injected. It tells the story of three families, one Indian, one white, one mixed, in North London and Oxford from World War II to ... Read More 

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Setting out to reconstruct a murder that took place 27 years earlier, this moving chronicle moves backwards and forwards in time, through the contradictions of memory and moments lost in the mists of time

The Thief

The Thief is Clive Cussler's fifth historical thriller featuring detective Isaac Bell.A bold kidnapping aboard an ocean liner sends detective Isaac Bell across America in a deadly game of cat and mouse . . .Leaving England aboard the liner Mauretania, Isaac Bell, ... Read More 

The Wind in the Willows

The escapades of four animal friends who live along a river in the English countryside--Toad, Mole, Rat, and Badger.

Adam Bede

The classic love story of a seductive squire's son stealing an innocent girl from the carpenter Adam Bede includes notes on the social background of rural England, the making of the novel, and critical perceptions of the characters.

The Last of the Mohicans

Hawkeye, a scout, leads a small band of Americans fleeing from the British and their Indian allies in the French and Indian War

Puppet on a Chain

Paul Sherman Of Interol S Narcotics Bureau Flies To Amsterdam On The Trail Of A Dope King& With Enormous Skill The Atmosphere Is Built Up: Amsterdam With Its Canals And High Houses; Stolid Police; Psychopaths; Beautiful Girls In Distress; And Murder, Murder, Murder. ... Read More 

Darkness Divine

Enter a world where darkness rules and love must stand the tests of war. Join four favourite paranormal authors, including bestseller P. C. Cast, on a deadly journey where love and survival are intertwined. In Divine Beginnings, Healer Aine must chose between treating ... Read More 

The Blood Gospel

New York Times bestselling authorsJames Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell combinetheir talents in a gothic tale about anancient order and the hunt for a miraculous book known only as . . . The Blood Gospel. Some books should never be found, never openedâ€???until ... Read More 

A Farewell to Arms

In 1918 Ernest Hemingway went to war. He volunteered for ambulance service in Italy, was wounded and twice decorated. Out of his experience came A Farewell to Arms. Hemingway's description of war is unforgettable. He recreates the fear, the comradeship, the courage ... Read More 

All Around the Town

When Professor Allan Grant is found stabbed to death, all the evidence points to an obsessed student, 21-year-old Laurie Kenyon. She sent him passionate letters, stalked him, watched him through his study window. And after the murder, she wakes up in her dormitory, ... Read More 

Enduring Love

One windy spring day in the Chilterns, Joe Rose's calm, organized life is shattered by a ballooning accident. The afternoon, Rose reflects, could have ended in mere tragedy, but for his brief meeting with Jed Parry. Unknown to Rose, something passes between them ... Read More 

Slow Man

On the threshold of a comfortable old age, Paul Rayment turns away from his friends when an accident results in the amputation of a leg. But with the arrival of his personal nurse, as well that of a celebrated novelist, Paul's life once more takes on an unpredictable ... Read More 


On the hottest day of the summer of 1934, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her sister Cecilia strip off her clothes and plunge into the fountain in the garden of their country house. Watching her is Robbie Turner, her childhood friend who, like Cecilia, has ... Read More 

Brighid s Quest

When she searched out prey for her Clan, Brighid scented more than the air. She breathed in the spiritual essence, the dark trail left by evil and lies When she leaves her ultra-strict family, Brighid also strays from her pre-ordained life. Born to be the Chief ... Read More 


The twin jet plane en route to Denver from Hong Kong is merely a green radar blip half an hour off the California coast when the call comes through to air traffic control: 'Socal Approach, this is TransPacific 545. We have an emergency. ' The pilot requests priority ... Read More 


The third book in the Number 1 best-selling Fallen series serves up what readers are dying to know. . . Passion not only gives answers and insight into who Luce and Daniel were before we first met them, but also seamlessly moves ahead the main plot, setting up ... Read More 

Run for Your Life

Detective Michael Bennett is on the trail of a deadly killer who is terrorising New York in this Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller. A man who calls himself 'the Teacher' is devising a meticulous plan. Cold-hearted and cunning, it is time for everyone to learn his name ... Read More 

The Child in Time

The Child in Time opens with a harrowing event. Stephen Lewis,a successful author of children's books, takes his three-year-old daughter on a routine Saturday morning trip to the supermarket. While waiting in line, his attention is distracted and his daughter is ... Read More 


A divorced, middle-aged English professor finds himself increasingly unable to resist affairs with his female students. When discovered by the college authorities, he is expected to apologise and repent in an effort to save his job, but he refuses to become a scapegoat ... Read More 

The Comfort of Strangers

As their holiday unfolds, Colin and Maria are locked into their own intimacy. They groom themselves meticulously, as though someone is waiting for them who cares deeply about how they appear. When they meet a man with a disturbing story to tell, they become drawn ... Read More 

The Day Trader

After Augustus McKnight's wife is murdered, leaving him as the sole beneficiary of her million-dollar life insurance policy, he delves into his job as a full-time day trader and is plunged into an intricate game of intrigue and revenge.

Games at Twilight

Set in contemporary Bombay and other cities, these stories reflect the kaleidoscope of urban life - evoking the colour, sounds and white-hot heat of the city. Warm, perceptive, humorous and touched with sadness, Anita Desai’s stories are peopled with intensely ... Read More 

Alentejo Blue

Alentejo Blue is the story of the Portuguese village of Mamarrosa told through the lives of those who live there and those who are passing through - men and women, children and old people, locals, tourists and expatriates. For some, such as Teresa, a beautiful, ... Read More 

Alex Cross s Trial

A few months after Alex Cross hunted a vicious killer named The Tiger halfway around the world, he began to think seriously about a book he had been wanting to write for years. It is a story his grandmother had told him - a story that has always stayed with him ... Read More 

Baltasar Blimunda

In early 18th-century Lisbon, Baltasar, a soldier who has lost his left hand in battle, falls in love with Blimunda, a young girl with visionary powers. From the day that he follows her home from the auto-da-fe where her mother is burned at the stake, the two are ... Read More 

Black Dogs

In 1946, a young couple set off on their honeymoon. Fired by their ideals and passion for one another, they plan an idyllic holiday, only to encounter an experience of darkness so terrifying it alters their lives for ever.

Caesar s Women

The fourth of Colleen McCullough's novels set in Ancient Rome. It begins with Julius Caesar's return to Rome in 68BC, prepared to dominate a new battlefield - the Roman Forum. But his victories are not limited to the Forum: he also conquers Rome's noblewomen.

The Cat s Table

'What had there been before such a ship in my life? A dugout canoe on a river journey? A launch in Trincomalee harbour? There were always fishing boats on our horizon. But I could never imagine the grandeur of this castle that was to cross the sea'. In the early ... Read More 

The Grass Crown

Following THE FIRST MAN IN ROME, this is the second novel in a saga of the Roman Republic. Gaius Marius, the general who saved Rome from barbarian invasion, has fallen into decline - but it has been foretold that he will become consul a seventh time. By the author ... Read More 

A Spot of Bother

At fifty-seven, George is settling down to a comfortable retirement, building a shed in his garden, reading historical novels, listening to a bit of light jazz. Then Katie, his tempestuous daughter, announces that she is getting remarried, to Ray. Her family is ... Read More 

The Time Traveler s Wife

This extraordinary, magical novel is the story of Clare and Henry who have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and were married when Clare was twenty-two and Henry thirty. Impossible but true, because Henry is one of the first people ... Read More 

The Dogs of War

The discovery of a ten-billion-dollar mountain of platinum in the remote African republic of Zangaro causes Sir James Manson, a smooth, ruthless tycoon, to hire an army of mercenaries, whose task it is to topple the government and replace its dictator with a puppet ... Read More 

The Red House

Family, that slippery word, a star to every wandering bark, and everyone sailing under a different sky. After his mother's death, Richard, a newly remarried hospital consultant, decides to build bridges with his estranged sister, inviting Angela and her family ... Read More 

Dance Dance Dance

Combining an offbeat cast of characters with Murakami's idiosyncratic prose, this novel is an assault on all the senses, a murder mystery that is also philosophical speculation, and a dark fable of advanced capitalism.


A rich, funny, and deeply affecting autobiographical new novel from one of the world's greatest living writers.


Now bereft of both youth and ambition, Detective Inspector Ray Lennox is recovering from a mental breakdown induced by occupational stress and cocaine abuse, and a particularly horrifying child sex murder case back in Edinburgh. On vacation in Florida, hi

Cross Country

Alex Cross is drawn into a bitter personal battle against corruption, conspiracy and savage violence in a chase that takes him through a vast and uncompromising landscape. When Cross is called to investigate a massacre-style murder scene, he is shocked to find ... Read More 

The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing

Early one morning, on the lawns of a grand boulevard in central Delhi, a group of professionals are attending their therapeutic Laughing Club when a 20-foot apparition of the Goddess Kali apppears, and strikes one of their number dead. The goddess disappears without ... Read More 

The Inheritance

From "New York Times"-bestselling master storyteller Robin Hobb--a.k.a. MeganLindholm--comes a new collection of short stories.

Now You See Her

A successful lawyer and loving mother, Nina Bloom would do anything to protect the life she's built in New York - including lying to everyone, even her daughter, about her past. But when an innocent man is framed for murder, she knows that she can't let him pay ... Read More 

Seven Ways to Kill a Cat

'There's seven ways to kill a cat. But when it comes down to it, there's only two ways. In a civilised fashion or like a fucking savage'. In Buenos Aires, the economy has collapsed and people are protesting on the streets. But in the barrio, life goes on - the ... Read More 


THE MURDER HAS BEEN SOLVED. BUT HAS JUSTICE BEEN DONE?Harry Hole is back in Oslo. He's been away for some time, but his ghosts have a way of catching up with him. The case that brings him back is already closed. There is no room for doubt: the young junkie was ... Read More 

The Christmas Wedding

The tree is decorated, the cookies are baked, and the presents are wrapped, but the biggest celebration this Christmas is Gaby Summerhill's wedding.Since her husband died three years ago, Gaby's four children have drifted apart, each consumed by the turbulence ... Read More 

Raised from the Ground

First published in 1980, Saramago's prizewinning novel Raised from the Ground follows the changing fortunes of the Mau-Tempo family - poor, landless peasants not unlike the author's own grandparents. Set in Alentejo, a southern province of Portugal known for its ... Read More 


The sizzling next instalment in Kresley Cole's New York Times bestselling Immortals After Dark series Kresley Cole delves deeper into the mysterious Clan MacRieve, a family tormented by ancient agonies and forbidden wolven hungers… Uilleam MacRieve, a centuries-old ... Read More 

Cat Out of Hell

The scene: a cottage on the coast on a windy evening. Inside, a room with curtains drawn. Tea has just been made. Under a pool of yellow light, two figures face each other across a kitchen table. A man and a cat. This title tells a tale of a cat with nine lives, ... Read More 


Everyone thinks Emma Dockery is crazy. Obsessed with finding the link between hundreds of unsolved cases, Emma has taken leave from her job as an FBI researcher. Now all she has are the newspaper clippings that wallpaper her bedroom, and her nightly recurring nightmares ... Read More 

A Perfect Life

An icon in the world of television news, Blaise McCarthy seems to have it all: beauty, intelligence and courage. But privately, there is a story she has protected for years. Blaise's daughter Salima, blinded by juvenile diabetes, now lives in a year-round boarding ... Read More 


Siddhartha (first published in 1922) is a novel based on the early life of Buddha, inspired by the author's visit to India before the First World War. The novel is about the young Brahmin Siddhartha's search for self-realisation

A Time to Die

For Sean Courtney, veteran guerrilla fighter and professional warrior, it is a time to fight and a time to find a deep and passionate love. For the beautiful Claudia Monterro it is a time to face the ultimate test in a world where American values count for nothing. ... Read More 

Six Seconds

Echoing Ludlum and Forsythe a big international thriller that grabs your gut and your heart and doesnt let go Jeffery Deaver An anguished mother desperate to find her child. A detective in need of redemption. Three strangers thrown together in a plan to change ... Read More 

Novel about My Wife

Tom Stone is madly in love with his wife Ann. Pushing forty and expecting their first child, they buy a semi-derelict house in Hackney. Despite their spiralling money troubles, they believe this is their settled future. But Ann becomes convinced she's being shadowed ... Read More 

Such a Long Journey

Such a Long Journey is set in (what was then) Bombay against the backdrop of war in the Indian subcontinent and the birth of Bangladesh, telling the story of the peculiar way in which the conflict impinges on the lives of Gustad Noble, an ordinary man, and his ... Read More 

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightdress

So there I was roysh, life focked, reputation focked, finances focked � everything completely focked, roysh, and we�re talking big time. And it�s all Fionn�s fault, basically. He�s the four-eyed focker who told me that, like, the first ... Read More 

The Silver Gryphon

Windsong and Tadrith, the children of White Gryphon City's rulers, escape the shadows of their parents' fame by joining the Silver Gryphon defense force, and their first assignment brings them face-to-face with disaster

Zach s Law

When Teddy Tyler accidentally threatens Zach Steele's stakeout, the rugged investigator tells her she must stay at his cabin until it is over. Reissue.

Setting Free the Bears

Written Between 1965 And 1967, Setting Free The Bears Is 'Sensual, Moving, Truly Remarkable' (Time), And Concerns A Plot To Release All The Animals From The Vienna Zoo.

The Swords of Night and Day

A thousand years after they fell in battle, two heroes - Druss and Skilgannon - are revered throughout the war-torn lands of the Dernai, where men and women live in abject fear of the dark sorceress known as the Eternal... But what if the soul of one such hero ... Read More 


Suitable only for persons of strong constitution. Contains: Drug use Perversion Murder Corruption Sexism Racism Law Enforcement And a tapeworm

Rules of Betrayal

The most riveting novel yet in Christopher Reich's New York Times bestselling series-featuring Dr. Jonathan Ransom and his undercover-agent wife Emma, a dangerous woman with a mysterious past who has gone rogue in the high-stakes, serpentine world of international ... Read More 

Memnoch the Devil

In this terrifying novel from the phenomenally successful Anne Rice, the illustrious vampire Lestat makes a Faustian pact with Devil. Satan has come to New Orleans with an enticing proposition. Under the name Memnoch this lord of darkness takes Lestat on a tour ... Read More 

The Binding Vine

The New Novel From The Bestselling Author Of That Long Silence The Narrator In The Binding Vine Is The Clever, Sharp-Tongued Urmi, Grieving Over The Death Of Her Baby Daughter And Surrounded By, But Rebuffing, The Care Of Her Mother And Her Childhood Friend, Vanaa. ... Read More 

More Far Eastern Tales

From the love affair between a missionary and a drunkard to the mystery surrounding a death at sea, this collection gives a warm and humourous insight into life and history of life in the colonies and stands as a superbly entertaining and compelling testament to ... Read More 

Foucault s pendulum

Three book editors, jaded by reading far too many crackpot manuscripts on the mystic and the occult, are inspired by an extraordinary conspiracy story told to them by a strange colonel to have some fun. They start feeding random bits of information into a powerful ... Read More 

Night on Terror Island

Kip's dad owns an old-fashioned cinema, the Paramount. Struggling to survive in an age when multiplexes rule the world, the cinema seems doomed. But then Mr Lazarus arrives, and introduces himself as the new projectionist. He's very old, and a bit magical, and ... Read More 

The Emperor of Nihon Ja

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja is the tenth thrilling book in John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice series - over seven million sold worldwide. Will, you owe it to your friend to find him. Horace is missing. Months have passed since he was sent on a military mission and ... Read More 

Grandville Mon Amour

The Badger is back! Set three weeks after the finale of Grandville, Grandville Mon Amour pits Detective Inspector Archie LeBrock of Scotland Yard against an old adversary and ruthless urban guerrilla, Edward 'Mad Dog' Mastock, - a psychotic serial killer whose ... Read More 

A Brighter Dawn

The gripping new saga set in Cardiff from the author of The Price of Love. 'One last word of warning, my girl. Keep well away from that Hadyn Jenkins.' In spite of her father's words of warning, Sharon Pritchard decides to give up everything to follow her heart. ... Read More 

The Haj

Examines the tragic history of the Middle East in an epic tale that recreates the turbulent era from World War I to the early decades of the existence of the state of Israel

Star Trek New Frontier Treason

It is a time of political upheaval and uncertainty in the New Thallonian Protectorate. Following the brutal assassination of her husband, Si Cwan, former Starfleet officer-turned-newly-appointed-Prime Minister Robin Lefler must now face the growing danger and intrigue ... Read More 

Cold Shoulder

Lieutenant Lorraine Page had everything -- a devoted husband, two beautiful daughters and an impressive career with the Homicide Squad. It's impossible to believe that she could be thrown out of the police force and end up on Skid Row. Lorraine's ex-colleagues ... Read More 

Deep Six

A dangerous Soviet plot looming behind the evil plans of a great Asian shipping family, challenges Dirk Pitt to action


Stranded in the Sahara Desert, Dirk Pitt and his friends uncover the truth about the fate of 1930s aviator Kitty Mannock and the secret behind Lincoln's assassination, while thwarting the attempted assassination of a U.N. scientist investigating the cause of a ... Read More 


A secret moon base called the Jersey Colony constructed by a group of powerful Americans and a secret American/Cuban pact between the president and Fidel Castro challenges all of Dirk Pitt's incomparable skills


The massacre of an archaeological team off the Moroccan coast leaves one survivor, a female scientist rescued by Kurt Austin, and a lot of unanswered questions about a plot to destroy the United States. Reprint.

The Legacy

Dark Elf hero Drizzt Do'Urden finds the peace and prosperity of Mithril Hall--marked by Bruenor's reclaiming of his throne and the marriage of Wulgar and Carri-brie--shattered when his old enemies, including the Spider Queen Lolth, arrive to exact their revenge. ... Read More 

The Buddha in the Attic

In eight incantatory sections, The Buddha in the Attic traces the women's extraordinary lives, from their arduous journey by boat, where they exchange photographs of their husbands, imagining uncertain futures in an unknown land; to their arrival in San Francisco ... Read More 

Devil s Gate

A Japanese cargo ship cruises the eastern Atlantic near the Azores--then it bursts into flames. A gang of pirates speeds to take advantage of the disaster--then their boat explodes. As Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA Special Assignments Team rush ... Read More 

Smoke Portrait

Told partially in correspondence, this literary novel is a tragic tale of love, loss, and the lies we choose to believe Glen has left England to live with her aunt, who runs a tea plantation in Ceylon and fills her days with good works, among them the task of writing ... Read More 

Sandworms of Dune

Based directly on Frank Herbert's final outline, "Sandworms of Dune" answers the long-debated, urgent questions of Dune fans: the origin of the Honored Matres, the tantalizing future of the planet Arrakis, and the resolution to the war between Man and Machine. ... Read More 

Strangers in Death

Technology may be different in 2060 New York, yet the city is still a place of many cultures and great divides. But as ever, some murders receive more attention than others - especially those in which the victim is a prominent businessman, found in his Park Avenue ... Read More 

Blue Smoke

Reena Hale has always understood the destructive power of fire. When she was a child, her family's Baltimore restaurant was burned to the ground in a cruel arson attack. The Hale family banded together to rebuild, and Reena found her life's calling: to become an ... Read More 


Dark Pitt returns in a gripping adventure story featuring a lost Confederate warship, a mysteriously vanished British aviatrix and a world environmental nightmare. By the author of Dragon .

Unfinished Tales

A collection of fantasy short stories from the author of LORD OF THE RINGS, which are set in Middle Earth, from the time of the Elder Days to the end of the War of the Ring. Includes stories which feature Gandalf, the Riders of Rohan, the Five Wizards, the Palantiri, ... Read More 

The Templar Knight

The second volume of the crusades trilogy from bestelling Swedish author Jan Guillou. Arn discovers that the Saracens aren't as brutish and uncivilised as he'd been led to believe.

The Story of General Dann and Mara s Daughter Griot and the Snow Dog

The earth's climate has changed - it is colder than ever before - and Dann is now a general, and the man to whom everyone looks for guidance and leadership. Lessing's novel charts his adventures across the frozen wastes of the north.

Deer Park

'Buddha' is the ultimate example of Tezuka's storytelling genius and artistic mastery. The progenitor of manga as we know it, and the inspiration for countless artists, Tezuka continues to elicit the deepest awe with his sweeping grasp of the human condition.

True at First Light

The book opens on the day Hemingway's close friend Pop, a legendary hunter, leaves him in charge of the camp. Tensions have heightened among the various tribes and news arrives of a potential attack on the hunters, forcing Hemingway not only to take on his new ... Read More 

Children of the Dawnland

13,000 years ago in the Great Lakes Region, twelve-year-old Twig, a Spirit Dreamer who can see into the future, teams up with best friend Greyhawk and the unpopular shaman Screech Owl to warn villagers of an impending natural disaster that could have devastating ... Read More 

Cloudy With A Chance Of Marriage

After a disastrous marriage, Jilly Jones, now living in London and working in a charming bookshop, is perfectly content with her newfound independence until she meets Captain Stephen Arrow, a dashing naval officer. Original.

The Mayan Destiny

It is 2047: fourteen years since Jacob Gabriel descended into the Mayan netherworld, while his twin brother turned from their chosen path, opting to remain behind. Immanuel Gabriel - still running from the forces that hunt his bloodline - believes his actions proved ... Read More 

Puppy Love

Hercules is a dachshund, and his new mistress Caroline is the greatest human being on earth. She's the one who rescued him from the animal shelter, who smells of summer and strawberries, and who laughs when the little pup snuggles up with her on the sofa.


The breathtaking follow-up to Virals, Kathy Reichs' brand new forensic series HEART-STOPPING FORENSIC ACTION WITH A LETHAL TWIST The Virals' home on Loggerhead Island is under threat, and only one thing can save it: a lot of money. A 300-year-old legend Rumour ... Read More 

The Spoiler

Tamara Sim, a ruthlessly ambitious young journalist, is thrilled when she is sent to interview veteran war correspondent Honor Tait. Finally - a chance for Tamara to prove that there's more to her than forged expenses claims and the 'what's in/what's out' column ... Read More 

The Ruins of Us

A Saudi-born author's stunning debut novel tells the story of a Saudi billionaire and the turmoil and heartbreak that rock his family after his American wife discovers he has taken a second bride, and his son begins an ominous journey towards radicalism.

On Stranger Tides

The year is 1718, and puppeteer John Chandagnac has set sail for Jamaica to recover his stolen inheritance. But his voyage is interrupted by pirates who give him a stark choice - join the crew or be killed where he stands. Soon, the apprentice is learning how to ... Read More 

Tony and Susan

Fifteen years ago, Susan Morrow left her first husband Edward Sheffield. One day, comfortable in her home, and her second marriage, she receives, entirely out of the blue, a parcel containing the manuscript of her ex-husband's first novel. He writes asking her ... Read More 

Heart of Darkness

'Hunters for gold or pursuers of fame, they all had gone out on that stream, bearing the sword, and often the torch, messengers of the might within the land, bearers of a spark from the sacred fire.'Marlow, a seaman, tells of a journey up the Congo. His goal is ... Read More 

The Innocent

The setting is Berlin. Into this divided city, wrenched between East and West, between past and present; comes twenty-five-year-old Leonard Marnham, assigned to a British-American surveillance team. Though only a pawn in an international plot that is never fully ... Read More 


Rome, 63 BC. In a city on the brink of acquiring a vast empire, seven men are struggling for power. Cicero is consul, Caesar his ruthless young rival, Pompey the republic's greatest general, Crassus its richest man, Cato a political fanatic, Catilina a psychopath, ... Read More 

Die Trying

A Chicago Street In Bright Sunshine. Jack Reacher, Strolling Nowhere. An Attractive Young Woman, Struggling On Crutches. Naturally He Stops To Offer Her A Steadying Arm. And Then He Turns Around To See A Handgun Aimed Straight At His Stomach.Locked In A Dark, Stifling ... Read More 

Jeeves in the Offing

A Jeeves and Wooster novel Jeeves is on holiday in Herne Bay, and while he's away the world caves in on Bertie Wooster. For a start, he's astonished to read in The Times of his engagement to the mercurial Bobbie Wickham. Then at Brinkley Court, his Aunt Dahlia's ... Read More 


The stories in Julian Barnes' long-awaited third collection are attuned to rhythms and currents: of the body, of love and sex, illness and death, connections and conversations. A divorcee falls in love with a mysterious European waitress; a widower relives a favourite ... Read More 

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

This collection of sharply observed animal-themed tales is a delight, told with David Sedaris's trademark blend of hilarity and goodnaturedness. Though the characters may not be human, the situations in these stories bear an uncanny resemblance to the insanity ... Read More 

The Wind Through the Keyhole

For readers new to The Dark Tower, THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE is a stand-alone novel, and a wonderful introduction to the series. It is a story within a story, which features both the younger and older gunslinger Roland on his quest to find the Dark Tower. Fans ... Read More 

A Conspiracy of Friends

Corduroy Mansions, Pimlico is an oasis of old-fashioned civilisation, its inhabitants considerate and peace-loving. But beneath the polite exterior seismic change is stirring. Barbara Ragg makes an eye-popping discovery about her stolid Scottish suitor's past, ... Read More 


How long could you last, cut off from your colleagues, your friends, your family, because if you go near them they'll die? NYPD detective Callum doyle is about to find out. It's a bad enough day for NYPD detective Callum Doyle when his cop partner is murdered. ... Read More 

Tales of St Austin s

St Austin's school (as featured in The Pothunters) is the setting for twelve delightful early Wodehouse stories. The familiar ingredients - and some of the same characters - are present: cricket and rugby loom large, school colours are gained, tricks are played, ... Read More 

My Soul to Take

Something is wrong with Kaylee Cavanaugh She can sense when someone near her is about to die. And when that happens, a force beyond her control compels her to scream bloody murder. Literally. Kaylee just wants to enjoy having caught the attention of the hottest ... Read More 

My Way is the Highway

My Way Is The Highway is Urvashi Gulia's debut novel. It narrates the story of Mansha Sharan, a girl who embarks on a solo road trip. The book can been classified under chick lit, a genre that presents a lighthearted and humorous take on the life of the modern ... Read More 

The Professor

The experiences of a British instructor teaching in a Brussels school are depicted in this nineteenth-century, English novel


Juan Cabrillo returns in Clive Cussler's Corsair, the sixth novel in the Oregon Files.Off the coast of Somalia a battered, old freighter is boarded by pirates whose sights are set on a hefty ransom . . But these pirates have made a mistake. For this rusting freighter ... Read More 

Millroy the Magician

Fourteen-year-old Jilly Farina walks into the tent at the County Fair and finds her life transformed. Fixing her with his hypnotic gaze, Millroy the Magician performs astonishing miracles. When she is later magicked into his trailer and Millroy promises to train ... Read More 

The Consul s File

Spencer Savage, a young American consul, is posted to Ayer Hitam, a small Malaysian town, in the 1970s. Told to close down this remote outpost in the sweltering jungle, he instead finds himself drawn to the many characters he meets among the Malays, Indians, Japanese, ... Read More 

The Lost Estate Le Grand Meaulnes

The Lost Estate is Robin Buss's translation of Henri Alain-Fournier's poignant study of lost love, Le Grand Meaulnes. This Penguin Classics edition also contains an introduction by Adam Gopnik.When Meaulnes first arrives at the local school in Sologne, everyone ... Read More 

One Day in May

Single mother Hattie has plenty of reasons to be happy with her life. Her antiques business is flourishing, her teenage son is settled at boarding school and she's enjoying a fling with a younger, very sexy man. But all that changes one fine day in May when Hattie's ... Read More 

Agnes Grey

Agnes Grey is undoubtedtedly a deeply personal novel, in which Anne Bronte views on the 'contemporary' issue of the treatment of governesses, as well as her passionate religious sympathies, find very deliberate expression; but she also touches on issues of moral ... Read More 

The Best American Mystery Stories 2011

Featuring twenty of the year's standout crime short stories handpicked by one of the world's best thriller writers, Best American Mystery Stories 2011 showcases not only the very best of the crime genre, but the best of American writing full stop. with the hottest ... Read More 

The Flea Palace

Bonbon Palace was once a stately apartment block in Istanbul. Now it is a sadly dilapidated home to ten wildly different individuals and their families. There's a womanizing, hard-drinking academic with a penchant for philosophy; a 'clean freak' and her lice-ridden ... Read More 

Silas Marner

Edited with an introduction and notes by David Carroll.

Fall of Giants

Ken Follett’s World Without End was a global phenomenon, beloved by millions of readers and acclaimed by critics. Now his magnificent new historical epic begins with Fall of Giants, as five interrelated families move through the momentous dramas of the First ... Read More 

The Scarlet Letter

A young woman, publicly scorned for bearing an illegitimate child, refuses to be vanquished by the seventeenth-century Boston community.

Life of Pi Hindi

Novel based on human-animal relationships.

The Exile

In 1839, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Punjab, One Of India&Rsquo;S Greatest Rulers, Died And His Empire Was Plunged Into Chaos. Less Than A Decade Later, Weakened By Internecine Rivalry And Intrigue, Punjab Fell Into The Waiting Hands Of The British. The Ruler Who ... Read More 

The Tutor of History

The Tutor of History is an ambitious social saga, a compelling tale of idealism, love and alienation, set in contemporary Nepal caught between tradition and modernity. The events of the novel unfold against the backdrop of a campaign for parliamentary elections ... Read More 

Nicholas Nickleby

When his father dies, Nicholas is sent by his uncle to a school to be a teacher, but when Nicholas finds that the headmaster bullies the students, he must decide whether to stay, or leave and allow his uncle to cut off support.


Crichton's "page-turning triumph" ("Detroit Free Press") is now in paperback. Deep in the Nevada desert, an experiment goes horribly wrong as a cloud of self-sustaining nanoparticles escapes from the laboratory. They have been programmed as predators and mankind ... Read More 

Ayn Rand s Anthem

In a story told in graphic novel format, Equality 7-2521 dares to defy the ideals of collectivism in a futuristic state.


Stanley Yelnat's family has a history of bad luck, so he is not too surprised when a miscarriage of justice sends him to a detention centre. Nor is he surprised when he is told that his daily labour is to dig a hole and report anything he finds in it.

El Color de la Muerte

Kate Chandler ha aceptado un encargo que le permitirá establecerse a nivel mundial como talladora de gemas. Pero durante lo que se suponía sería una simple entrega, siete zafiros poco comunes y de valor inestimable desaparecen sin dejar huella, junto con ... Read More 

Lipstick Jungle

The new novel that fans of the bestselling author have been waiting for, about three sexy, powerful career women who will do anything to stay at the top of their fields Victory Ford is the darling of the fashion world. Single, attractive, and iconoclastic, she ... Read More 

The World is what it is

Biographies and Autobiographies.

Erotic Literature of Ancient India

An illustrated examination of the erotic literature of the Far East and the path to unity between human and divine

Jesus Out to Sea

A brand new collection of evocative short stories from the celebrated author of THE TIN ROOF BLOWDOWN and the Dave Robicheaux series.

The Way to Paradise

Ludwig Wittgenstein has captured the popular imagination as the modern Socrates, the fascinating master of enigmatic reasoning who, with his icy logic, convinced Bertrand Russell that there was a hippo in the room. He is an icon of modernism, but what did he really ... Read More 

Prince of the Blood

Princes Boric and Erland head for Kesh, but when Boric learns of plans to assassinate them, he rallies to save himself, his brother, and the empire.

Blandings Castle

A Blandings collection The ivied walls of Blandings Castle have seldom glowed as sunnily as in these wonderful stories - but there are snakes in the rolling parkland ready to nip Clarence, the absent-minded Ninth Earl of Emsworth, when he least expects it. For ... Read More 

The Jeeves Omnibus

Jeeves may not always see eye to eye with Bertie on ties and fancy waistcoats, but he can always be relied on to whisk his young master spotlessly out of the soup (even if, for tactical reasons, he did drop him in it in the first place). The paragon of Gentlemen's ... Read More 

Animal s People

Ever since he can remember, Animal has gone on all fours, the catastrophic result of what happened on That Night when, thanks to an American chemical company, the Apocalypse visited his slum. Now not quite twenty, he leads a hand-to-mouth existence with his dog ... Read More 


Caught in a severe Christmas Eve blizzard, several people converge on a remote farm house. As the storm worsens, the emotional sparks crackle, desperate secrets are revealed, and hidden traitors and unexpected heroes emerge in Follett's latest "New York Times" ... Read More 


Thriller. Unwittingly entered into a dangerous contest along with his young daughter, Doctor Stephen Swain is placed into the labyrinth of the New York Public Library from which only one of seven contestants will emerge alive

A Quiver Full of Arrows

Two friends fall under the spell of a New York beauty - with quite unexpected results. An offhand remark is taken seriously by a Chinese sculptor, and a British diplomat becomes the owner of a priceless work of art. An insurance claims advisor has a most surprising ... Read More 

Hungry as the Sea

Robbed of his wife and ousted from his huge shipping empire, Nick Berg is hell-bent on vengeance. It is the sea which gives him his opportunity. When his arch-rival`s luxury liner is trapped in the tempestuous Antarctic, Nick stakes all to pit his powerful salvage ... Read More 

The Diamond Hunters

The jet was a solid eighteen-inch column, a pillar of brown mud and yellow gravel and sea water that beat against the steel plates of the hull with a hollow drumming roar. In the few seconds since the explosion the cyclone was already half-filled with a slimy shifting ... Read More 


Norman Starr, called by the Senate investigating committee because of his National Security Council work in Nicaragua, recalls his ancestry of distinguished patriots while contemplating whether or or not to "take the Fifth"

Old Enemies

Harry Jones braces himself for a tense, exhilarating race against time in Michael Dobbs' superb new thriller

The Devil s Teardrop

New Year's Eve, 1999. After an early morning machine-gun attack by a madman man called the Digger leaves dozens dead in the Washington, D.C. subway, the mayor's office receives a message demanding twenty million dollars by midnight or more innocents will die. With ... Read More 

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

When Kerry McGrath - a smart, relentless prosecutor - takes her daughter to see a plastic surgeon following a car accident, she sees a woman in the surgery with a beautiful, hauntingly familiar face. On a subsequent visit, she sees the same face again - on a different ... Read More 


Pat Traymore, a brilliant investigative reporter, is drawn to Washington to discover the truth about enigmatic and ambitious Senator Abigail Jennings. The Senator is tipped to be the first female Vice-President, and her reputation intrigues Pat - but she also has ... Read More 


Tells of the naive Moor who is successfully manipulated by the ambitious and deceitful Iago

The Sea Wolf

A young art critic is forced to endure the wrath of Wolf Larsen, captain of the sealing-schooner which rescues him after a shipwreck

The Bridges at Toko ri

A considerable formation of American warships plows through turbulent seas near Korea on a mission to destroy the Communist-held bridges at Toko-ri

The Bourne Ultimatum

Film tie-in edition of the third Jason Bourne novel from the international bestselling author.

The Oracle

Greece at the time of the Colonels, 1973 - An archaeologist discovers a gold Mycenaean vase embellished with images of the last voyage of Ulysses. But his mysterious death and the vase's disappearance remain unexplained for ten years until disturbing signals catalyse ... Read More 

The Quest

A spectacular epic adventure set in ancient Egypt from one of the world`s most celebrated novelists. Wilbur Smith returns with the eagerly awaited sequel to his thrilling Egyptian series. Following on from River God, The Seventh Scroll and Warlock. The Quest continues ... Read More 

Men of Men

It is the age of empire, of blood and conquest, of boundless excitement and possibility. Striding in the footsteps of the pioneers is Zouga Ballantyne. His dream begins in the danger and drudgery of the diamond pits and ends up on the rich grasslands of Matabeleland ... Read More 

The Big Book of Erotic Ghost Stories

The Big Book of Erotic Ghost Stories answers the age-old question: Is there is sex after death? In "The Skin of My Soul," a man becomes obsessed with the spirit of a woman who visits him in his bedroom. A parapsychologist conducts research by having sex with spirits ... Read More 

The Path of Daggers

The eighth book in Robert Jordan's internationally bestselling epic fantasy series, THE WHEEL OF TIME, now reissued with a stunning new cover design. Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, has conquered the city of Illian, struck down Sammael the Forsaken and shattered ... Read More 

The Book of Summers

Beth Lowe receives a scrapbook from her long-estranged mother entitled The Book of Summers which is filled with photographs and mementos recording the seven glorious childhood summers Beth spent in rural Hungary before it all came brutally to an end when she turned ... Read More 


Daniel McEvoy is a scarred ex-Irish Army sergeant who is now the bouncer at Slotz, a seedy small-time casino and he has a problem. His favorite hostess and love interest, Connie, was murdered in the parking lot behind the club. And Zeb, the dubious plastic surgeon ... Read More 

Have a Little Faith

A story of a remarkable journey between two worlds - two men, two faiths, two communities"--Dust jacket.

Towers of Midnight

The Last Battle has started. The seals on the Dark One’s prison are crumbling. The Pattern itself is unravelling, and the armies of the Shadow have begun to spill out of the Blight.Perrin Aybara is haunted by spectres from his past. To prevail, he must find ... Read More 

The Abduction

When his best friend disappears from her bedroom in the middle of the night, thirteen-year-old Theo uses his legal knowledge and investigative skills to chase down the truth and save April.

Asterix and the Soothsayer

When a sinister visitor arrives in Asterix's village and claims to be a soothsayer, all the villagers believe him except Asterix.

Asterix and the Big Fight

The Roman-era comic hero Asterix has to help a fellow Gaul recover his memory in order to make the magic potion he needs to defeat a Roman champion. Simultaneous.

The Burning Soul

Randall Haight has a secret: when he was a teenager, he and his friend killed a 14-year-old girl. Randall did his time and built a new life in the small Maine town of Pastor's Bay, but somebody has discovered the truth about Randall. He is being tormented by anonymous ... Read More 

No One Left to Tell

The contents of a dying woman's flash drive lead private investigator Paige Holden and district attorney Grayson Smith into a world of politics, blackmail, dark secrets, and a decades-long string of murders. This is an investigation they'll survive only by trusting ... Read More 

Robert Ludlum s the Ares Decision Series Created by Robert Ludlum

When a U.S. Special Forces team is wiped out by a group of normally peaceful farmers in Uganda, Covert-One operative Jon Smith is sent to investigate. Video of the attack shows even women and children possessing almost supernatural speed and strength, consumed ... Read More 

Gideon s Corpse

A top nuclear scientist goes mad and takes an innocent family hostage at gunpoint, killing one and causing a massive standoff. A plume of radiation above New York City leads to a warehouse where, it seems, a powerful nuclear bomb was assembled just hours before. ... Read More 


Disaster strikes when a group of vicious pirates attack and kidnap a pregnant American woman off the coast of Somalia. To get her back before more blood is spilled, Sigma Force enlist the services of former army ranger Captain Tucker Wayne and his war dog, Kane. ... Read More 

A Walk to Remember

Can you resist the depths of the human heart? It is 1958 and seventeen-year-old Landon is revelling in his youth: dating girls and even claiming to have been in love. He is a world apart from shy, reclusive Jamie Sullivan, a Baptist's daughter who carries a bible ... Read More 

Map of Bones

'Shots rang out across the cathedral. Sporadic. Cries suddenly silenced. Death stalked the cathedral as the monks slaughtered the few remaining survivors... All for a sack of bones. Why? Why steal the bones of the Magi?' When a group of parishioners is burned to ... Read More 


Lady Kara Kensington's family paid a high price in money and blood to found the gallery that now lies in ruins. And her search for answers is about to lead her into a world she never imagined existed: a lost city, buried beneath the Arabian desert, where something ... Read More 

Cloud Atlas

By the author of THE THOUSAND AUTUMNS OF JACOB DE ZOET, David Mitchell's bestselling and Booker Prize-shortlisted novel, one of Richard & Judy's 100 Books of the Decade, CLOUD ATLAS has now been adapted for film. The major motion picture, directed by the Wachowskis ... Read More 


Kayleigh Towne is a beautiful and successful singer-songwriter, and Edwin Sharp is her biggest fan. When she replies to one of his fan letters with 'XO', Edwin is convinced she loves him, and that her latest hit song 'Your Shadow' was written for him. Nothing Kayleigh ... Read More 

Island of a Thousand Mirrors

Twee meisjes van Sri Lanka, de ene Singalees en de ander Tamil, proberen tijdens de burgeroorlog te overleven.

The Prisoner of Heaven

The Prisoner of Heaven returns to the world of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books and the Sempere & Sons bookshop. It begins just before Christmas in Barcelona in 1957, one year after Daniel and Bea from The Shadow of the Wind have married. They now have a son, Julian, ... Read More 

Better Together

The fabulously addictive new novel from No. 1 bestselling author Sheila O'Flanagan. When high-flying journalist Sheridan Gray loses her job, her boyfriend and her flat, she knows she must pick herself up and make a new start. But how will she adjust to small-town ... Read More 

Immortal Craving

The last-and most lethal-of his kind . . . Wild, uncontrollable, and powerful, the lion-shifting Rakshasa were hunted down by vicious rival vampires who feared their dark, magical abilities. Somehow one survived, and now, after centuries of hiding, Tasmin Singh ... Read More 

The Haven of Obedience

Natalie Bowen is a successful young businesswoman, envied by many, but her personal life is a disaster. Men can't cope with her dominating attitude and she doesn't know how to change. Luckily, there is The Haven - a weekend retreat that specializes in teaching ... Read More 

The Killing Room

'The thing is, Detective... If you believe in God, you've got to believe in the Devil.' Deepest winter. Darkest Philadelphia. A murder shocks the frozen city - the most spectacular homicide in its 300-year-old history: an ex-cop has been lured to the basement of ... Read More 


Carcassonne 1942. A spirited and courageous young woman, Sandrine, finds herself drawn into the world of the Resistance in Carcassonne under German Occupation. Her network - codenamed 'Citadel' - is made up of ordinary women who risk everything to fight the sinister ... Read More 

Dance of the Gods

Two months before Halloween. Two months before the final battle. But is the Circle ready to face its powerful enemy? Blair Murphy is no stranger to a good fight. Tough, stubborn and brave, it's no wonder she has been recruited to the circle of six warriors charged ... Read More 

The Sunday Philosophy Club

Amateur sleuth Isabel Dalhousie is a philosopher who also uses her training to solve unusual mysteries. Instinct tells Isabel that the young man who tumbled to his death in front of her eyes at a concert in the Usher Hall didn't fall - he was pushed. Originally ... Read More 

The Taste of Innocence

Welcome to the Regency world of Stephanie Laurens - and to the Cynsters and their ever-expanding clan! Now, Charles Morwellan, who we first meet in A SECRET LOVE (0749937203), one of her most beloved Cynster novels, meets his match in this exciting, and utterly ... Read More 

The Truth

Keith Mabbut is at a crossroads in his life. When he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime - to pen the biography of the elusive Hamish Melville, a highly influential activist and humanitarian - he seizes the chance to write something meaningful. His search ... Read More 

How Successful People Think Workbook

Full of interactive questions and space for readers to provide answers, as well as new material for readers to assess their current type of thinking, this workbook guides readers in applying the lessons they learned from How Successful People Think or the book ... Read More 

The Twelfth Card

A high-school girl in Harlem, Geneva Settle, is the target of a ruthless professional killer - Thompson Boyd - who has been hired to murder her for reasons unknown. His first attempt, in a deserted museum early one morning, is a failure but it's clear to Lincoln ... Read More 

Hunters of Dune

Fleeing from the monstrous Honored Matres - dark counterparts of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood - Duncan Idaho, the military genius Bashar Miles Teg, a woman named Sheeana who can talk to sandworms, and a group of desperate refugees explore the boundaries of the ... Read More 

A Lovesong for India

Taking us from a sweltering Indian rooftop at night to the marble halls of an ageing Bollywood star's palace, this is a new collection of short stories from Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.A wedding is planned between two innocents at a crumbling mansion of a grand Hudson ... Read More 

The Forgotten Affairs of Youth

The continuing adventures from Isabel Dalhousie, Edinburgh philosopher and curious observer of the behaviour of her fellow man.

Yukon Ho

YUKON HO! marks the hilarious hat-trick of the hugely popular cartoon characters Calvin and Hobbes.


Beautiful and feisty Henrietta Barrett has never followed the dictates of society. She manages her elderly guardian's estate, prefers to wear breeches rather than dresses, and answers to the unlikely name of Henry. But when her guardian passes away, her beloved ... Read More 

Dancing at Midnight

Lady Arabella Blydon has beauty and a brain, and she's tired of men who can see only one without the other.When a suitor tells Arabella he's willing to overlook her appalling bluestocking tendencies on account of her looks and fortune, she decides to take a break ... Read More 

Things to Do Now That You re 50

Did you ever wanted to transform your sedate life into a more exciting and fruitful existence or do something totally radical? Have you ever dreamed of singing with a band, visiting a nudist colony, climbing a mountain, starting a new career, or relocating to another ... Read More 

Things to Do Now That You re 40

Did you ever wanted to transform your sedate life into a more exciting and fruitful existence or do something totally radical? Have you ever dreamed of singing with a band, visiting a nudist colony, climbing a mountain, starting a new career, or relocating to another ... Read More 

Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves

At an abandoned Soviet base in the Arctic,a battle to save all life on Earth is about to begin¿ THE SECRET BASE It is a top-secret base known only as Dragon Island. A long-forgotten relic of the Cold War, it houses a weapon of terrible destructive force, a weapon ... Read More 

The Four Loves

Lewis' work on the nature of love divides love into four categories; Affection, Friendship, Eros and Charity. The first three come naturally to humanity. Charity, however, the Gift-love of God, is divine, and without this supernatural love, the natural loves become ... Read More 

The Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio

Warren Buffett's Stock Portfolio is the first book to take readers deep into Warren Buffett's investment portfolio. Each of Buffett's current stock investments is analyzed in detail with information as to why Buffett found these attractive businesses and how he ... Read More 

Dark Crusader

A Classic Tale Of Espionage, Secret Missions And Exotic Locations Which Out-Bonds Bond, From The Acclaimed Master Of Action And Suspense.Eight Job Advertisements. Eight Jobs. Eight Specialists In Modern Technology Required.Eight Scientists To Fill Them.Applicants ... Read More 

The Golden Rendezvous

A Timeless Classic Of Modern-Day Piracy From The Acclaimed Master Of Action And Suspense. Aboard The Ss Campari, All Is Not Well. For Johnny Carter, The Chief Officer, The Voyage Has Already Begun Badly; But It'S Only When The Campari Sails That Evening, After ... Read More 

Night Without End

From The Acclaimed Master Of Action And Suspense. The All Time Classic. An Airliner Crashes In The Polar Ice-Cap. In Temperatures 40 Degrees Below Zero, Six Men And Four Women Survive. But For The Members Of A Remote Scientific Research Station Who Rescue Them, ... Read More 

The Last Frontier

An Undercover Mission Beyond The Iron Curtain To Recover A Defected Scientist Goes Disastrously Wrong A Classic Early Cold War Thriller From The Acclaimed Master Of Action And Suspense. Now Reissued In A New Cover Style. Michael Reynolds Was Going Insane & Slowly ... Read More 

The Rescuers

The Prisoners' Aid Society of Mice discusses the proposed rescue of a Norwegian poet from the terrible Black Castle.Miss Bianca, the pet white mouse belonging to the Ambassador's son, is sent to Norway on a mission to recruit the bravest Norwegian mouse she can ... Read More 

The Great Divorce

The narrator finds himself in the grey limbo of Hell, where the disgruntled inhabitants take a bus-ride to the plains of Heaven, where they meet angels and the souls of those already in Heaven. This fantasy communicates Lewis's deep spiritual truths through the ... Read More 

The Alchemist s Secret

Where there's Hope there's trouble! Ben Hope lives on the edge. A former elite member of the SAS, Ben is tortured by a tragedy from his past and now devotes his life to finding kidnapped children. But when Ben is recruited to locate an ancient manuscript which ... Read More 

The Wrath of God

When blood and betrayal force three violent men into a trinity of death, only a desperate plan can prevent their own executions.


This is the key statement of Miracles, in which C. S. Lewis shows that a Christian must not only accept but rejoice in miracles as a testimony of the unique personal involvement of God in his creation. Using his characteristic lucidity and wit to develop his argument, ... Read More 

Out of the Silent Planet

Dr Ransom, a Cambridge academic, is abducted and taken on a spaceship to Mars. His captors are plotting to plunder the planet's treasures and plan to offer Ransom as a sacrifice to the creatures who live there. Ransom discovers he has come from the Earth. This ... Read More 

That Hideous Strength

The third novel in the science-fiction trilogy by C.S. Lewis. This final story is set on Earth, and tells of a terrifying conspiracy against humanity. The story surrounds Mark and Jane Studdock, a newly married couple. Mark is a Sociologist who is enticed to join ... Read More 

Selected Books

A comprehensive volume containing five of C.S. Lewis's inspirational and spiritual works. The titles are: The Pilgrim's Regress, Prayer: Letters to Malcolm, Reflections of the Psalms, The Abolition of Man and Till We Have Faces (1956), described by Lewis as his ... Read More 

Darkest Evening Of The Year

A Fast-Paced And Emotionally Devastating Suspense Novel From The Bestselling Author Of Velocity,The Husband And The Good Guy Amy Redwing Recklessly Risks Everything In Her Chosen Field Of Dog Rescue. When She Confronts A Violent Drunk In Order To Rescue Nickie, ... Read More 

Wolf At The Door

On Long Island, a man shoots a trusted operative for the President. In London, General Charles Ferguson, adviser to the Prime Minister, approaches his car as it suddenly explodes. In New York, a former British soldier, who is a bit more than that, takes a walk ... Read More 

Flight of Eagles

Born in the United States but separated since they were boys, twin brothers Max and Harry Kelso found themselves fighting on opposite sides when the Second World War broke out, Max as one of the Luftwaffe's most feared pilots, Harry as a Yank ace in the RAF

Fifty Shades of Grey

The multi-million copy bestseller soon to be a major movie starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you ... Read More 

The Power

You are meant to have an amazing life! This is the handbook to the greatest power in the Universe - The Power to have anything you want. Every discovery, invention, and human creation comes from The Power. Perfect health, incredible relationships, a career you ... Read More 

The Secret

Once known only by an elite who were unwilling to share their knowledge of the power, 'the secret' of obtaining anything you desire is now revealed by prominent physicists, authors and philosophers as being based in the universal Law of Attraction. And the good ... Read More 


It is significant that the only character in Hindu mythology, a king at that, to be given the title of ekam-patni-vrata, devoted to a single wife, is associated with the most unjust act of abandoning her in the forest to protect family reputation. This seems a ... Read More 


High above the sky stands Swarga, paradise, abode of the gods. Still above is Vaikuntha, heaven, abode of God. The doorkeepers of Vaikuntha are the twins, Jaya and Yijaya, both whose names mean 'victory'. One keeps you in Swarga; the other raises you into Vaikuntha. ... Read More 

Think Like a Freak

The Freakonomics books have come to stand for challenging conventional wisdom; using data rather than emotion to answer questions. Now Levitt and Dubner have turned what they've learned into a readable and practical toolkit for thinking smarter, harder, and different ... Read More 

I Am Malala

I come from a country which was created at midnight. When I almost died it was just after midday. When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education. On Tuesday ... Read More 

Grandma s Bag of Stories

Through Grandma's Bag Of Stories, Sudha Murty recreates the traditional way of storytelling, where kids sit around a grandparent, while getting mesmerised by one interesting tale after another.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

***Winner of the Nickelodeon 2014 Kids Choice Awards for 'Favourite Book'***The Wimpy Kid is back! In the most hotly-anticipated children's book release of the year, the hilarious, globally-bestselling and award-winning Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, sees BOOK 8 ... Read More 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie Bucket desperately wants to eat more than cabbage soup every day. But, even more than that, he longs to see Wonka's enormous chocolate factory! Now Mr Willy Wonka, the most wondrous inventor in the world, has hidden golden tickets inside his delicious creamy ... Read More 

The Hunger Games Pb

ABOUT THE BOOK: Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive, she's still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? ... Read More 

The Fault in Our Stars

John Green's witty yet heart-breaking tour de force. The multi-million #1 bestseller, now a major motion picture starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. "I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once."Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle ... Read More 

The Lost Hero

The Number one, bestselling title in this new spin-off series from Percy Jackson creator, Rick Riordan. OLD ENEMIES AWAKEN AS CAMP HALF-BLOOD'S NEW ARRIVALS PREPARE FOR WAR When Jason, Piper and Leo crash land at Camp Half-Blood, they have no idea what to expect. ... Read More 

The Wimpy Kid

Now everyone can have their own Wimpy Kid diary! Draw your own Wimpy-Kid-style cartoons, fill in facts and lists, check out the full-colour comics inside and even write your own Wimpy Kid journal, just like Greg.Now with dozens of pages of new content and a brand ... Read More 

A Respectable Trade

The devastating consequences of the slave trade in 18th century Bristol are explored through the powerful but impossible attraction of well-born Frances and her Yoruban slave, Mehuru.


The third volume in the Wideacre trilogy, this story features Meridon, a desolate Romany girl, who is determined to escape the hard poverty of her childhood. Riding bareback in a travelling show, while her sister, Dandy, risks her life on the trapeze, Meridon dedicates ... Read More 

The Giver

Given his lifetime assignment at the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas becomes the receiver of memories shared by only one other in his community and discovers the terrible truth about the society in which he lives.

Flashman and the Redskins

George Macdonald Fraser S Famous Flashman Series Appearing For The First Time In B-Format With An Exciting New Series Style, Ready To Please His Legions Of Old Fans And Attract Armies Of New Ones. The Flashman Papers 1849 50 And 1875 1876 Vol. Seven What Was Harry ... Read More 

The Armada Legacy

A sunken secret. A missing woman. A race against time. Former SAS major Ben Hope is relaxing at his home in Normandy when he hears the worst news of his life. His ex-girlfriend Dr Brooke Marcel has been kidnapped. Racing against the clock, Ben's frantic search ... Read More 



Evening Is The Whole Day

Set In Malaysia, This Spellbinding First Novel Introduces Us To A Prosperous Indian Immigrant Family, As It Slowly Peels Away Its Closely Guarded Secrets. When The Family S Servant Girl, Chellam, Is Dismissed From The Big House For Unnamed Crimes, It Is Only The ... Read More 

Amy My Daughter

Amy Winehouse needs no introduction. A critically acclaimed recording artist, she touched millions with her music during her short but extraordinary life. Following her tragic death in July 2011, Mitch Winehouse wants to tell her incredible story in full. AMY, ... Read More 


The thrilling sequel to Alistair MacLean’s masterpiece of World War II adventure, The Guns of Navarone. The guns of Navarone have been silenced, but the heroic survivors have no time to rest on their laurels. Almost before the last echoes of the famous ... Read More 

Namesake The

'When Her Grandmother Learned Of Ashima'S Pregnancy, She Was Particularly Thrilled At The Prospect Of Naming The Family'S First Sahib. And So Ashima And Ashoke Have Agreed To Put Off The Decision Of What To Name The Baby Until A Letter Comes&' For Now, The Label ... Read More 

Tokyo Cancelled

A Major International Debut Novel From A Storyteller Who Couples A Timelessly Beguiling Style To An Energetically Modern Worldscape. Thirteen Passengers Are Stranded At An Airport. Tokyo, Their Destination, Is Covered In Snow And All Flights Are Cancelled. To Pass ... Read More 

The English Teacher

Krishna, an English teacher in the town of Malgudi, nagged by the feeling he's doing the wrong work, is nonetheless delighted by his domestic life, where his wife and young daughter wait for him outside the house every afternoon. Devastated by the death of his ... Read More 

The Watch

'The first great novel of the war in Afghanistan' Wall Street Journal You've had no sleep since the firefight last night. The morning fog beyond the walls of your base lifts to reveal a lone woman approaching the gate. She says she has come to claim the body of ... Read More 

The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories

The Best Of A Lifetime Of Stories From A Short Story Writer Of Rare Distinction. Ruskin Bond&Rsquo;S Stories Are Predominantly Set In The Beautiful Hill Country Of Garhwal Where He Has Made His Home For The Last Twenty-Five Years. Some Of These Stories Present ... Read More 

The Great Indian Novel

Shashi Tharoor Reinvents India With A Dazzling Marriage Of Hindu Myth And Modern History.

A Fine Family

This Majestic Novel By The Author Of India Unbound Is The Extraordinary Chronicle, Rich In Passion And Incident, Of A Punjabi Family That Is Uprooted From Its Settled Existence In Lyallpur By The Violence Of Partition And Forced To Flee To India. Everything Is ... Read More 


Travelling through time, space and history to 'discover' his beloved city, the narrator of this novel meets a myriad of people - poets and princes, saints and sultans, temptresses and traitors, emperors and eunuchs - who have shaped and endowed Delhi with its very ... Read More 

The Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl

Containing all the stories from Roald Dahl's world-famous books – Over to You, Someone Like you, Kiss Kiss and Switch Bitch – plus eight further tales of the unexpected, this is the definitive collection by one of the great masters of the short story. ... Read More 

Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra

Fourteen Engaging Stories From One Of India'S Master Story-Tellers Semi-Autobiographical In Nature, These Stories Span The Period From The Author'S Childhood To The Present. We Are Introduced, In A Series Of Beautifully Imagined And Crafted Cameos, To The Author'S ... Read More 

The Penguin Book of Indian Ghost Stories

From Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling to Satyajit Ray and R. K. Narayan, this text is a collection of spine-chilling tales of the supernatural from India.

Strange Pilgrims

The Twelve Stories In This New Collection By The Nobel Prize Winner Chronicle The Surreal, Haunting Journeys Of Latin Americans In Europe. Linked By Themes Of Displacement And Exile, These Vivid, Magical Stories Of Love, Loneliness, Death And The Memories Of Past ... Read More 

Salt Sawdust

A Delightful New Collection Of Stories And Essays, Some Never Published Before, By India'S Greatest Living Novelist. Salt And Sawdust', The Title Story, Is A Witty Portrayal Of A Wife Who Cannot Tell The Difference Between Salt And Sawdust (When It Comes To Seasoning ... Read More 

Rain in the Mountains

Ruskin Bond was born in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, in 1934, and grew up in Jamnagar (Gujarat), Dehradun and Shimla. In the course of a writing career spanning thirty-five years, he has written over a hundred short stories, essays, novels and more than thirty books ... Read More 

Room On The Roof Vagrants In T

Two classic novels of adolescence by one of Indiaýs finest writers. In The Room on the Roof, Rusty, a sixteen-year-old Anglo-Indian boy, decides he has had enough of the tiny, diminshing European community and his tyrannical guardian, and runs away. To his delight, ... Read More 


Lajja, The Controversial Novel By Bangladeshi Writer Taslima Nasrin, Is A Savage Indictment Of Religious Extremism And Man S Inhumanity To Man. The Duttas-Sudhamoy, Kironmoyee, And Their Two Children, Suranjan And Maya-Have Lived In Bangladesh All Their Lives. ... Read More 

Strangers on the Roof

The Perils And Pleasures That Attend Growing Up... In A Handful Of Nuts , The First Of The Novellas In This Book, The Reader Is Treated To Vintage Bond-A Gloriously Funny And Unexpectedly Tender Story Of Being Young And Adventurous In Small Town India. The Central ... Read More 

The Penguin Book of Indian Railway Stories

The Stories In This Collection Capture The Essence Of The Indian Railways - From The Small-Town Station, At The Time Of The Raj, To The Present Day Big-City Station Bursting At The Seams. The Teening And Varied Life Of The Indian Railway Station And Its Environs ... Read More 

Delhi is Not Far

The essential Ruskin Bond Delhi Is Not Far brings together the best of Ruskin Bond's prose and poetry. For over four decades, by way of innumerable novels, essays, short stories, and poems, the author has mapped out and peopled a unique literary landscape. This ... Read More 

Of Love and Other Demons

This is a comprehensive reference guide for professional and student structural engineers containing key information required on a day-to-day basis. By bringing together data from many sources, this book should help engineers to apply classroom theories into practical ... Read More 

The Ghosts of Vasu Master

An Extraordinarily Moving Tale Of A Small-Town Schoolteacher. The New Novel From The Winner Of The Commonwealth Writers Prize For Best First Novel Vasu Master Has Recently Retired From His Job In A Local School. Away From The Familiar Circumscribed World Of School, ... Read More 

Those Days

Winner Of The Sahitya Akademi Award An Award-Winning Novel That Uses Both Vast Panoramic Views And Lovingly Reconstructed Detail To Provide An Unforgettable Picture Of Nineteenth-Century Bengal. The Bengal Renaissance And The 1857 Uprising Form The Backdrop To ... Read More 

The Other Side of Silence

The Partition Of India In 1947 Caused One Of The Great Human Convulsions Of History. The Statistics Are Staggering. Twelve Million People Were Displaced; A Million Died; Seventy-Five Thousand Women Are Said To Have Been Abducted And Raped; Families Were Divided; ... Read More 

The Mammaries of the Welfare State

In This Sequel To Upamanyu Chatterjee S Debut Novel, English, August, Agastya Sen-Older, Funnier, More Beleaguered, Almost Endearing-And Some Of His Friends Are Back. Comic And Kafkaesque, The Mammaries Of The Welfare State Is A Masterwork Of Satire By A Major ... Read More 

Aruna s Story

A remarkable work of investigative reporting and non-fiction writing in the tradition of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood Journalist Pinki Virani recreates the real-life tragedy of Aruna Shanbaug, who was attacked with a dog chain and brutally raped in the very hospital ... Read More 


Set In South Pakistan, This Controversial Novel Is A Searing Study Of Evil. It Is The Tragic And Shocking Story Of The Beautiful Heer, Brutalized And Corrupted By Pir Sain, The So-Called Man Of God Whom She Is Married To At The Age Of Fifteen.

An Equal Music

A Delicate And Moving Love Story, Both Intricate And Intimate, Rich With Music, Art, Humour And Emotion.

Season of Ghosts

It Is Said That If The Smell Of The Himalayas Creeps Into A Man S Blood, He Will Return To The Hills Again And Again, And Will Strive To Live Amongst Them Always. Ruskin Bond, Master Storyteller And Connoisseur Of The Mysterious And Macabre, Shows How This Love ... Read More 

A Town Called Malgudi

In A Writing Career Spanning Seven Decades, R.K. Narayan Enthralled And Entertained Generations Of Readers With His Deftly Etched Characters, His Uniquely Stylized Language And His Wry Sense Of Humour. A Storyteller Par Excellence, Narayan S Greatest Achievement ... Read More 

The Better Man

Set In The Sleepy Little Village Of Kaikurissi In Northern Kerala, The Better Man Is A Fascinating Exploration Of The Undercurrents That Run Beneath A Seemingly Idyllic Rural Existence. Mukundan, A Retired Government Employee, Has Been Forced By Circumstances To ... Read More 

Scenes from an Executive Life

A Delightfully Irreverent Account Of Corporate Affairs In The White Collar World. From The Author Of The Best-Selling The Inscrutable Americans, Comes A Hilarious Novel About The Roller-Coaster Career Of An Enterprising Marketing Executive. It Is The Story Of Gambhir ... Read More 

Ancient Promises

Young And Vulnerable, Janu Gave Up Arjun, Her First Love, To Enter Into An Arranged Marriage. Years Later, She Is Miserable, Having Been Gradually Shut Out By The Coldness Of Her Husband S Family And His Indifference To Her And Her Daughter S Needs. Finally She ... Read More 

Small Remedies

Shashi Deshpande's latest novel explores the lives of two women, one obsessed with music and the other a passionate believer in Communism, who break away from their families to seek fulfilment in public life. Savitribai Indorekar, born into an orthodox Hindu family, ... Read More 

The World of Malgudi

This Is R.K. Narayan S Classic Chronicle Of The Adventures Of A Boy Named Swami, And His Friends Rajam And Mani, In A Sleepy And Picturesque South Indian Town Called Malgudi. Swami S Days Are Full Of Action-When He Is Not Creating A Ruckus In The Classroom Or Preparing ... Read More 

The Magic of Malgudi

A Master Of Observation, Subtlety And Gentle Wit, R.K. Narayan Has Few Rivals When It Comes To Bringing Alive People And Places. Most Of His Timeless Novels Are Set In The Fictional Town Of Malgudi, Located Somewhere In South India, A Town As Real To His Readers ... Read More 

Malgudi Landscapes

This text presents the best of a lifetime's work of one of the world's finest writers. - novels, short stories, essays, travel pieces and short non-fiction.

Memories of Malgudi

Memories Of Malgudi Brings Together Five Unforgettable Novels From The Narayan Corpus. The Dark Room, The First Novel In This Collection, Is The Story Of The Marital Discord Between Savitri, A Traditional Hindu Wife, And Ramani, Her Husband. The English Teacher ... Read More 

Friends in Small Places

This Collection Brings Together The Best Of Ruskin Bond'S Cameos, All Beautifully Imagined And Crafted, Inspired By People Who Have Left A Lasting Impression On Him. In Addition, There Are A Host Of Characters Culled From Bond'S Numerous Short Stories. Taken Together, ... Read More 

Ladies Coup

The Story Of A Woman'S Search For Strength And Independence Meet Akhilandeshwari, Akhila For Short: Forty-Five And Single, An Income Tax Clerk And A Woman Who Has Never Been Allowed To Live Her Own Life&Mdash;Always The Daughter, The Sister, The Aunt, The Provider. ... Read More 

The Penguin Book of Modern Indian Short Stories

Most translated from various Indian languages.


The modern classic of the re-creation of one day in the life of the sweeper and latrine cleaner Bakha, an untouchable. Anand pours a vitality and richness of detail and conveys with precision, urgency and barely disguised fury what it might have been like to be ... Read More 

Accidents Like Love and Marriage

Accidents like Love and Marriage is an unexpected romp through the universal dilemmas of love and marriage. It is a compelling tale of incompatible relationships and their astonishing success rates. The Sachdevs, Menons and Singhs are urban Indians, normal folk ... Read More 

French Lover

A woman's search for love and independence in a strange city far away from home French Lover is the story of Nilanjana, a young Bengali woman from Kolkata who moves to Paris after her marriage to Kishanlal, a restaurant owner. Kishanlal's luxurious apartment seems ... Read More 


Autobiography of Atul Gawande, a surgeon in United States of America; this personal narrative exposes surgery of its follies to the extent it is human as it is idealised science.

The God of Small Things

International No 1 Bestseller. Winner Of The 1997 Booker Prize &Nbsp;

The Writerly Life

When R.K. Narayan Passed Away Last Year At The Age Of Ninety-Four, Tributes Poured In From Fans And Admirers, Celebrating The Art Of This Master Storyteller Who Has Often Been Described As India'S Greatest English Language Writer. Narayan Is Better Known For His ... Read More 

Stories of India

In These Stories, First Published Over A Hundred Years Ago, Kipling Sets The Stage For Encounters Between The East And The West Between India And Anglo-India. These Tales Are Remarkable Not Just For The Range Of Indian Places And Situations They Describe Or Their ... Read More 

A Grain of Sand

It is the story of the rich Mahendra and his simple, demure, beautiful wife Asha. Their cosy domestic scenario undergoes great upheaval with the introduction of the vivacious Binodini, a young widow who comes to live with them. A compelling portrayal of the complexity ... Read More 


In the heart of Lutyens' Delhi sits Jehangir Rangoonwalla, enlightened dispenser of tea, wisdom, and second-hand books. Among his customers are Brighu, a postmodern Ibn Batuta looking for obscure collectibles and a love life; Digital Dutta who lives mostly in his ... Read More 

Home and the World

Set against the backdrop of the Partition of Bengal by the British in 1905, Home and the World (Ghare Baire) is the story of a young liberal-minded zamindar Nikhilesh, his educated and sensitive wife Bimala, and Nikhilesh s friend Sandip, a charismatic nationalist ... Read More 

A Place to Live

Collection of short stories by various authors.

Demons of Chitrakut

The Original Ramayana Was Written Three Thousand Years Ago. Now, With Breathtaking Imagination And Brilliant Storytelling, Ashok K. Banker Has Recreated This Epic Tale For Modern Readers Everywhere Rama Has Finally Thwarted The Demonlord Ravana And Quelled The ... Read More 

The Last Song of Dusk

A Tale Of Exquisite Friendships, Immense Sacrifices And Dangerous Desires Pirouetting Between Laughter And Tears, Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi S Technicolour Debut Tells The Story Of Four Extraordinary Lives. Of Anuradha Gandharva, Gifted With Astonishing Beauty ... Read More 

Armies of Hanuman

The Original Ramayana Was Written Three Thousand Years Ago. Now, With Breathtaking Imagination And Brilliant Storytelling, Ashok K. Banker Has Recreated This Epic Tale For Modern Readers Everywhere Rama Finally Achieves Victory Against The Rakshasas In The Bloody ... Read More 


Parineeta is a romantic story of Laila, and orphaned who considered herself betrothed to Shekar, her guardian.

Malgudi Days

Introducing this collection of stories, R. K. Narayan describes how in India 'the writer has only to look out of the window to pick up a character and thereby a story'. Malgudi Days is the marvellous result. Here Narayan portrays an astrologer, a snake-charmer, ... Read More 

Love Over Coffee Metro Reads

Rajni blew her hair away from her face. My heart skipped a beat. 'I love you!' I blurted out. Her cheeks turned a deep pink. I could sense that her anger had completely disappeared. Anup, a happy-go-lucky boy next door, finds himself a misfit in an IT company. ... Read More 

Sea Of Poppies PB

Sea of Poppies is a stunningly vibrant and intensely human work that confirms Amitav Ghosh's reputation as a master storyteller. At the heart of this epic saga is a vast ship, the Ibis. Its destiny is a tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean to the Mauritius ... Read More 

Firozeshah Bagh Ke Kisse Hindi

Stories based on different aspects of human life.

In An Antique Land PB

Packed With Anecdote And Exuberant Detail, In An Antique Land Provides Magical And Intimate Insights Into Egypt From The Crusades To Operation Desert Storm. It Exposes The Indistinguishable And Intertwining Ties That Bind Together India And Egypt, Hindus And Muslims ... Read More 

Circle Of Reason The PB

Winner Of The Prix Medici Etranger Award Following The Form Of The Raga In Indian Classical Music, Amitav Ghosh Slowly Builds The Tempo Of The Circle Of Reason. The First Part Spans Several Decades, The Second Unfolds Over A Few Weeks, And The Third, Like A Scherzo, ... Read More 

Red Sun

Spread Over Fifteen Of The Country&Rsquo;S Twenty-Eight States, India&Rsquo;S Maoist Movement Is Now One Of The World&Rsquo;S Biggest And Most Sophisticated Extreme-Left Movements. Hardly A Week Passes Without People Dying In Strikes And Counter-Strikes By The ... Read More 

Calcutta Chromosome A Novel PB

From Victorian lndia to near-future New York, The Calcutta Chromosome takes readers on a wondrous journey through time as a computer programmer trapped in a mind-numbing job hits upon a curious item that will forever change his life. When Antar discovers the battered ... Read More 

The Shadow Lines

Opening in Calcutta in the 1960s, Amitav Ghosh's radiant second novel follows two families -- one English, one Bengali -- as their lives intertwine in tragic and comic ways. The narrator, Indian born and English educated, traces events back and forth in time, from ... Read More 

Nectar in a Sieve PB

Over 2 Million Copies Sold Worldwide Set In A Village In Southern India Shortly After India Gained Independence, Nectar In A Sieve Portrays, Through The Lives Of Its Characters&Mdash;Rukmani, Nathan And Their Children&Mdash;The Hopes And Aspirations Of A Young ... Read More 

Unwaba Revelations Gameworld Trilogy 3

Under The All-Seeing Eyes Of The Assembled Gods, Armies Are On The Move. The Game Has Begun. And When It Ends, The World Will End Too . . . In The Unwaba Revelations, The Third And Concluding Part Of The Gameworld Trilogy, A Way Must Be Found To Save The World; ... Read More 

Dollar Bahu

Vinuta marries Girish, and starts living with his family in Bangalore. She adjusts to her new family well, looking after her husband, father in law and mother in law Gourramma. Then Gouramma decides to visit her US based son and daughter in law, and she sees how ... Read More 

Gently Falls the Bakula

&Lsquo;Shrikant Was Restless . . . Holding A Bakula Flower In His Palm, He Was Wondering Why He Was Fascinated By This Tiny Flower, That Was Neither As Beautiful As A Rose Nor Had The Fragrance Of A Jasmine Or A Champaka. And Yet, It Was Very Special To Him. It ... Read More 

The Monochrome Madonna

'Sitara said, with awful distinctness, I think I'm going to die.And that's how I got stuck with the annual corpse. Half an hour later I stood in an empty flat, alone with a stranger who was very recently, and very violently, dead. Rushing to Sitara's aid, Lalli's ... Read More 

3 Zakia Mansion

About the Book : - Zakia Mansion is the story of a Mumbai family in the decades following the sixties. The story centres on Shaheen, a daughter who witnesses the slow fraying of the family fabric. Changing times, obsolete attitudes, a life-changing event within ... Read More 

Adventures of Rusty Collected Stories

Rusty, the boy whose stories have charmed and entertained children for years, brings together his best adventures in one volume!

Village By The Sea

A&Nbsp;Classic Of Our Time.&Nbsp; Untouched By The Twentieth Century, Thul, The Small Fishing Village Near Bombay, Is Still Ruled By The Age-Old Seasonal Rhythms. Hari And Lila Have Lived In The Village All Their Lives, But Their Family Is Now Desperately Down ... Read More 

Who Let the Dork Out

Preparations are months behind schedule they had completely forgotten about Takewondo and the minister Badrikedar Laxmanrao Dahake not only has to deal with an irate PM but also with, high intrigue in the Lok Sabha, fiendish investigative journalists, and a relentless ... Read More 

Song Without End and Other Stories

In 'Connectivity' a retired bureaucrat's telephone line is accidentally connected to that of a grieving man's, while a heart surgeon helps his patient across the great abyss in 'Song without End'.

Classic Ruskin Bond

A collection of Ruskin Bond's six novels evoking nostalgia for time gone by.

Susanna s Seven Husbands

Includes screenplay of 7 khoon maaf, Hindi motion picture.

Cold Feet

Sometimes, you have to run away to find yourself. Sometimes, you find yourself

Mistakes Like Love and Sex

Cheated by her young and handsome Spanish boyfriend, Kaveri is back in India to follow a career as an artist and to find her dream man. However, getting involved with an older man, making out with the hottest star in Bollywood, teaching a hot, upcoming actress ... Read More 

I Too Had a Love Story

"...The tender and heartfelt tale of Ravin and Khushi--two people who found each other on a matrimonial site and fell in love...until life put their love to the ultimate test"--Back cover.

Afternoon Raag

Moments are evoked from different lives and cultures - Indian and British - and following the mood of Chaudhuri's first novel, the author weaves an intermittent personal history. The novel draws on a foreigner's imaginary sense of England, using images from Indian ... Read More 

Another Chance at Life

Aditya Arora spent the last years of high school watching his first love, Neela, die of cancer. College, he hopes, will be a fresh start. But when the past comes back to haunt him in the form of his late girlfriend's father, Professor Krishnan, the year soon turns ... Read More 

The Teller of Tales

Civil-servant-turned-schoolteacher Arunava Varman is secretive and reticent. But he turns into an inspired teller of tales after a couple of drinks, especially in the company of his friend, Tapan. Arunava's bizarre stories-involving friends, family and colleagues-add ... Read More 

Classic Feluda 1

This omnibus edition features the ever-popular adventures of Satyajit Ray's enduring creation, the professional sleuth Pradosh C. Mitter (Feluda). In his escapades, Feluda is accompanied by his cousin Topshe and the bumbling crime writer Lalmohan Ganguly (Jatayu). ... Read More 

Classic Feluda 2

For readers who enjoyed the adventures of Feluda in Classic Feluda 1, this second omnibus volume holds more delights. Accompanied by his cousin Topshe and the bumbling crime writer Lalmohan Ganguly (Jatayu), Feluda travels from Puri to Kedarnath, from Kathmandu ... Read More 

Hold My Hand

While in Hong Kong for an internship, introvert Deep meets Ahana, a beautiful blind girl who explores the city with him.

Ghalib Danger

Kamran Ali, a wide-eyed young man from rural Bihar, works as a taxi driver in Mumbai and believes that all of life's problems can be solved through Ghalib's poetry. His life transforms when he saves a don called Mirza from being killed. In gratitude, Mirza takes ... Read More 


As the wine and conversation begin to flow at a reunion between six women, who were friends at school, memories start to surface--some happy, others bittersweet and a few that are downright poisonous . . . Forced to confront dark secrets that they thought lay buried ... Read More 


When her parents die in an air crash, Mikki Hiralal suddenly finds herself the owner of the sprawling Hiralal industrial empire. Abandoning her studies in the United States, she returns to Bombay, only to find her father's business affairs in a mess. Almost bankrupt, ... Read More 

Socialite Evenings

Karuna, a prominent Bombay socialite, is trying to flee the nightmare of the present by escaping into the past. An unhappy divorce and a succession of sordid affairs have left her bruised and battered and, in an effort to forget, Karuna begins writing her memoirs. ... Read More 

Starry Nights

Aasha Rani, the ravishingly beautiful 'Sweetheart of Millions', makes one fatal career-move: she falls in love. Aasha Rani, the unrivalled number one of Bombay cinema, seems intent on ruining her career' and her life' blinded by a scorching passion that threatens ... Read More 

Sultry Days

Nisha falls in love with God in the college canteen when she is an impressionable teenager and he a ragged, streetwise student. God's driving ambition leads him into journalism while Nisha lands a job in advertising. Sycophants, court jesters, whores, dirty ... Read More 

Strange Obsession

Strange Obsession is the story of the gorgeous young super-model Amrita Aggarwal. Within months of her arrival in Bombay, she is the envy of its beautiful people. Then, one day, she attracts the attentions of a mysterious woman called Minx. As the months pass and ... Read More 

Now That You re Rich Let s Fall in Love

Money is a not everything, especially if it’s at the cost of your peace of mind. Four youngsters, fresh out of college land in dream jobs which make their lives hell. They become workaholics and are unable to enjoy their lives as their days are filled ... Read More 

A New World

Divorced writer Jayojit is taking his son Bonny back to Calcutta for the summer holidays, to stay with his elderly parents. This story details the lives of his parents, entrenched in the unquestioning roles of their past, and of Jayojit's marriage, now sharpley ... Read More 

Magic Seeds

Willie Chandran is a man who has allowed one identity after another to be thrust upon him. In his early forties, he joins an underground movement in India. When he returns to Britain, Willie encounters a country that has turned its back on its past and, like him, ... Read More 

The Alchemy of Desire

Celebrating the chaotic spirit of India at a time of great change, this book offers a sensual account of the complex chemistry between sex, ambition and love.

An Atlas Of Impossible Longing

On the outskirts of a small town in Bengal, a family lives in solitude in its vast new house. here, swathed in silence, a widower struggles with feeling's for an unmarried cousin while his motherless daughter Bakul runs wild with Mukunda, an orphan of unknown caste ... Read More 

The Way Things Look to Me

The Murphy family has never tried to be different, they just are. When Yasmin, the youngest sibling, was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, her older siblings learned to adapt to less attention and more responsibility, to a sister with "special abilities" that ... Read More 

The Masque of Africa

Like all of V. S. Naipaul's 'travel' books, encompasses amuch larger narrative and purpose: to judge the effects of belief (in indigenous animisms, the foreign religions of Christianity and Islam, the cults of leaders and mythical history) upon the progress of ... Read More 

The Way Things Look to Me

At 23, Asif is less than he wanted to be. His mother’s sudden death forced him back home to look after his youngest sister, Yasmin, and he leads a frustrating life, ruled by her exacting need for routine. Everyone tells Asif that he’s a good boy, ... Read More 

The Radiance of Ashes

Jingo is something of a drifter who lives on money from his parents, parttime employment as a market researcher, and fantasies of being a writer. After a moment of rash bravery, he finds himself forced to lie low for a while. Hiding out in the underbelly of the ... Read More 

A Writer s People

‘My purpose is not literary criticism or biography. I wish only to set out the writing and ways of seeing to which I was exposed.’ For the ‘serious traveller’, one who is fully engaged with the world, there can be no single view. So here ... Read More 

A Turn in the South

A Turn in the South is a reflective journey by V. S. Naipaul in the late 1980s through the American South. Naipaul writes of his encounters with politicians, rednecks, farmers, writers, ordinary men and women, both black and white, with the insight and originality ... Read More 

Ours are the Streets

Imtiaz Raina, born in Sheffield, young father, young husband, son of loving parents, has decided to die. He has convinced himself that he believes in his cause. And before he leaves home for a final time, he wants to be sure his family understand why. So he decides ... Read More 

Among the Believers

Among the Believers is V.S. Naipaul's classic account of his journeys through Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia; 'the believers' are the Muslims he met on those journeys, young men and women battling to regain the original purity of their faith in the hope ... Read More 

Half a Life

In Half a Life we are introduced to the compelling figure of Willie Chandran. Springing from the unhappy union of a low-caste mother and a father constantly at odds with life, Willie is naively eager to find something that will place him both in and apart from ... Read More 

A Way in the World

'His own modern labour of love, loss and disquiet, this really is a book to treasure' Malcolm Bradbury, Sunday Express This vastly innovative novel explores colonial inheritance through a series of narratives that span continents, swing back and forth between past ... Read More 

A Turn in the South

A Turn in the South is a reflective journey by V. S. Naipaul in the late 1980s through the American South. Naipaul writes of his encounters with politicians, rednecks, farmers, writers and ordinary men and women, both black and white, with the insight and originality ... Read More 

Queen of Dreams

In QUEEN OF DREAMS, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni once more spins a fresh, spellbinding story of transformation. Rakhi, a young artist and divorced mother living in Berkeley, California, is struggling to keep her footing, with her family and her world in alarming ... Read More 

The Lives of Strangers

Weaving tales of India and of the new settlers in America, Chitra Divakaruni's stories explore themes of solitude, expectations, love and betrayal, as well as other reflections on life in both the East and the West.

Mrs Ali s Road to Happiness

Mrs Ali’s much loved home is suddenly under threat - a road widening scheme threatens to destroy both it and the family business, the Marriage Bureau for Rich People. Meanwhile, Mrs Ali’s niece, Pari, a young Muslim widow, adopts a destitute Hindu ... Read More 

Tangle of Need

On the verge of a Psy war that may change the fate of the world, Adria, a wolf changeling soldier becomes passionately involved with Riaz, a SnowDancer, in the second novel of the series following the New York Times best-selling Kiss of Snow. Reprint. 100,000 first ... Read More 

The Mistress of Spices

Tilo, an immigrant from India, runs an Indian spice shop in Oakland, California. While she dispenses the classic ingredients for curries and kormas, she also helps her customers to gain a more precious commodity: whatever they most desire. For Tilo is a Mistress ... Read More 

Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard

Winner of the 2006 Man Booker Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction for her second novel "The Inheritance of Loss," Kiran Desai is one of the most talented writers of her generation. Now available for the first time as a Grove Press paperback, ... Read More 

Family Matters

Nariman Vakeel, a seventy-nine-year-old Parsi widower, beset by Parkinson's disease and haunted by memories of the past, lives in a once-elegant apartment with his two middle-aged stepchildren. When his condition worsens he is forced to take up residence with Roxana, ... Read More 

Tales from Firozsha Baag

An introduction to the residents of Firozsha Baag, an apartment complex in Bombay. We enter the daily routine and rhythm of their lives, and by the time we reach the final story we are as familiar with the people as we are with our own neighbours. The crowded, ... Read More 

Such a Long Journey

Such a Long Journey is set in (what was then) Bombay against the backdrop of war in the Indian subcontinent and the birth of Bangladesh, telling the story of the peculiar way in which the conflict impinges on the lives of Gustad Noble, an ordinary man, and his ... Read More 

A Fine Balance

Set in the mid-1970s in India, A Fine Balance tells the story of four unlikely people whose lives come together during a time of political turmoil soon after the government declares a State of Internal Emergency. Through days of bleakness and hope, their circumstances ... Read More 

The Remains of the Day

WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZEIn the summer of 1956, Stevens, the ageing butler of Darlington Hall, embarks on a leisurely holiday that will take him deep into the countryside and into his past . . .A contemporary classic, The Remains of the Day is Kazuo Ishiguro's ... Read More 

Narcopolis Jeet Thayil

Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, Narcopolis is a rich and hallucinatory novel set around a Bombay opium den, as the city transforms itself over three decades.In Old Bombay, they say you introduce only your worst enemy to opium. But in Rashid's opium room on ... Read More 

When We Were Orphans

England, 1930s. Christopher Banks has become the country's most celebrated detective, his cases the talk of London society. Yet one unsolved crime has always haunted him: the mysterious disappearance of his parents, in old Shanghai, when he was a small boy. Moving ... Read More 

Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard

Sampath Chawla was born in a time of drought that ended with a vengeance the night of his birth. All signs being auspicious, the villagers triumphantly assured Sampath's proud parents that their son was destined for greatness.Twenty years of failure later, that ... Read More 

Prince in Exile

Ashok Banker S Ramayana Series Is Presented Here The Way The Author Originally Intended For His Retelling. Three Magnificent Omnibus Editions Bring Together All The Six Books Published Earlier. Prince In Exile, Part Two Of The Ramayana Series Includes The Third ... Read More 

Prince at War

Ashok Banker S Ramayana Series Is Presented Here The Way The Author Originally Intended For His Retelling. Three Magnificent Omnibus Editions Bring Together All The Six Books Published Earlier. Prince At War, Part Three Of The Ramayana Series Is The Final Volume ... Read More 

The Assassin s Song

An Important Book . . . Vassanji Writes About Faith And Conflict Like No Other. His Prose Is Impeccable -Khushwant Singh The Assassin S Song Is A Stunning Evocation Of The Physical And Emotional Landscape Of A Man Caught Between Filial Obligation And Personal Yearning, ... Read More 

Elephant Tiger Cellphone

For More Than Four Decades After Gaining Independence, India, With Its Massive Size And Population, Staggering Poverty And Slow Rate Of Growth, Was Associated With The Plodding, Somnolent Elephant, Comfortably Resting On Its Achievements Of Centuries Gone By. Then ... Read More 

The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay

Explore The Lost Flamingoes Of Bombay Minisite Here, And Take Part In Our Photography Competition To Win A Digital Camera Worth Rs 5,000! Karan Seth, Star Photographer At The India Chronicle, Is In Bombay On A Private Mission: To Immortalize The City In A Unique ... Read More 

Fugitive Histories

&Lsquo;Githa Hariharan&Rsquo;S Fiction Is Wonderful&Mdash;Full Of Subtleties And Humour And Tenderness&Rsquo; &Mdash;Michael Ondaatje Mala&Rsquo;S Home In Delhi Is Empty, Save For A Lifetime Of Sketches Left Behind By Her Late Husband Asad And The Memories They ... Read More 

The Hungry Tide

Between The Sea And The Plains Of Bengal, On The Easternmost Coast Of India, Lies An Immense Archipelago Of Islands. Some Are Vast And Some No Larger Than Sandbars; Some Have Lasted Through Recorded History While Others Have Just Washed Into Being. These Are The ... Read More 

The Glass Palace

The Glass Palace Begins With The Shattering Of The Kingdom Of Burma, And Tells The Story Of A People, A Fortune, And A Family And Its Fate. It Traces The Life Of Rajkumar, A Poor Indian Boy, Who Is Lifted On The Tides Of Political And Social Turmoil To Build An ... Read More 

The Service of the State

Autobiography of a civil servant.

The Hungry Ghosts

Shivan Rassiah, a Canadian man in his early thirties, prepares to leave his home in Toronto to visit his dying grandmother in Sri Lanka. Much is riding on this trip for Shivan, who hopes it will bring the renewal he so desperately needs.

The Indian Clerk

When Mathematician G. H. Hardy Received A Letter From The Young Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan In January, 1913, It Was The Day His Life Changed. Hardy Immediately Recognized Ramanujan'S Extraordinary, Albeit Untutored, Brilliance. He Replied With Comments, ... Read More 

I Am an Executioner

A Bengal tiger wakes up one morning realising he is ravenously in love. A pompous railway supervisor in a small Indian village bites off more than he can chew when a peculiar new clerk arrives on his doorstep. In another place and in another time, a secret agent ... Read More 

The Selector of Souls

"It's 1994 and India is liberalizing, privatizing, and nuclearizing. Fortunes are being made by those who already have fortunes. Others are just trying to survive. In Gurkot, a small village in the middle ranges of the Himalayas, facing the snow peaks of Tibet, ... Read More 

The Accidental Apprentice Pa

Life pivots on a few key moments. This is one of them. Sapna Sinha works in an electronics store in downtown Delhi. She hates her job, but she is ambitious and determined to succeed, and she knows without the money she brings in, her family won't be able to survive. ... Read More 

The Watch

"At a stark outpost in the Kandahar mountain range, a team of American soldiers watches a young Afghan woman approach. She has come to beg for the return of her brother's body. The camp's tense, claustrophobic atmosphere comes to a boil as the men argue about what ... Read More 

Divine Music

In her richly textured debut novel, Suruchi Mohan weaves a captivating coming-of-age tale against the backdrop of intricate world of North Indian classical music. We are swept along by the story of musically gifted Sarika, and her revered guru who recognises in ... Read More 


'Desi' is a Punjabi term referring to 'of one's own people.' Desilicious is a wide-ranging compilation of erotic literature by writers of South Asian descent - a medley of arousing and thematically innovative fiction, poetry, and essays, spiced for mature appetites ... Read More 

Hundred Tamil Folk and Tribal Tales

In Hundred Tamil Folk and Tribal Tales we have a rich variety of tale-types of a major South Indian oral tradition. Sujatha Vijayaraghavan s lucid English translation here beacons a serious engagement in Indic studies. It locates this body of work at the interface ... Read More 

Rabindranath Tagore Omnibus

Rabindranath Tagore Omnibus II bring six acclaimed works of Tagore under one roof. Written with wit, wisdom and more than a little self-mockery, it gives a unique and enduring insight into the life of this great literary genius

Accidental Entrepreneur

This book is a well organised design for someone to go step by step into self-employment, making the optimum use of one's personal strengths and weaknesses. The readership in the mind of the author is generally Indian but the subject has a kind of universality ... Read More 

2 States

Fourth book by the bestselling author Chetan Bhagat. 2 States is a story about Krish and Ananya. They are from two different states of India, deeply in love and want to get married. Of course, their parents don't agree. To convert their love story into a love marriage, ... Read More 

English Lessons And Other Stories

Shauna Singh Balgwin's passionate stories dramatise the lives of Indian women from 1919 to today, from India to Canada to the US. Through the eyes of these women adjusting to change, we see a world whose familiar rhythms mask dissonance and discord. Overtly, the ... Read More 

That Calcutta those Bongs

Here is your best change to know all about 'that Calcutta' and 'those Bongs' ! A collection of short stories, That Culcutta ... Those Bongs! willl tell you everything you wanted to know about Kolkata (erstwhile Culcutta) and the wonderful Bengalis. As you flip ... Read More 

Zero Percentile

Zero Percentile is a heady cocktail of the fascinating adventures of Pankaj, a less favoured son of destiny, across two completely different countries, India and Russia.

Victoria and Abdul

The tall handsome Abdul Karim was just twenty-four when he arrived in England from Agra to wait all tables during Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. An assistant clerk an Agra Central jail, he suddenly found himself a personal attendant to the empress of India herself. ... Read More 

Running on Full

Men and sport can be exciting on their own, but what happens when you combine the two? A heady cocktail that can make you forget even yourself! And that`s exactly what happens to Tanya Trivedi. As a six-year-old, she hates both, men and sport. By her teens, she ... Read More 

Hakuna Matata Life Is Calling

Kaushik is a happy-go-lucky person, whose funny SMSs and sense of humour make him popular and loved by all. He has a perfect job, and has just met the love of his life Anushka. Surely life couldn t be better.And then, things take a turn for the worse as Mumbai ... Read More 

Ready For Take Off A Leadership Story

All bosses are tough, metal-chewing characters who will not lose a chance of putting anyone down with one look. Right?

The Maharajah s Monkey

Investigating the disappearance of a world-famous explorer, Kit Salter travels with her companions by steamer to India, where they are welcomed into the palace of a young Maharajah and confront court intrigues, ferocious animals and a treasure hunt. Original.

R K Narayan Omnibus

Mr Sampath - The Printer of Malgudiis the story of a businessman who adapts to the collapse of his weekly newspaper by shifting to screenplays, only to have the glamour of it all go to his head. InThe Financial Expert, a man of many hopes but few resources spends ... Read More 

Bye bye Blackbird

Set against England's green and grisly landscape, enigmatic and attractive to some, depressing and nauseating to others, Bye-Bye Black Bird explores the lives of the outsiders seeking to forge a new identity in an alien society.

Voices in the City

Voices in the City is based on the life of the middle class intellectuals of Calcutta. It is an unforgettable story of a Bohemian brother and his two sisters caught in the crosscurrents of changing social values. In many ways the story reflects a vivid picture ... Read More 

Cry the Peacock

Winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award. Cry, the Peacock is the story of a young girl, Maya, obsessed by a childhood prophecy of disaster. The author builds up an atmosphere of tension as torrid and oppressive as a stiffling Indian summer, both in the crowded, colourful ... Read More 

Where Shall We Go this Summer

Where Shall We Go This Summer is an intense story of a sensitive young wife torn between the desire to abandon the boredom and hypocrisy of her middle class and ostensibly comfortable existance, and the realisation that the bonds that tie her to it cannot easily ... Read More 

The Foreigner

A Foreigner is the story of a young man who is detached, almost estranged, a man who sees himself as a stranger, an alien wherever he goes or lives- in Kenya where he was born, in UK and USA where he was a student and in India where he finally settles down. His ... Read More 

The Second Wife

As an example of woman-centric literature which faithfully portrays its social milieu and era, The Second Wife stands in its own class. The novel marks the progress of the literary revolution generated by Premchand whereby realism and social relevance replaced ... Read More 

Phatik Chand

Phatik Chand is the endearing tale of a child kidnapped from his home and his adventures after he loses his memory in an accident. The ready sympathy and even generosity of the poor is contrasted with the heartlessness and selfish calculativeness of the rich. A ... Read More 

Joker In The Pack

This is a story of dreaming the great Indian middle class dream, and of life shaped - accidentally or by design, only God knows - by the great Indian middle class values. The joyride begins in the lap of two favourite pastimes of the nation - cricket and television ... Read More 

Rabindranath Tagore Selected Essays

Rabindranath Tagore:Selected Essays is a collection of the author's most acclaimed essays. The Poet's Religion and The Creative Ideal reveal someof his fundamental tenets of art and aesthetics, of life and religion, and 'the religion of the poet'.The essays in ... Read More 

Five Point Someone

Set in IIT, in the early '90s, Five Point Someone portrays the lives of the protagonist Hari and his two friends Ryan and Alok. It explores the darker side of IIT, one in which students- having worked for years to make it into the institute-struggle to maintain ... Read More 

Rabindranath Tagore Omnibus

Rabindranath Tagore Omnibus II brings together four of Tagor's acclaimed works. Nationalism contains the lectures given by Tagore in /japan and the United States in 1916-17. In these essays, he criticises the nation-state in both East and West and offres his vision ... Read More 

Rabindranath Tagore Omnibus

Rabindranath Tagore Omnibus IVbrings under one roof six ofTagore s major works. Two Sisters is about the eternal conflict that arises when a man does not find a mother figure and a sweetheart in the same person. Sadhana contains eight essays written during Tagore ... Read More 

One Night the Call Center

In Winter 2004, A Writer Met A Young Girl On An Overnight Train Journey. To Pass The Time, She Offered To Tell A Story. However, She Had A Condition: That He Make It Into His Second Book. He Hesitated, But Asked What The Story Was About. The Girl Said The Story ... Read More 

Trust Me

Parvati has learnt her lesson late in life, but she has learnt it well all men are bastards. While working in an ad film company, she had met karan, her Mr Right . Unfortunately, he turned out to be so wrong. Her boss, the fatherly Mr Bose, is the one shoulder ... Read More 

The Rupa Book Of Love Stories

In this new Rupa anthology, Ruskin Bond has brought together some wonderfully moving love stories written by master storytellers such as Oscar Wilde, O'Henry, Anthony Hope and Guy de Maupassant. This collection of magical tales of love and passion also includes ... Read More 

If God was a Banker

Two young management graduates, with nothing similar in family backgrounds and temperament, join the New York International Bank on the same day and take two entirely different routes to success. Both rise up the ranks at breakneck speed: the fast and aggressive ... Read More 

Three Mistakes of My Life

In Late 2000, A Young Boy In Ahmedabad Called Govind Dreamt Of Owning A Business. To Accommodate His Friends Ish And Omi S Passion, They Open A Cricket Shop. However, Nothing Comes Easy In A Turbulent City. To Realise Their Goals, They Will Have To Face It All ... Read More 

One Afternoon

Fiery, naive, unconventional, silly - Ria Rathore is one eighteen-year-old who has strutted through her well-heeled life brimming with confidence. In a conservative city like Ahmedabad she often ran the risk of being branded 'improper'. With a father who spoils ... Read More 

Unruly Times

Unruly Times is a satire on the Indian novel in English. Its main pre-occupation is the exploitation of identity politics by post-colonial writers. The main character, Dushyant, is an advertising copywriter in New York, who wants to publish a novel. He is told ... Read More 

Family Planning

Shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize A hilarious and terrifying account of the moral bankruptcy of ourpolitical leaders, Family Planning is the story of Mr Ahuja, Minister for Urban Development, who cannot stop having children and of a modern city, New Delhi, ... Read More 

Shuka Saptati Seventy Tales Of The Parrot

Shuka Saptati or Seventy Tales of the Parrot is a famous cycle of stories in Sanskrit literature. The tales are told by a pet parrot to its young mistress to distract her from going to a lover while her husband has gone abroad. These irreverent, sometimes ribald, ... Read More 

Right Fit Wrong Shoe

The story is of a twenty six year old Nandini Sharma, who falls for the stinking rich and appropriately intelligent bad boy, next door.. her neighbour, Aditya Sarin. Nandini, like every other person, inhabiting the planet India, has been 'touched' by bolllywood ... Read More 

In Pursuit Of Infidelity

"I wish I had known his nature before our marriage. May be that woul have helped me decide." Sheema, a busy professional, is happily married (or so she thinks). Life has become humdrum, and she has more or less accepted her fate, when suddenly life takes a turn ... Read More 

Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat Yet Another Grasping Work By The Bestselling Author Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boys. One wanted to use his intelligence to make money. Another wanted to use his intelligence to create a revolution. ... Read More 


When Trisha Mathur leaves Lucknow for Delhi with stars in her eyes, little does she realize how drastically her life is about to transform. In the din and drama of college student politics, she meets debonair politician-in-the-making Vedant Kirloskar, who sweeps ... Read More 

The Curse Of Garibagh

The evolution of a town from agriculture and trade to industry. From Bahadur Shah Zafar and partition to modern day India. Seven women, their lives and loves entangled, the curse which affected them, the men who loved them, the juggis which afflicted them and the ... Read More 


Pratibha Ray makes a determined effort for a portrayal of the epic character and brings to the surface the broader and deeper aspects of Draupadi s mind that lay submerged in the majestic sweep of the grand Mahabharata. The novel won her the Bharatiya Jnanpith ... Read More 


This book consists of three lectures delivered in 1933 at Andhra University. Man, the first lecture, is about the Eternal Man within each human being.


Gora (1910) is Tagore's fifth novel and is generally considered his masterpiece. With its epic dimensions and the broad canvas of the social, cultural, religious and political life of the nineteenth century urban middle class Bengal, it was a landmark in the history ... Read More 


The Time Is Early 16Th Century. The Rajput Kingdom Of Mewar Is At The Height Of Its Power. It Is Locked In War With The Sultanates Of Delhi, Gujarat And Malwa. But There Is Another Deadly Battle Being Waged Within Mewar Itself. Who Will Inherit The Throne After ... Read More 


Aparajito Is The Sequel To Pather Panchali, Bibhutibushan Bandopadhyay'S Best Known Novel. In Pather Panchali The Story Revolves Around Harihar Roy, His Wife Sabajya, Daughter Durga And Son Apu Whose Vision Of The Future Remains Positive. Aparajito Carries Forward ... Read More 

Pather panchali

Pather Panchali Is A Vivid, Moving And Authentic Portrayal Of The Life Of A Brahmin Household Seen Through The Eyes Of The Two Young Children Of The Family, Opu And His Elder Sister Durga. Few Authors In Any Literature Can Rival Bandhopadhyaya'S Understanding Of ... Read More 

The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes

In 1891, A Horrified British Public Learnt That Sherlock Homes In A Last Deadly Struggle With Arch Criminal Professor Moriarty Had Perished At The Reichenbach Falls In Switzerland. Two Years Later, Popular Demand Made Conan Doyle Resurrect The Great Detective. ... Read More 

Sacred Evil

Real life stories experienced by the author on witchcraft.

Khushwant Singh Selects Best Indian Short Stories

The Bestseller Khushwant Singh Selects Best Indian Short Stories Volume I, Offering The Finest Stories By India S Master Storytellers& The Indian Short Story Is Extraordinary In Its Ability To Stick To The Traditional Rules Of The Craft And Still Demonstrate Remarkable ... Read More 

Interpreter of Maladies

Whether Set In Boston Or Bengal, These Sublimely Understated Stories, Spiced With Humour And Subtle Detail, Speak With Universal Eloquence To Anyone Who Has Ever Felt The Yearnings Of Exile Or The Emotional Confusion Of The Outsider Winner Of The Pulitzer Brize ... Read More 

Plans for Departure

For The Eminent Scientist Sir Nitin Basu, Spending The Summer Of 1914 At A Remote Hill Station In The Himalayas, The Arrival Of A Single Danish Woman Hired As His Secretary By His Sister Didi Is As Alarming As An Invasion. Tall, Fair, Unconventional Miss Anna Hansen ... Read More 


In A Distinguished Career Spanning Sixty Years, Veteran Journalist, Political Commentator And Author Kudip Nayar Has Seen And Reported It All. From His Vantage Point -- At The Forefront Of Every Ground-Breaking News Event, In Close Proximity To The People In Power ... Read More 

Nothing Is Blue

It Is The Seventh Century, A Tumultuous Time In India. Poised Between The Last Of Its Empires And The Beginning Of Western Invasions, There Is An Ominous Pause In The History Of The Subcontinent. It Is Also A Time Shrouded In Mysteries And Secrets. A Few Buddhist ... Read More 

The Zoya Factor

When The Younger Players In India'S Cricket Team Find Out That Advertising Executive Zoya Singh Solanki Was Born At The Very Moment India Won The World Cup Back In 1983, They Are Intrigued. When Having Breakfast With Her Is Followed By Victories On The Field, They ... Read More 

A Journey Interrupted

'You Need To Be Deported,' Said The Retired Army General. What Follows Is Not Deportation But The Beginning Of An Exploration. An Exploration That Is Nuanced By The Identity Of The Narrator: An Indian Muslim Woman Travelling Alone In A Space Notoriously Difficult ... Read More 

Keep Off the Grass

What Do You Do When You Are A Twenty-Five-Year-Old Yale Graduate Making Half-A-Million Dollars A Year As A Hotshot Investment Banker On Wall Street? You Bust Your Ass And Become A Millionaire By Thirty, Of Course. Not If You Are Samrat Ratan, Born In The Usa To ... Read More 


By The Author Of Or The Day Seizes You, Short-Listed For The Hutch Crossword Book Award 2006 Raj Chakraborti, Internationally Renowned Novelist And Commentator, Beloved And Controversial In Equal Measure, Reviled And Resurrected Periodically For His Ever-Shifting ... Read More 

Sarpanch Sahib

Stories of seven remarkable women leaders in the panchayat system in India.

The Sacred Grove

He may be only thirteen, but Ashwin knows that he is going to be a superstar. Specially with the arrival of his new cricket coach, Rafiq the driver. As the son of the district collector in a small town in central India, Ashwin has little to worry about, except ... Read More 


He was the boy with gold in his hair... As a child, Biddu dreamt of going West and making it big as a composer. At the age of sixteen, he formed a band and started playing in a cafe in Bangalore, his home town. At eighteen, he was part of a popular act at Trinca ... Read More 

Witness The Night

Durga. A fourteen-year-old girl, found all alone in a sprawling farm house tucked away in a corner of Punjab. Silent, terrified, and the sole suspect in the mass murder of thirteen members of her family. Simran. Whisky-swigging, chain-smoking unmarried social worker ... Read More 

The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power

The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power A guide to understanding issues related to nuclear power as energy source Arcane discussions on nuclear power have been confounding people for a long time. The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power is an attempt to demystify this ... Read More 

The Fakir

Novel on the life and times of Lalana Saha, 1774-1890, Fakir poet from Bengal, India.

The Last Pretence

About the Book : - Machilipatnam, a small town on the Coromandel coast in South India where the British first landed to trade in dyes, comes to life through a lively cast of characters - Ammamai, resigned to her widowhood, but a fighter; Saroja, the pseudo-intellectual ... Read More 

May I Have Your Attention Please

About the Book : - The wave of liberalization in the 1990s changed forever the face of India. It bolstered the economy. It raised the stock index. It raised hem lines of skirts even more. It led to the growth of the fashion police. And also the moral police. Numbered ... Read More 

Delhi Calm

A graphic novel that re-imagines Delhi in the 1970s Imagine waking up one morning to learn that all your rights as a citizen are suspended this moment onwards. Imagine living the way the State tells you to-being told how, where and when to laugh, live or love. ... Read More 

Kipling s India

This is the first-ever Kipling anthology wholly brought out in India, featuring some of the lesser known but powerful stories and poems along with old favourites.

The Perfect Snowball

Ranjan Kapur (Country Head, WPP, former VC, Ogilvy & Mather Asia-Pacific, former Executive Chairman, O&M India) brings forth a parable on issues of business ethics, management practices and corporate social responsibilites.

The Immortals of Meluha

The legend of Shiva the man is told as a gripping fantasy in which Hindu myths are interpreted from a unique perspective and which explores philosophies such as the many versions of reality, karma, the character of societies, nature of evil and duality. A fast ... Read More 

In Custody

A memorable book, the best that Anita Desai has written. The StandardDeven, a Hindi lecturer at Lala Ram Lal College, Mirpore, can t quite believehis luck when he is asked to interview Nur, India's greatest Urdu poet. But theailing, debauched old man he discovers ... Read More 

Baumgartner s Bombay

A daring, colourful novel almost impossible to absorb in one reading. TheNew York Times Book ReviewHugo Baumgartner is a firanghi wherever he goes - too dark for Hitler'sGermany, too fair for India. Escaping the Nazi regime but losing his parents toit, the wandering ... Read More 

Clear Light of the Day

A rich, Chekhovian novel by one of the most gifted of contemporary Indianwriters - The New Yorkerthe youngest, Tara - now a mother of two - has returned from America to thescene of her unusual, lonesome childhood.Here, as always, is her sister Bim, doggedly single ... Read More 

The Best of Anita Desai Clear Light of Day Baumgartner s Bombay In Custody in One Pack

Life spread in a pool around her, low and bright, lapping at her feet, but then quickly, treachrously rising to her ankles, to her knees. She had to get out of it. She had to life herself out before t rose to her waist, to her armpits. If only they had not wrapped ... Read More 

The Inheritors

Lohia & Co - one of India s largest commodity traders, the country sbiggest jute supplier, owner of tea estates, as well as cement, steel, shipping and motorcycle fi rms, and its own insurance arm - is in trouble. Now a strike, led by aging Marxisttrade union leader ... Read More 

Kama Kahani Ghazal in the Moonlight

Was the first man you fell for a brooding desert prince? Or better still, a cruellyhandsome feudal lord? Are you a spirited beauty, your fire contained-but only just-by theclinging brocade of your lehenga s choli? A delicious Kama Kahani is sure to strike your ... Read More 


Banwari Lal, the family patriarch, is a survivor of India s partition who reinvented the family business destroyed in Lahore. He is a firm believer in the continuity of time-honoured customs. With each generation, however, the tradition he embodies is questioned. ... Read More 

The Diary of a Social Butterfly

Pakistan may be making headlines - but Butterfly is set to conquer theworld. Everyone knows me. All of Lahore, all of Karachi, all of Isloo - oho, baba, Islamabad- half of Dubai, half of London and all of Khan Market and all the nice, nice bearers inImperial Hotel ... Read More 

Collected Stories

Desai creates unforgettable moments, both visual and emotional. DailyTelegraphBuried resentments, unexpected disappointments, new friendships, small acts of cruelty,journeys that take you back to where you started. With trademark compassion and tenderirony, Anita ... Read More 

Fire on the Mountain

One of the finest English language novelists of modern times. DailyTelegraphGone are the days when Nanda Kaul watched over her family and played the part ofVice-Chancellor s wife. Leaving her children behind in the real world, the busier world,she has chosen to ... Read More 

Fasting Feasting

An undeniable genius. Washington Post Book WorldPlain, unmarriageable Uma has failed to outgrow her childhood home. Overprotectedand starved for a life, she is surrounded and smothered by her overbearing parents,successful sister Aruna, who has outpaced her by ... Read More 

Cutting for Stone

Marion and Shiva Stone are born from the unexpected union of Sister Mary Joseph,a gentle Malayali nurse, and Thomas Stone, a brilliant, intense British surgeon. A union somysterious that no one at the Missing hospital in Addis Ababa, where the two worked in suchtandem-not ... Read More 

Unaccustomed Earth

Everyone has their secrets. In her stunning new collection of stories, Jhumpa Lahirigently lifts the veil to reveal how even the most ordinary lives have their dramas and tragedies andthen, as gently, lets it fall back down again. A middle aged man discovers that ... Read More 

The Immigrant

Nina is a thirty year old English lecturer, struggling to make ends meet for herself and her widowed mother. She sees herself as increasingly off the shelf but then, unexpectedly, a proposal arrives. Ananda is a dentist in Halifax, Canada. When the two marry, she ... Read More 

My Kind of Girl

Is the memory of happiness that has passed, sad or happy?Four middle aged men sit together in a railway station, waiting for dawn to break. To passtheir time, each tells a story of a woman they loved secretly in their youth&Romantic, elegant, suffused with melancholy, ... Read More 

The Zigzag Way

Eric is a buttoned down Boston boy, a misfit in his family of hearty fisherfolk.Uncertain he will ever complete the book on immigration he has been funded to write, heimpetuously decides to follow his bossy girlfriend to Mexico. There, he is seduced by the pageantryof ... Read More 

Journey to Ithaca

Sophie and Matteo are young and in love, and share a dissatisfaction with theirbourgeois Italian upbringing. Naturally, like so many other young Westerners in the sixties andseventies, they come to India. But the realities of life in an ashram ignite their differences; ... Read More 

Karl Aaj Aur Kal

Key note: A riotous debut novel from India's favourite funny man! Description: 'God once told me life is absurd. How else can two boys land up in America and not find any girls?' Karl and Kunal are just two ordinary Mumbai boys who like ordinary things: bunking ... Read More 

In Other Rooms Other Wonders

Moving from the elegant drawing rooms of Lahore to the mud villages of rural Multan, apowerful collection of short stories about feudal Pakistan. An impoverished young woman becomes a wealthy relative s mistress; an electrician on the make confrontshis desperate ... Read More 


Mummyji, the matriarch of a prosperous mithai business family, lies comatose in a Mumbai hospital. Manipulative, determined and seemingly invincible, Mummyji has held together (and mastered) her family through bribes of money, endless food and adoration. Surrounding ... Read More 

Cutting for Stone

Born from the unexpected union of a gentle Malayali nurse and a brilliant British surgeon, Marion and Shiva Stone are orphaned by a chain of traumatic events and raised by two Indian doctors at the Missing Hospital. The brothers grow up, cloistered from the outer ... Read More 


What happens when fate chooses an ordinary man for an extraordinary mission?Arnab Banerjee, a shy twenty-five-year-old, has little excitement in his life other than tracking downmissing books as an assistant librarian in a Delhi college. But all that changes when ... Read More 

Waiting for the Mahatma

A Tale Of Remarkable Insight Into The Upsurge Of Indian Nationalism As Witnessed Through The Eyes And Hearts Of Sriram And Bharati, The Main Characters, And Told With All The Genius And Cmpassion One Has Come To Expect From R.K. Narayan.

Everything You Desire

Personal experiences of the author during his study time at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India, for two years.


The Sunderbans, the world’s largest mangrove expanse, are nothing less than a hub for naturalists and scientistsâ€â€??a treasure trove for nature and wildlife photographers and a wonderland for tourists from all over the world. With ... Read More 

Half a Face

The imprints of her ancestors feet that were displayed, amongst other memorabilia, on the walls of her house had always intrigued Priti, for to her they were malevolent.

Ranu Bhanu

A novel based on the relationship of Ranu Mukherjee, wife of the late industrialist Sir Biren Mukherjee, and Rabindranath Tagore.

The Avatari

A mythical kingdomLegend has it that only those chosen by destiny can gain entry into Shambhala, the mythical kingdom believed to hold the ancient wisdom that humanity will need to resurrect itself from the inevitable apocalypse. They are the Avatari.An ancient ... Read More 

The Lonely Monarch

Calcutta, 1924. In the vibrant world of Bengali theatre, Sisirkumar Bhaduri, a young man of talent and vision, is king. A brilliant performer, he is loved and respected by his peers, adored by spectators and acknowledged as a master by Rabindranath Tagore himself. ... Read More 

The Edge of Power

The book is a racy political thriller and an enquiry into the underbelly of Indian politics. Important questions concerning the funding of political parties are raised with the protagonist of the book, Shruthi Ranjan. It is based on the infamous case of ... Read More 

Slayer Of Kamsa

About the Book : - Forewarned by a prophecy, the demonic King Kamsa orders every newborn to be put to the sword. But even in the womb, the unborn Krishna uses powerful magic to cast a spell across the entire kingdom on the night of his birth. The stage is set for ... Read More 

Battle for Bittora

In Battle For Bittora, Jinni, all of twenty five years, works in a cool and happening animation studio. She is content being independent and carefree till her grandmother Pushpa Pande turns up all of a sudden. The catch? Jinni has to leave for ... Read More 

By the Tungabhadra

Bidyunmala, the princess of Kalinga, is on her way for a marriage of political convenience with Devaraya, the king of Vijaynagar, when a mysterious young man called Arjunvarma makes his appearance in her life and becomes part of her entourage. While preparing ... Read More 

Mice in Men

Can the simple act of saving a mouse teach an insecure, ordinary man, to rise above his afflictions and love? Tired of his faith, his disability and his predicament, an old man contemplates giving up everything, but discovers love while witnessing an extramarital ... Read More 

The Vague Woman s Handbook

They are bad with directions; they never know when the credit card bill is due. They have perfected the art of turning over a new leaf tomorrow. Meet the vague women in this delightful first novel that doesn't star a woman looking for the right man - because ... Read More 

The Valley of Masks

The Valley Of Masks is about, as Tarun Tejpal states, the story of the people he has known over the years.

The novel provides a powerful reimagining of power structures and belief systems which can be scary but also redemptive in terms of ... Read More 

Last Man in Tower

Ask any Bombaywallah about Tower A of the Vishram Co-operative Housing Society and you will be told that it is unimpeachably pucca. Despite its location close to the airport and being bordered by slums, it has been pucca for some fifty years. But then Bombay ... Read More 


Chakravarti’s Jorasanko is set in the famous Jorasanko house. It is a place of intellectual and cultural nourishment, where the women add a breath of fresh air to the free thinking spirit of the house. The plot of Jorasanko is ... Read More 

Revolt of the Fish Eaters

The manipulative-philanthropist ghost of a chairman's mother; a footless enchantress in Siberia who has mastered the art of lovemaking; Rita of the sexual politics lessons; the witchcraft-practising mother of a village prodigy who plots to ensnare the World's ... Read More 

Dance of Govinda

The tamer of Putana, the god-child, the redeemer of the world, the Slayer of Kamsa, dances with abandon amidst his own.

As we move into the second instalment of Ashok K. Banker s Krishna tales, the prophesied Slayer of Kamsa has been born and smuggled ... Read More 


In the early years of the twenty-first century, sweeping changes are taking place in the publishing industry and its key players must do everything they can in order to survive. Litmus, an independent literary publishing firm in the UK, is one of the companies ... Read More 

Mediocre But Arrogant

Three years of college, and Abbey has no answer to the question ‘what next?’. Luckily for him, fate, that chancy thing, lands him in an MBA course at a top- notch B-School, the Management Institute of Jamshedpur. At MIJ, Abbey finds his life turned ... Read More 

As the River Flows

A mother watches as her daughter, intent upon cleaning the house, tries to throw away a cherished piece of embroidered cloth; a father realizes that age is catching up with him when his children's plans no longer include him; a rape victim tries to settle into ... Read More 

The Last Poem

The Last Poem is a novel written by Rabindranath Tagore, originally in Bengali, titled Shesher Kabita. It was translated to English by Dilip Basu. The paintings are done by Dinkar Kowshik.

This extremely enchanting romantic novel unfolds ... Read More 

The Dancing Boy

In the sleepy by-lanes of 1980s' Calcutta, a young boy spends hours in front of the mirror, draped in his mother's saris, his face layered with make-up, as he dances and twirls around the room. Often, when he dances, he catches a glimpse of a face that is his ... Read More 

Calcutta Exile

Striking the right chords with the heart of a sentimentalist, this debut novel by Bunny Suraiya revolves around the themes of home, identity, and a sense of loss. Set in the backdrop of a partitioned India, the novel attempts to describe Calcutta’s bygone ... Read More 

Tin Fish

In an elite boarding school in Rajasthan, fifteen-yearold Barun Ray, aka Brandy, lover of canned fish and beefsteak, hater of Kipling, worshipper of Michael Caine and Mick Jagger, meets his soul mates - Fish, 'king' swimmer with a domineering, Muslim-hating ... Read More 

Krishna Book 3 Flute Of Vrindaban

Krishna Book 3 Flute Of Vrindavan is the third installation in the Krishna Coriolis series by Ashok K. Banker, which tells the story of Krishna’s childhood and his life in Vrindavan.

Krishna Book 3 Flute Of Vrindavan retells ... Read More 

The Extras

Ravan and Eddie are back!

And they’re bigger, better and guaranteed to have you laughing out loud.

Having grown up in the city of movie stars who drip glamour, the two mortal enemies, Ravan and Eddie dream of strutting down the road ... Read More 

God s Little Soldier

Zia is a young man raised in a wealthy and cultured Muslim family in Bombay. A gifted mathematician, he has a hard time choosing between the unquestioned certainties of his aunt’s faith and the tolerant and relaxed ways of his parents. He goes to Cambridge ... Read More 

Land of the Well

'Raindrops speckled the pool. It looked diseased. The boy felt the bumps on his arms.' It is Goa in the monsoons. A shy and lonely teenager finds himself drawn towards a group of holidaymakers. In their midst is Momo,the woman he would do anything to be close ... Read More 

The Householder

Naresh Kumar, PA to Shri R.K. Asthana, IAS, is his boss' doorkeeper. There is a share for Naresh in the bounties that flow in through that door, and there has been for years. But he is a man besieged. His married daughter is having trouble conceiving, his son's ... Read More 

Lord of Mathura

A gopa against a king, a nephew against his uncle the Slayer of Kamsa returns to Mathura to fulfil the prophecy in the fourth book of the Krishna Coriolis Series

As Krishna grows into manhood, Kamsa grows ever more desperate to kill ... Read More 

Fortress of Dwarka

Following his battles with the evil Jarasandha, Krishna decides to take his beloved people to the sea, where he promises to build them the Fortress of Dwarka. This is the sixth book in Ashok Banker’s Krishna Coriolis series of mythological fantasy ... Read More 

Blood Red Sari

Blood Red Sari is an all-women action thriller written by Ashok Banker. It vividly pictures the gloomy underbelly of India’s metropolises and the international human trafficking mafia.

Missing social activist Lalima has chosen three ... Read More 

Ravan and Eddie

Written by Kiran Nagarkar, Ravan And Eddie is a humorous tale of two boys, a Hindu and a Christian, and the people living in Mumbai’s chawls.

This hilarious book revolves around two boys, Ravan, a Marathi Hindu, and Eddie, a Roman Catholic. ... Read More 

Bombay Girl

Bombay Girl begins Kavita Daswani’s trilogy, telling the coming-of-age story of a girl who is forced to try and find her own in a misogynistic world.

Sohana Badshah has always had a carefree life. She moves to London to pursue an interior ... Read More 

Cut Like Wound

Cut Like Wound is a unique psychological thriller set in the vibrant city of Bangalore. The book introduces inspector Borie Gowda along with a host of other unforgettable characters. The story starts with the murder of a male sex worker in the ... Read More 


Living a life that straddles the virtual and the real, enmeshed in technology and inspired by it, Param is a young man in the city. In his world, the virtual is as real as reality itself. But when a friend asks Param what he would do if he had just seven days ... Read More 

Between Clay and Dust

Musharraf Ali Farooqi’s new novel, set in an unnamed Pakistani city shortly after Partition, unravels the lives of Ustad Ramzi, one of the greatest wrestlers of the land, who is now old and warmed only by the memories of his past, and the equally renowned ... Read More 

The Masala Murder

This first Reema Ray mystery comes with an edge of comedy as the protagonist comes to terms with her irresistible feelings for men, whips up some lip-smacking meals and is tormented constantly not only by criminals but also by police. Her detective agency has ... Read More 

Romi and Gang

Unruly and reckless, thirteen-year-old Romi is the hero of his universe. His great affinity for adventure and the unknown is shared by his gang - the rascal Sukhi, the deadpan Sunny, the naïve Golu and his blood brother, Kim. When legendary Kim disappears from ... Read More 

Anything for you Ma am

… As a professor in IIT Delhi is busy with his love, Biobull, a revolutionary bus that will run on human discharge and provide a somewhat funny, yet, inexhaustible alternate fuel… one of his students is busy with his-a girl thankfully. Tejas Narulas ... Read More 

Sorting Out Sid

Siddharth Agarwal also known as Sid is a mess. His fifteen-year long marriage is falling apart. His parents are selfish and do not seem to understand his point of view. His boss is being a boss. His friends do not care. So everything is literally falling apart. ... Read More 


Idris Maymoon Samataar Guleed travels to Malabar for the Mamangam festival. What he doesn't expect to find is a nine-year old son he had no idea existed. Together they travel and Anita Nair fills the book with details of the world at that point of time. Kandavar, ... Read More 

The M o untain of Light

The Kohinoor diamond was the pride of India and in the year 1830 it fell in the hands of the Indian Maharaja and founder of the Sikh empire Ranjit Singh. This 105 carat diamond has been fought for and had survived in the hands of multiple people through wars ... Read More 

Delhi OMG

Delhi OMG! is the story of a man named Dinesh. It is set in the big, bad city of Delhi, traversing some of the key places in the city and exposing its shocking underbelly.

Dinesh is a middle class man who goes from living in government flats ... Read More 

Bombay Duck is a Fish

When Neki Brar moves to Mumbai to make it as a film-maker in Bollywood, little does she suspect that she will find herself standing on the terrace of her building, a bottle of wine and her diary in hand, plotting how best to jump. A small town girl, Neki has ... Read More 

Seven secrets of Vishnu

It is significant that the stories of Vishnu rose to prominence after the rise of Buddhism. Prior to that, Hinduism was the religion of the elite-based complex rituals known as yagna and esoteric speculations captured in texts known as the Aranyakas and the ... Read More 

Operation Mom

When you try to set your moms life right, be prepared to have your own life turned upside down Seventeen-year-old Ila Isham has a lot to worry about. Theres the angst of being an Ali Zafar groupie, for one. Then there are the extra layers of fat she has inherited ... Read More 

Missing Varun

Missing Varrun is a tale of values and lost affection. It is a love story that connects the picturesque town of Ceuta in the south of Spain, to the dusty by-lanes of Kolkata in India. A story which witnesses a young Spanish girl meeting an Indian boy quite by the ... Read More 

Khushwant Singh on Women Sex Love and Lust

Khushwant Singh on Women, Sex, Love And Lust is an anthology that brings together some of the best writings of the living legend Khushwant Singh. This famous Indian writer and journalist is known for presenting his liberal views on women, sex, ... Read More 


A story about love and hatred; religion and dogma of the contemporary Asian society. 'Malini' is two-act play by Rabindranath Tagore and it is all about love and hatred; religion and dogma of the contemporary Asian society.

Red Oleanders

A play that deals with unscrupulous capitalism, environmental exploitation and the importance of human relationships. It tells the story of Nandini, a girl who recognises no social barriers and taboos and who disregards them in her search for happiness. 'Red ... Read More 


Arjuna is the immortal tale of one of IndiaÕs greatest heroes. These pages retell in riveting detail the story of the Pandava Warrior-Prince who has captured the imagination of millions across centuries. This is the intense and human story of his loves, ... Read More 

Reluctant Detective

A hilarious account of how not to get involved in other people's murders, The Reluctant Detective is very school-gate mom, searching for a purpose to her life beyond kitty lunches, shopping and fish predicures.

Chanakya s Chant

Chanakya's Chant, published in 2010, is an interesting novel that weaves together two different time lines. The book begins in the year 340 BC, and shows how a young Brahmin boy is traumatized by the murder of his father. He decides to take ... Read More 

Rabindranath Tagore for the 21st Century Reader

Rabindranath Tagore for the 21st Century Reader is an anthology of some of the most celebrated works of the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore.Rabindranath Tagore for the 21st Century Reader is a brilliant collection of Rabindranath Tagore’s ... Read More 

Grand Delusions

Compiled as a part of a series of books on the cities of India, this title offers a distinctive portrayal of the city of joy – Kolkata. It is both intimate and thought-provoking. The book takes us to the eccentric paras (neighbourhoods) and clubs of the ... Read More 

New Market Tales

Armed with a fistful of memories, Jayant Kripalani weaves nostalgia into these short stories about the inhabitants of New Market. A sprawling landscape that houses both enterprise and extraordinary people, New Market continues to be something of an institution ... Read More 

Vanity Bagh

Inside every big Indian city, there is a tiny Pakistan.

Inspired by the legend of Abu Hathim, ageing don of Vanity Bagh, Imran Jabbari and his friends form a gang called 5 and 1 / 2 Men in their mohalla of Vanity Bagh. They are hired to dispense a ... Read More 

Pandora s Daughters

On the achievements of eight prominent women leaders of modern Indian politics.

Me N Her

Me N Her - A Strange Feeling is a moving and heartwarming love story of Janvi and Harsh. Janvi and Harsh were strangers before their paths crossed and they fall madly in love with each other. Harsh is a passionate and ambitious young man, whereas ... Read More 


To date, most books on Partition have ignored or minimised the Sindhi Hindu experience, which was significantly different from the trials of minorities in Punjab or Bengal. The Making of Exile hopes to redress this, by turning a spotlight on the specific narratives ... Read More 


Harper only wanted a safe, normal life. But when her younger sister Gemma runs off with a dangerous clique of beautiful girls, Penn, Thea, and Lexi, everything changes. Vowing to get her sister back no matter what the cost, Harper must face dangers unlike any she's ... Read More 

Red Harvest

Received with enormous buzz and anticipation, Joe Schreiber's Star Wars: Death Troopers was the first time the Star Wars galaxy entered the realm of horror. Seth Grahame-Smith, New York Times bestselling author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, called it "the ... Read More 

The Legend of Sigurd and Gudr n

Many years ago, J.R.R. Tolkien composed his own version, now published for the first time, of the great legend of Northern antiquity, in two closely related poems to which he gave the titles The New Lay of the Völsungs and The New Lay of Gudrún.In the Lay ... Read More 

Manhattan in Reverse

In 1998 Peter F. Hamilton, the master of space opera and top ten bestselling author, published his first collection of short stories in A Second Chance at Eden. Thirteen years later he returns to short fiction with a new collection. This includes 'Manhattan in ... Read More 


One momentous evening, events are set in motion that will decide the fate of our world and the Hyddenworld - a land lying alongside our own, concealed from human eyes. As earth tremors ravage the Hyddenworld, a child of two worlds is born, a lost gem is found and ... Read More 

The Gathering Storm

The most eagerly anticipated fantasy novel of the last two decades, 'The Gathering Storm' has been completed by acclaimed fantasy author Brandon Sanderson from Robert Jordan's extensive notes. It will begin the final chapter of the compelling saga that started ... Read More 

Dragon s Time

Although Lorana cured the dragons' sickness so many died from the disease that there are no longer enough dragons to fight the deadly Thread, and more dragons and their riders die each Threadfall. With their numbers dwindling, Lorana made the decision to fly forward ... Read More 

The Enchantress

The two that are one must become the one that is all. One to save the world, one to destroy it. San Francisco: Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel have one day left to live, and one job left to do. They must defend San Francisco. The monsters gathered on Alcatraz Island ... Read More 

The Bride Stripped Bare

For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey - the international bestseller – an explosive novel of sex, secrecy and escape.

Castle of Wizardry

Garion regains the Orb and struggles to escape from the brutal Murgo soldiers and the deadly magic spells of Grolim Hierachs


After 20 years, Jon Shannow, the legendary Jerusalem Man, returns for a deadly showdown with the fiendish Deacon, the vicious Jerusalem Riders, and a monstrous god that feeds on souls.

The Rogue

Kyralia is facing threats at home and abroad, as a rogue killer stalks its capital's streets, while the neighbouring kingdom of Sachaka is breeding a rebellion that could destabilise the entire region. High Lord Akkarin and Sonea's son Lorkin has a legacy of heroism ... Read More 

Days of Blood and Starlight

Errand requiring immediate attention. Come. The note was on vellum, pierced by the talons of the almost-crow that delivered it. Karou read the message. 'He never says please', she sighed, but she gathered up her things. When Brimstone called, she always came. In ... Read More 

The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend

Druss. The Legend. Saviour of Skeln Pass. Protector of Dros Delnoch. The most famous - and dreaded - of Drenai's heroes. But before all men knew Druss he was a young husband, hewing tress instead of men - most of the time - and held in check by his beloved wife, ... Read More 

Waylander II

High in the wooded, peaked mountains of Skeln, the woodsman, Dakeyras, and his beautiful daughter Miriel, live a life of harmonious solitude. Unbeknown to them, a group of grim-eyed, bloodthirsty warriors stalk the mountains. Men who have never known defeat, to ... Read More 


Richard Feynman was the most brilliant and influential physicist of our time. Architect of quantum theories, enfant terrible of the atomic bomb project, caustic inquisitor on the space shuttle commission, ebulent bongo-player and storyteller - Feynman played a ... Read More 

No Prisoners

Torrent Company's Captain Rex agrees to relieve Anakin Skywalker of his ubiquitous-and insatiably curious-Padawan, Ahsoka, for a while by bringing her along on a routine three-day shakedown cruise aboard Captain Gilad Pellaeon's newly refitted assault ship. But ... Read More 

The Story of the Human Body

Story of the Human Body explores how the way we use our bodies is all wrong. From an evolutionary perspective, if normal is defined as what most people have done for millions of years, then it's normal to walk and run 9 -15 kilometers a day to hunt and gather fresh ... Read More 

The Pillars of the Earth

The Pillars of the Earth sweeps through 12th-century England in an era of raging civil war, telling of a group of men and women whose fates are linked to the building of a great cathedral, a site of bloodshed and treachery. A masterpiece of raw courage and passion ... Read More 


A teenage girl gets mixed up with three immortal shape-shifting sirens who give her the power to be like them.

A Crown of Swords

The seventh book in Robert Jordan's internationally bestselling epic fantasy series, THE WHEEL OF TIME, now reissued with a stunning new cover design. The war for humanity's survival has begun. Rand al' Thor, the Dragon Reborn, has escaped the snares of the White ... Read More 

A Clash of Kings

The second book in the A Song of Ice and Fire trilogy. Sansa Stark is trapped in marriage to the feeble Lannister boy, child of incest, who is King Joffrey. In the North the Starks prepare for battle with the Lannisters.

Domes of Fire

Years after Sparhawk triumphed over the evil god Azash, Sparhawk and his queen must journey east with a handful of trusted companions, escorted by the giant Atan warriors.

First Twenty Minutes The

Gretchen Reynolds’ New York Times bestseller is an innovative guide to getting fit using cutting-edge science.Discover the amazing restorative powers of chocolate milk on tired muscles, the pros and cons of barefoot running (and why running can actually ... Read More 


Nick has his driver's license and he's not afraid to use it. But turning sixteen isn't what he thought it would be. While other boys his age are worried about prom dates and applying for college, Nick is neck deep in enemies out to stop him from living another ... Read More 

Ironhand s Daughter

With the highlanders enslaved by the brutal Baron Gottasson and his armies of the Outlanders, their only hope lies in prophecies of a destined leader, a descendent of Ironhand, who will overthrow the Outlander yoke, but the only living person who carries the blood ... Read More 

Last Sword of Power

Uther Pendragon, a Gothic warrior, must wield the legendary sword of power to save Britannia, and a beautiful blind girl, from destruction

Lyric s World

Anakin Skywalker and his friend Tahiri accompany a fellow student named Lyric to her homeworld, where she is about to undergo the changes that will make her an adult, in order to protect her from the predators that surround her people when they make their


Owen Odell is determined to show the Highland people that Jarek Mace, the man they have hailed as a hero, a legend, and the great Morningstar himself, is nothing more than an outlaw, a bandit, and a thief. Original.


An expanded version of Asimov's short story, "Nightfall," reveals a world on the brink of chaos, torn between religious fanaticism and scientific denial and faced with the end of civilization


Luke and Ben Skywalker continue on their quest to learn the ways of non-Jedi Force-users and to try to understand just what went wrong with Jacen Solo that caused him to become a Sith. In the meantime, Han, Leia, and Jaina Solo -- along with Jag Fel and the other ... Read More 


THE EXTRAORDINARY NEXT EPISODE IN THE STAR WARS GALAXY BEGINS HERE ... The Galactic Alliance is in crisis. Worse still, the very survival of the Jedi Order is under threat. In a shocking move, Chief of State, Natasi Daala, orders the arrest of Luke Skywalker for ... Read More 

Pale Demon

Condemned to death for practicing witchcraft, bounty hunter Rachel Morgan is given three days to clear her name and get to the annual witches' convention in San Francisco, an effort that forces her to endure a cross-country drive with a motley crew of supernatural ... Read More 

The Rivers of Zadaa

Bobby's adventure continues as he tries to save all of Halla from destruction. This time he's off to the land of Zadaa, where the traveller, Loor, lives. Saint Dane is set to instigate trouble between the two tribes that live here - the Batu and the Rokador. They ... Read More 

Queen of Sorcery

BOOK 2 OF THE BELGARIAD, the worldwide bestselling fantasy series by master storyteller David Eddings. Discover the epic story that inspired thousands - from Raymond Feist's The Riftwar Cycle series to George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. The Accursed One is ... Read More 

Reaper Man

In the eleventh Discworld novel, Death is missing – presumed . . . er . . . gone. Which leads to the kind of chaos you always get when an important public service is withdrawn. Meanwhile, on a little farm far, far away, a tall dark stranger is turning out ... Read More 

Siege of Darkness

Preparing to launch an assault on Drizzt Do'Urden and Mithril Hall, Matron Baenre, the head of a powerful ruling house, offsets the balance of the land's magical laws and releases Lloth, the Spider Queen, throwing the dark elf metropolis into chaos. Reprint.

Sisterhood of Dune

"It is 83 years after the last of the thinking machines were destroyed in the Battle of Corrin, after Faykan Butler took the name of Corrino and established himself as the first Emperor of a new imperium. The great war hero Vorian Atreides has turned his back on ... Read More 


"The 39th installment in the New York Times bestselling "Discworld" canon from Terry Pratchett, "the purely funniest English writer since Wodehouse." (Washington Post Book World)"--

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Just when Arthur Dent`s sense of reality is at its most clouded, he suddenly finds the girl of his dreams. He finds her in the last place in the Universe in which he would expect to find anything at all, but which 3,976,000,000 people will find oddly familiar. ... Read More 

The Sorceress of Darshiva

As the bestselling THE Mallorean series contnues, Garion is pursuing Zandramas, in the form of a great dragon flying over them, across the known world. With the forces of evil threatening on both sides, Garion still had to get to the Place Which Is No More, as ... Read More 


The Clone Wars are over, but the clone deserters' personal battle against the Empire has only just begun. With death warrants on their heads, and a hated Imperial garrison on Mandalore, Kal Skirata's clan of clone veterans, Mando mercenaries, misfit refugees, and ... Read More 

Darth Bane

With the end of the Sith Wars, the Jedi are convinced that the Sith have been destroyed, unaware that Darth Bane, the creator of the "Rule of Two," survives and is preparing in secret to build a new Sith Order, with which he plans to rule with his new apprentice ... Read More 


Luke and Ben Skywalker arrive in the mysterious part of space called The Maw in search of more clues as to what caused Jacen Solo's downfall into the dark side. But they are not the only ones exploring The Maw: a Sith Master and her apprentice arrive there, too, ... Read More 

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

In an exciting, action-packed adventure spanning the time from The Phantom Menace to the end of the Legacy of the Force series, Han and Leia go an adventure to search for clues to the Millennium Falcon's past...and a possible treasure!Shortly after the

Patterns of Force

The third of three related novels starring Jedi Jax Pavan, droid I-5YQ, and journalist Den Dhur during the time directly after the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Jax Pavan is one of the few Jedi Knights who survived the slaughter of Order 66. Now he ... Read More 

Return of the Jedi

Luke Skywalker leads the Rebel Alliance in a bold attempt to overcome the evil power of Darth Vader and the Empire

Starless Night

In the sequel to the Dark Elf trilogy, Drizzt Do'Urden braves the perils of the Underdark to return to his birthplace, the subterranean city of Menzoberranzan, to free himself, once and for all time, from the enemies that seek his death. Reprint.

The King Beyond the Gate

The cunningly insane emperor of Drenai menaces his people, and only Tenaka Khan holds the power to break his tyrannical rule, but he must overcome his heritage--a legacy of warring clans--and survive a life-or-death challenge

The Ruby Knight

Sparhawk, Knight and Queen's Champion, and his companions brave untold perils as they seek the Bhelliom, a fabulous, long-lost jewel with the power to cure the poison that threatens the life of Ehlana, Queen of Elenia


It began with a blinding light, a divine revelation from a mysterious intelligence that called itself Valis. And with that, the fabric of reality was ripped open and laid bare so that anything seemed possible, but nothing seemed quite right. Part science fiction, ... Read More 

The Way Science Works

From lightning bolts to robotics, bring science to life with incredible experiments. From the principles that explain the world to the theories behind today's fast changing technology, help your child discover science in action. Test the theories together with ... Read More 

Wolf in Shadow

Seeking peace in a world devastated by ruthlessness and savagery, Jon Shannow, the Jerusalem Man, confronts Abaddon, the Lord of the Pit, and his Hellborn army as they engage in human sacrifice to launch a new satanic era. Original.

Fifty Shades Darker

Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, the Fifty Shades trilogy will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you for ever ... Daunted by the dark secrets of the tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Ana Steele has broken off their relationship to start ... Read More 

Fifty Shades Freed

Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, the Fifty Shades trilogy will obsess you, possess you and stay with you for ever. When Ana Steele first encountered the driven, damaged entrepreneur Christian Grey, it sparked a sensual affair that changed both their ... Read More 

Tiger s Destiny

'Tiger's Destiny' is the fourth volume in an epic fantasy-romance. With three of the goddess Durga's quests behind them, only one prophecy now stands in the way of Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan breaking the tiger's curse. It's a race against time.

A Touch of Crimson

FIRST IN A NEW SERIES! CAN TRUE LOVE SURVIVE A WAR BETWEEN ANGELS, VAMPIRES, AND LYCANS? Adrian Mitchell is a powerful angel leading an elite Special Ops unit of Seraphim. His task is to punish the Fallen--angels who have become vampires--and command a restless ... Read More 

Once upon the Tracks of Mumbai

“Autistic. Schizophrenic. Psychotic...â€?? ‘They’ use these words to describe Babloo – the doctors, his family, his teachers... everyone... except Vandana. She treats him the way he wants the world to see him. Mumbai... the city that ... Read More 

Of Love Lovers

WILL SAMANTHA START BELIEVING IN TRUE LOVE AGAIN? A rocky relationship with an NRI coupled with a tragic, personal loss has made Samantha somewhat cynical in matters of the heart. Shipra and Vikas are aware of the consequences of their love.Will their relationship ... Read More 


Although frequent business meetings keep her husband, Brad, away from home, Page Clarke feels blessed with her happy family and comfortable marriage. They have a house near San Francisco and she keeps busy looking after their seven-year-old son, Andy, and their ... Read More 


India Taylor lived in a world of manicured lawns and neatly-maintained calendars. With four wonderful children, India believed in commitment and sacrifice, just as she believed in Doug, the man she had married seventeen years before. She had chosen this life, not ... Read More 

Dating Game

In her 57th bestselling novel, Danielle Steel brilliantly chronicles the roller-coaster ride of dating the second time around--and tells a captivating story of the surprises one woman encounters when she's thrust into the terrifying, exhilarating world of the Dating ... Read More 

Safe Harbour

Ophelie, who lost her husband and son in a plane crash, and Matt, who also was mourning a loss. were at odds at first because she suspected his motives toward her daughter Philippa... Vietnamese translation by The Anh. In Vietnamese. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, ... Read More 


Originally self-published, with slightly different text, as an e-book in 2011.

Bungalow 2

As she checked into the lush Beverly Hills Hotel, Tanya Harris dreaded being away from her husband, Peter, and three teenaged children. Dressed as pure Marin County mom among supermodels and movie stars, Tanya was here to do a major screenplay after years of writing ... Read More 

Coming Out

Could one calamitous evening ruin the perfect life? No challenge was too great, or so she thought........ All round high-flier Olympia Crawford Rubinstein has it all, a busy legal career, a solid marriage and a perfect family. She manages her life with grace and ... Read More 

Message from Nam

How do you tell someone what it's like to kill a man hand to hand, run a bayonet through his guts, or shoot a sniper in the face who turns out to be a woman? How do you explain the nine-year-old boy who throws a grenade and kills your best friend? How do you tell ... Read More 

The Awakening

On her father's California ranch,